Thursday, August 30, 2012

Duggar Sick Day

To Air: September 4, 2012

Did you know that the last 5 Duggar kids were born on TV? Watch as we take a stroll down memory lane and see just know how much these little ones have grown. Get a little peek at the Duggar's enormous pantry and all the food it takes to feed a family of 21!

All you can eat!

To air: September 11, 2012
With a family of 19 kids, there's no such thing as a light snack! Watch as we find out how the Duggars keep their bellies full between meals. Later, Anna spends the day with Mackynzie while Josie reaches a milestone at her doctor visit! 

Puppies, Properties, and Patients

To airs: September 11, 2012

The Duggars are pet sitting! See how the little kids handle taking care of two puppies and how Michelle keeps her cool when the puppies aren't the only ones not listening. Later, the family works together to ready a new property for renovations

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trivia questions return!

All trivia questions are in the last episode recap! 
1. What did Jordyn say about wanting to do with her little sister, Jubilee?
2. What is Josie doing?
3. How many duggars head out early to help with Priscilla and David's wedding?
4. How does Jana get the little kids to help with getting ready?
5. Where does Josh and Anna take David and Priscilla?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Duggars down the aisle!

Michelle starts with telling everyone how their family is dealing with the loss of their daughter, Jubilee. Jordyn talks about wanting to visit her little sister but that's understandable for a 3 year old. Michelle gives us update on her two year old daughter, Josie, that she is doing everything that she is supposed to be doing. The Duggars give a tip about trying to get out hiccups which is eating a spoonful of sugar or scare you. 
Now it's time for a wedding, Josh, Anna, Mackynzie, and Michael to help for Priscilla's wedding. We get to meet David Walker and Priscilla have did the same thing as Josh and Anna which is to save their first kiss for their wedding day. Priscilla and David give each other hershey's Kisses.
Jim Bob and Michelle are heading down to Flordia. Jana is making a choice to encourage the little ones to help getting ready packing with the socks. Jana said "I wasn't sure that we would get it all together properly. The kids are on the way to Flordia for the wedding by flying! 
Josh and Anna decided to take David and Priscilla to tennis. Josh mentions his new brother-in-law runs 10 miles every day. Josh and David are different but that's good. David and Priscilla end up winning the game. 
During the wedding, Mackynzie is exhausted and Michelle encourages her granddaughter to put a smile on her face. David and Priscilla are finally married.
 It's time for the oldest Duggar daughters to talk about their future spouse and if they are courting anyone! Jill jokes that Jinger needs a man that will provide her coffee and wants to have a city life. They all agree that they would like a husband that shares his convictions and works hard and also have fun. Jessa opens up and says that they are not waiting around for Prince Charming but serving others for the Lord and gaining skills for their future family and growing closer to their family and to God. The Duggars have decided that the minute a guy comes and that they are sending him to their dad because he knows what they want. 
The girls are asked if they are courting someone right now and they said no. But when it happens we will be told soon enough after the family! 
Trivia questions will be coming out of this recap! See you tomorrow.

Sweet 16th Birthday!

Today is Josiah's 16th birthday and the Duggars are celebrating tonight with the brand new episodes of the show. I am pretty sure that Josh will be posting photos of his brother's birthday.

Duggars return tonight!

The Duggars are returning tonight on TLC with brand new episodes that will start with a wedding! Be sure to check out our blog tonight for the recap

United Bates of America recap!

Author note: the only reason that this blog is getting posted is because the Duggars are in the show tonight!

Recap: Bates and Duggar reunion
The family is gearing up for a homeschool conference and the first thing that is on their list is packing 50 bags. With unexpected roadblock with featurs, Zach hitting the family van with their bus of course it was accident. The Bates and the Duggars are happy to be with each other. Both family are gathering for music, games and fellowship. Bates uses the term of "Courtship" is in the past and uses a different term "dating with a purpose". The Bates family gets to sing and speak at the conference.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Duggar growing pains

to air on September 4, 2012

When Jordyn gets her head stuck in the railing, daddy comes to her rescue. Later the kids meet up with two other large families for pizza and lessons on making pizza. Plus Jim Bob and Michelle head to DC for some dinner with Kirk Cameron (star of the growing pains)

6 days until the duggars return

This upcoming Tuesday, The duggar family is returning to TLC. They are wrapping up season 6 with Anna's sister's wedding and what the duggar girls want for a husband. We will have a blog about the recap so stay tune!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New episodes are ahead!

Duggars Down the Aisle 

The Duggars are going to a wedding! Watch as the family travels to Florida where Anna's sister Priscilla is getting married. Meet David, her fiance, plus, the older Duggar girls discuss what they look for in a husband.

It airs on August 28th at 9pm

Friday, August 10, 2012

Trivia answers for this week's trivia

1. they took french classes and raw food classes

2. Raw food class is their favorite

3. was encouraged by how we can do better and do more of 

it for the family.

4. buying organic produce

5. buy organic beef with a friend and freeze it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trivia Questions

This week trivia questions 8/5/12 to 8/11/12
1.  what are the cooking classes did Michelle and some of their kids took?
2. What is Michelle's favorite class?
3. What was Michelle was amazed by?
4. what are the duggars going to do?
5.  what does the family buy and freezes it?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jennifer turns 5 years old

Jennifer turns 5 years old today! Just thinking back to the day that she was born was a wonderful day for the duggar family. She was the second girl after a long boy run! She and Jordyn are about 20 months apart.