Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goodbye February!

What a busy month February has been for our blog:

* Ben and Jessa welcomed their son on February 6th
* Tyler celebrated his birthday
* We celebrated our blog anniversary
* Derick and Jill went back to Central America

Jill and Jessa share goodbyes to Jinger

Right before Jinger's wedding, Jill and Jessa said their goodbyes to their sister, Jinger.

Journey to parenthood: Five months to go!

In just five months until Derick and Jill are expected to welcome their second child into the world.

This past month, we did all of our baby guesses games for fun!  

We can't wait for July to arrive!


Monday, February 27, 2017

Recap:A Honeymoon and A Courtship

Last week on Counting On, Jeremy and Jinger said I do! Go check out the recap from last week! Also check out their wedding day blog and Joy's courtship announcement blog!

Jeremy and Jinger are getting ready to leave for Australia. Jeremy is excited to be able to let their guard down and just enjoy their wedding. They are heading or Sydney for the next six days. On the way to the hotel, they seek help to learn the Australian accent which he gives a few pointer. Their hotel room looks over the Sydney Opera House.
During their time in Sydney, they learn how to throw a boomerang. A local offers to paint their faces and Jeremy jumps on board with that idea while Jinger is a little less thrilled about it. At the end of it, she gets one her hand.
During a walk, Jeremy learns how to play a didgeridoo. Jinger ends up not trying it since it's rumor to get a woman pregnant. Jeremy jokes if the Duggar family has a lot of didgeridoos and they both laugh at the joke.
The couple ends up taking a water taxi during the trip but Jinger gets a little seasick and so they cut the trip short. They later head to the local zoo where they get to pet Koalas and feed kangaroos. They also clean a kingfish after visiting the fish market. Jeremy tries a piece of raw and tries to get Jinger to do it.
Jeremy decides that it's time for some practice driving on the left side of the road while Jinger freaks out a little bit.
The couple heads to meet up with an Australian chef on learning how to grill seafood and the chef is really outgoing and tries to joke with the couple that they are being lovely dovey.
At the Duggar home, Austin Forsyth stops by and wants to talk to Jim Bob. Austin gives a little insight about what he does for a living. He has his pilot's license and can use heavy equipment and brought a house to flip. Austin asks Joy's dad if he and Joy can start courting.
Jim Bob says yes to it and gives him the help to ask Joy. He and Austin have a side hug. A while later, Austin has Joy and four of her brothers come to do outdoor work at his family camp which the Duggars have been there before. The boys are really good friends with Austin.
After they are all done, they head to the lookout point which is called the Rock. Austin wants to make this a special moment for Joy Anna. Joy's brothers hang back to let him have this special moment.
Austin asks her if she wants to start a courtship and she says yes. They give each other a side hug. On the drive back to the camp, Joy ends up sitting between Austin and Jeremiah.

Check out our big announcements:
* Season 4 returns summer 2017
* Duggar #5 engagement coming soon!

Duggar #5 engagement coming soon!

We have exciting news during the promo for the new season that Austin asked Jim Bob if he can ask Joy Anna for hand in marriage.
Be sure to stay tune for more updates on Austin and Joy Anna! 

Coming this summer!

Tonight marked the season finale of Counting On! TLC has announced that there will be another season. We know that the season will start this summer. 
Be sure to stay tune for more updates

All about Henry: Three weeks old

Ben and Jessa welcomed their little boy three weeks ago and the network shared new photos of the little boy. They haven't revealed when the baby's birth episode will air just yet but it looks like it will be in the next season.
Here are some photos of the little boy:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

March Birthday Cover!

We are so excited to share with you all, our brand new cover for the month of March. The Duggar family has two birthdays this month which are Josh and Derick. 


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Preview: A honeymoon and a courtship

Jinger and Jeremy have said ``I do,'' and finally get to enjoy some alone time in Australia for their honeymoon; back in Arkansas, another Duggar enters a courtship.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Derick gets a hair cut!

