Friday, July 11, 2014

Who's your favorite Duggar?

Last night we asked this question on our facebook and we got a lot of response!

Heidi: Jinger

Candi: Jessa

Dalton: Grandma Duggar

Rachel: Josie

Brett and Lynne: Everyone!

Suzanne: Michelle Duggar All About The Duggars Also, Josie.....She will always be the one they almost lost if the family had not jumped in as a group and saved the life on earth for Michelle so she could be with the baby. Love each and Everyone of them the same I sure do.

Lana: Jessa

Claire: everyone

Kelly: Jessa

Sarah: all of them

Katherine: James and Jackson

Tia: Michelle and Jackson

Kimmie: Josie

Jennifer: Jill

Clarissa: Jinger

Kristi: Jana

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