Derick and Jill headed back to Central America until July early last week. They planned to do something that would shocked you. Many of you know that Derick had been growing out his hair since late 2015 and many of you did not like it. Derick and Jill decided that it was time to trim his long locks and Jill got to do the honors of doing so.

During the hair cut, Derick and Jill tried some new styles before choosing on one. We can only image the floor. What do you think of Derick's new look?

Jill brought in their young son to see what happen to his father's hair. Israel was only a little baby when his father started to grow out his hair.

Recap: The Big Day

In just 72 hours, Jeremy and Jinger will be getting married. Jinger tries on her wedding dress for the last time before the big day. While she is getting dress, some of the girls wait to see it and are in awe of the wedding dress.
Jinger's bridemaids try on their dresses to make sure that everything is good. Wendy gathers all the girls to share memories and words about Jinger.
Jinger is going to miss being close to her family and friends.
Anna, Jana, Jessa and Joy are throwing Jinger a bridal shower. Jinger was happy to see that her mother-in-law to be was able to attend the shower.
Joy and Cindy are leading up the decorations and puts Duggar boys and few friends to work. Cindy wants to make sure that wedding is not stressing Jinger or Jeremy. They end up forgetting the flowers and greenery and have to rush to go get some.
Jinger and Michelle head to the airport to get Jeremy. Jeremy is excited that this is the last time he flies in as a single man and that he doesn't have to say goodbye to Jinger after this.
The day before the wedding, they are still setting up everything
    Joy-Anna and wedding designer Cindy (Michelle's childhood friend) lead a decorating committee made up of Duggar brothers and several friends in cutting greenery and picking up stumps and the 2,300 roses that Cindy ordered.
    The siblings end up forgetting the buckets for the roses and greenery. “Our goal in this wedding process is to not stress,” Cindy reminds everyone, hoping the flowers won’t wilt. When the group makes it back to the hotel, they rush to clip all the flowers and put them in water.
    On Thursday, Jinger and Michelle head to the airport to pick up Jeremy. “This is the last time I fly in as a single man, and we don’t have to say goodbye after this,” says Jeremy, smiling.  The couple decided to let their family and friends surprise them with everything but wants them to be simple but elegant to reflect her style.
The couple arrives at the church are blown away by the decorations that are there. Wendy works on doing the rehearsal.
Jeremy and Jinger wanted to keep their family in the small size but ended up with expecting around 1,000 people.
The family heads over to the reception venue to enjoy a Italian-themed dinner to honor Jeremy's side of the family.
The night before the wedding, Jinger heads over to Derick and Jill's home so she can spend a few hours of sleep. Jeremy arrives the next morning for their bible study and devotions. The couple heads over to the church to get ready for the big day.
Jeremy has another quick devotion with his father and groomsmen before passing out their gifts. Meanwhile, the girls are getting their hair and makeup done before Jinger gives her gifts to her bridemaids.
Cindy and the boys are trying to get the last minute items done before sending them to get ready. The boys manages to get dress before Jim Bob gets a few minutes with his daughter after Michelle gets her ready.
Jinger presents her father with a gift of handkerchief which shares a special note "To my dad: You are the first man that I ever loved. When you give me away today, know that I will always be your little girl." Jinger prays with her father and mother.
The boys return to their room so the girls can get their pictures done in front of the church. Meanwhile at the reception, the family's friends are making cupcakes and icing the wedding cake.
Both Jeremy and Jinger can't wait to see each other. Jeremy had ended up asking his father, Chuck, to officiate their wedding and he agree to it. The couple shares their vows and have a little issue with the unity candle while a band is singing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".
The couple shares their first kiss and then describe it as incredible and out of this world. The couple heads to get more photos done with the family.
At their hall, the couple walks out and gets a cheer from their friends and family. They cut their cake and feed it to each other. They greet their friends and family before leaving.
The siblings don't expect it to be long before the couple announces that they are expecting and then some of the family guess that Joy Anna will be the next one to be married.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Grandbaby #8 baby guesses #2 & #3

Yesterday, we have started our baby guesses for Derick and Jill's unborn son who is due in July. We did merge the length and weight together.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Grandbaby #8 baby Games #1

Since Derick and Jill announced the gender of their second child and it's a boy. We decided to do the baby games a little early. 

What do you think his name will be? 

Monday, February 20, 2017

All about Henry: Two weeks old

It's been two weeks since Ben and Jessa welcomed their son into the world. He celebrated his first Valentine's day. Ben and Jessa announced their son's name on his first week of life update.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Duggars celebrate Valentine's day

On Valentine's day, The Duggars celebrated the holiday with friends and family. We have a few photos of the family setting up and just enjoying spending time together.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Preview: The Big Day

After months of planning, Jinger's wedding day has arrived and the final details, from dress fittings to surprise decorations, are put into place as family and friends come together to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. Vuolo.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Recap: All about Jinger

Jinger and her sisters are in the girls room. They are starting to help her pack for her move to Laredo. The girls have to divide up their clothes and hair supplies. Jana and Joy give her some of the best outfits. On the way to Spurgeon's birth, Jinger ran over a deer causing her friends to mount the head as a joke. Jinger ended up displaying it in their room and now is taking it with her to Lardeo.
Jana says that she is going to miss the shopping trips with her sister. Jinger has a taste of fashion. Joy is not a big shopper but she says that she is going to miss spending time with her sister and talking about things.
Jessa and Jinger are only 13 months apart and shed many tears as they think how life will change with Jinger's big move.
Jinger is really close to her brothers especially Joseph. Jason and Joseph both say that they are going to miss her since she loved spending time with each of her brothers and sisters.
Since Jinger and Jeremy are going to drive down, Jeremy files into town and Johannah goes along with her sister to pick up him.
The boys surprise Jinger with a used car that they got at the auto action. It's a small white SUV but it's safe and economical. The couple is surprised and thrilled when the boys show them the car.
The next morning, Jeremy and Jinger load up for Laredo at five in the morning. Jedidiah is coming with them. Jim Bob and Michelle get up and show them off on their trip.
When they finally get to Texas, they stop at a store to find Jinger some cowboy boots. Jinger's goal is to get something that is not super cowboy style. She wants more of a city look and finds some urban boots with a slight cowboy flair.

Dillards return to Centeral America

The Dillards are heading to Central America after being home since August 2016.

Last week, we shared an update on the Dillard family's future plans. Derick and Jill shared on their website an update on their plans

Well yesterday, Derick and Jill shared a new photo of their son looking at the tarmac before taking off. The couple have stated that they will be back right before their second son's birth in July.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

All about Meredith: 19 months old

Meredith is getting closer to turning two. She welcomed a new cousin into the family when Jessa and Ben welcomed baby Henry who is just a little over one week old. She celebrated her second Valentine's day with her family.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Paging Seewald family of four

Ben and Jessa are now a family of four after welcoming their son, Henry, into the world on February 6, 2017. They were approached by PEOPLE magazine for an interview. The new magazine will be released on Friday, February 17th.

Ben and Jessa said that their labor with baby #2 was a lot faster than their first child's birth. Jessa was admitted to the hospital after Spurgeon. She said that her mother and sister, Jana, almost did not make it to her son's birth. She did say that her sister, Jill, was there.

Jessa says that she is happy that Spurgeon and Henry are only 15 months apart.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Congrats from Vuolo and Dillards!

A little under a week ago, Ben and Jessa welcomed their second baby into the world. They announced that it was a baby boy. About a week later, they announced the name.
Both Dillards and Vuolo congratulate the Seewalds on the birth of their son.

Jeremy and Jinger

Derick and Jill

Update on our recap: It's coming soon! :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hi, my name is! (NAME REVEAL)

We have all been awaiting the name of Grandbaby #7 since he made his grand appearance on Monday, February 6th 2017. Ben and Jessa chose the name of their son on February 9th just three days after he was born and here it is for you all to see.
His name is Henry Wilberforce Seewald!

Check out this new video of the family with revealing the baby's name

All about Henry: One week old

It's been one week since baby Seewald was born. Ben and Jessa have yet to revealed their child's name but we have been told that it's coming soon. 

It looks like Ben and Jessa had another home birth with grandbaby #7. A few days after he was born, Ben and Jessa shared some of their birth story for this baby

We hope that the name will be out this week before his second week update. Be sure to check out our introduction for this baby.

Ben and Jessa revealed their son's name a few moments ago! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Baby name update

Ben and Jessa have picked a name for their little boy on February 9th according to Ben's mom, Guinn, and will be revealing it soon.

Baby Seewald is six days old as of today.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Preview: All About Jinger

Jinger packs for her move to Texas, which includes a surprise gift from her family, before she, Jeremy and Jed drive to her future home; the siblings take a trip down memory lane by remembering Jinger through the years.

Friday, February 10, 2017

All about Henry: Introduction

Now that Ben and Jessa have welcomed their new baby boy into the world.

Due to the fact that the couple hasn't picked a name yet for the new baby boy, we have to do this blog post this way.

The baby is only 11 days younger than Lexi Mae Webster.

He was born on Israel's 22 month birthday and Brooklyn's 6th month birthday.

The baby marks the first February birthday besides his great-grandfather and cousin, Tyler.

Be sure to check on Monday's update for his first week update with hopefully a name!

Check out our other blogs about this little man:
* Baby Seewald is here
* Meet Baby Seewald
* Introducing Baby Seewald

Other Blogs Mention:
* Tyler turns 9
* All about Israel: 22 months old
* All about Brooklyn: 6 months old
* Lexi Mae Webster

Tyler turns 9!

A few weeks ago, we posted Meet Tyler who the Duggars currently have living with them. Today marks Tyler's birthday! 
Happy Birthday Tyler! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our new Cover

We are so excited to share on our 5th anniversary of starting this blog that  we have a brand new cover for our blog! Now this cover will last until Derick and Jill have welcome their second child, a little boy, this July! 

Since the family has grown a lot since our last blog cover update. We will not have Tyler or Joy and Austin just yet.

The Big 5 Celebration!

Today we are celebrating our 5th birthday on this blog! We are so thankful for all of you readers.

Today we are revealing our new blog cover. It will be posted in about an hour! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Introducing Baby Seewald

Ben and Jessa sit down with TLCme to give an update on their newborn son. The couple has not chosen a name just yet.

Back to Central America

The Dillards are planning to go back really soon but they are planning to return before the birth of their second child, a little boy, who is due to arrive in July! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our updated February cover

We are so excited to be sharing our updated February cover now that Ben and Jessa have welcomed their baby boy into the world

 We are currently waiting for a new family picture for the Seewalds before making our new blog cover.

Recap: The Bachelor Party

Ben and Jessa head to find out what they are having. The couple brings Jana and Joy to find out the gender. Ben and Jessa have chosen to keep the baby's gender a secret until the baby is born like they did with their first child.
Jeremy is heading into town with his friends Luis and James for their parties. Jeremy doesn't want to go out on the town but spend time with their family and friends.
During the first night, the group heads to the escape room to solve a puzzle with the girls but neither one is able to do it when they go boys vs girls. The girls do get father than the boys.
The boys head to play golf the next morning. Jeremy is not sure about golfing expect for his friend, Luis.
The girls are hanging out at the Duggar family home to make jewelry for the wedding. Josie is also helping the girls. They are talking about the first kiss when Jinger says that she is nervous about the first kiss but excited.
The girls are happy for Jinger and Jeremy but aren't looking forward to the move to Texas that Jinger will make. The family loves spending time together. Jinger also does the shopping and the laundry for the family so others will have to do it.
Jeremy heads back to Laredo for church but is excited that he only has one more month until the wedding.
The Dillards head to Oklahoma State University so Derick can ride in the Pistol Pete float. Most of his family attended Oklahoma State University where Derick and his father wore the mascot outfit. Derick waits until the parade to wear the costume and greets fans.
Jill reveals that her parents would be happy if the kids went to college somewhere else. The older siblings have certifications and skills but none of them have attended a traditional university.
The Dillards head for a walk around the campus where Cathy takes Jill to the dorm room where Derick was living when she told him that his father had passed away.  Rick had been healthy at the time that he passed away but the doctors think that it had something to do with high blood pressure.

Starting a family?

Jeremy and Jinger sat down with PEOPLE to give an update since their November wedding.
Jinger says that they have perfectly adjusted to being husband and wife and it's a blessing to be married. A few days ago, they celebrated their third month of marriage on February 5, 2017.

Jinger says that she facetimes and has a group text message always going on since moving to Texas. She knows a trip back home is just a flight away.

Jinger says that she is making new friends and they have been very sweet since she moved down.
Jeremy and Jinger have chosen to leave it up to God when they would start a family.  Jinger says that they are just enjoying being husband and wife right now and will see what God would do for their family.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Meet Baby Boy Seewald

Ben and Jessa have a new baby in their house! The baby was born early this morning! 

The couple has shared the first photo of their newborn son. They have yet to announce the baby's name.

Baby Seewald is here!

Ben and Jessa have welcomed their second son into the world. We are so excited for the safe arrival of baby #2. Jessa was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant with baby #2.
 He was born at 4:26 a.m. this morning, weighing 8 lbs. and 11 oz., and measuring 21 3/4 in. long. Ben and Jessa have yet to reveal the name.

New episode tonight!

There is a new episode tonight. Check out our preview Saturday to find out what the episode is about. 

Please note due to a family event, our recap will be posted later this week. 

All about Israel: 22 months old!

In just two months, Israel will be celebrating his second birthday. It's hard to believe that he is getting to be two years old. Recently his aunt Joy Anna shared a new photo of him and Meredith! 

Any day now, he will have a new baby cousin.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

All about Spurgeon: 15 months old

Happy 15th month Birthday! 
We were hoping for the baby news to be out but he is still an only child for the next few days.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Preview: The Bachelor party

After weeks of wedding planning, Jeremy and Jinger celebrate with a bachelor and bachelorette weekend full of family and friends. Ben and Jessa find out the gender of their second baby. Derick returns to OSU to reprise his role as Pistol Pete.

Jill's pregnancy update #2

Derick and Jill revealed that they are now in the second trimester of their pregnancy and are having a little boy.

Jill also sat down with People with her other sisters (Jana, Jinger, Jessa, and Joy) to talk about her second pregnancy.

Jill says that she is relaxed about having her second child in July. They recently announced that the baby is a boy.

Jill says that she is going to see how it goes and make healthy and prepare as much as she can. Labor can be unpredictable.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Remembering Grandpa Duggar

Today we are remembering Grandpa Duggar! 

Grandpa Duggar would have celebrated his 81st birthday today. Grandpa Duggar had passed away on February 9, 2009 just days after celebrating his 73rd birthday.

Jill posted on her Instagram today that the family would be celebrating his birthday with his favorite cake, banana!

40 weeks and 1 day pregnant

Jessa posted late last night that on her due date, Due date has come and gone... guess babe just wants to hang out in there for a bit longer! 💞.

When do you think baby Seewald will make it's big appearance?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Updates on internship and courtships

We have two updates to share with you all.

First of all, Joy and Jedidiah are currently in Little Rock to intern at Arkansas House of Representatives. If you did not know that their father served two terms in the house of representatives.
Second of all, Joy Anna shared an update on her courtship with Austin which she announced in November 2016. The couple is still courting and enjoying to getting to know each other. Joy doesn't know when they will be taking the next step but looking forward to the future!  

Baby Seewald's due date

Jessa is 40 weeks pregnant and is due today!

The Baby could come any day now.

When do you think the baby will make it's big debut?

Be sure to stay tune for it's birth announcement coming soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017

* Baby Seewald
* Tyler

pregnancy updates:
* 40 weeks pregnant
* Jill's second pregnancy update

All about Grandchildren:
* Israel
* Meredith
* Spurgeon
* Baby Seewald (TBA)

Journey to parenthood: 5 months to go

Counting On:
* Updated February episode preview
* Preview
* Recap
* March episode preview

Other Blogs:
* March Birthday Covers
* Valentine's day Cover
* Our blog anniversary