Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Five youngest Duggars!

Jim Bob and Michelle released a photo of their five youngest babies! They all have TLC's birth story!
Jackson, Johannah, Josie, Jennifer and Jordryn
 Who remembers what episode were they born in?

New Years Eve 2015

I can't believe that we are on the last day of the year 2015! The Duggars have had a very busy year with grandbabies and other things that happen with Josh.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

What are Ben and Jessa looking forward to 2016?

Ben and Jessa are looking forward to seeing their son grow and learned new things! 

They also are looking forward to go visit the Dillard family! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Recap: Counting one more

Jessa is currently 39 weeks pregnant with baby Seewald. Ben and Jessa openly talk about waiting for their son. They invited a family where Jana and Jill had help Heather with one of the home birth.
Jessa revealed that they have been looking agency that wants their child to be nine months. They talk about their adventures to orphans where Ben and Jessa had gone on.
Jinger talks about how both Ben and Jessa have a passion for adoption and says that they will hopefully going to adopt.
Ben reveals that they don't know where they are going to adopt. Both Ben and Jessa have said that it would be great to have 15 boys.
Derick and Jill are heading to the children home with Israel to give gifts. The home has been taking in kids for 30. Jill gets task by handing one crayon while Derick has to give out papers for the kids to color.
Jill stops to feed Israel while Derick serves food to the kids. They talk about Ben and Jessa's heart for adoption. Derick reveals that they are also open to adoption and considering it.
Ben and Jessa get photos done. Ben jokes that there has not been enough baby bump photos. Ben and Jessa have not agree on a name on the baby four days before the due date.
Jessa reveals that Ben is not allowed to pick her up until she lose the baby weight.
Jill heads to the midwife clinic to volunteer for them. Jill talks about the old wives tales and gets ready to see her first mama of the day. Derick and Cathy take Israel to go shopping. They look for rain boots for the family.
Jessa reveals that her sister is amazing in this work of mission work and midwife. Jill doesn't know how many babies she will be delivering why Israel is little.
Derick has a hard time with Israel and he has to figure new things. Derick has a hard time talking Spanish with the lady. Luckily the lady is a sweet and helps him.
The rain boots cost about 30 dollars. Derick and Jill meet up at the store where he shows Derick and Israel's shoes.
Just 3 days from due date, Jana, Joy and Anna are at the house and starting to make quick meals. Anna talks about her birth story with Michael. Anna talks about how hard it is to be the house that she shared with Josh during their first five years.
Jessa asked about her sister-in-law is doing since what is going on with Josh. Anna is still having a hard time but is happy to spend this time with growing close to God. She talks about feeling like it's labor since her husband gone.
Jana says that Anna is doing well since her husband is gone. Anna puts her in carrier and ask about the clothes. She could use all of the moms clothes.
Jill Skype her sister and during a contraction. Jill reveals that she is sad that she is not there. They talk about settling in to Central America. Derick ask if she is in labor because of the contraction. Jessa says that the contraction is in the front. Jill talks about what the stages of labor.
Jessa reveals that she miss them a lot.
The Duggar boys decided to take Ben for some fun at Fast lanes.They have a lot of fun. Ben talks about being there for Jessa while she is in labor with the baby.
Jill and Cathy are cooking while Derick spends time with Israel. He gets happy after a little bit. Cathy is sad that she has to get ready to go home. They goodbye and Israel is sad about his grandma leaving. Jill shares that they could come home with more babies and that she is not pregnant with the couple's second child.
Jessa is three days late with the baby. She has Jana, Jinger, and Sierra there. Jessa is keeping track of her contraction. They head for walk. Jessa leaves almost everyone in the dusk. She has contractions every five minutes.
They ended up calling their birth team back to their house.
They are 20 hours in labor and no baby yet. Ben and Jessa leave to get some walk. Michelle marks her first appearance on the show at her daughter's birth.
Jinger checks in Joy to let her know how the labor is and says that the baby will be born soon. Jill was on the video chat with baby's birth.
Jessa is pushing the baby out when Jim Bob tells the kids.
Ben and Jessa welcome their son into the world. Ben told Jordyn what the baby is since she was the buddy of Jessa. Jessa is rushed to the hospital after there is a lot of blood.
Jana reveals that this could not happen to her sister after what she had heard about it.
Jessa ended up needing a blood transfusion. She says that child birth was hard. Spurgeon was bigger then Jessa. They head home after a few days.
The family comes over to meet the baby. Grandma ended up holding both babies. Ben and Jessa found out his name about five days old.
The family ends up talking about all the new changes. Anna talks about how much god has changed their family.

Tonight on "Jill and Jessa: Counting on"

Tonight is the final episode of the three part special, Ben and Jessa are about to meet their little one. As we all know that he is a little boy who just celebrated his first Christmas!  

We are hoping to post the recap sometime between Monday or Tuesday! :) 

January Birthday Cover

The family only has three birthdays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jill and Jessa: Counting on Finale!

This Sunday marks the final special to Jill and Jessa: Counting on! 

We hope that you all enjoy it and we will be getting our written recap out by December 31, 2015! :) 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Recap: Baby shower and new home

Anna decided to share her story about what happen when Josh revealed the news about his affairs. Anna knew that life would be hard for her and the kids after it was revealed that he cheated on her. Anna shares how Josh revealed his past deeds to her parents before she got married to him. Anna revealed that she was shocked and turned to her faith in God for her reaction to Josh's reveal. Anna revealed that she is trying to make sure that her marriage works. Anna reveals that her and the kids had move into the family home.
Anna also reveals that Josh check himself into a long term program because he felt that he needed help.

Anna joined Jill, Joy, Jinger, and Jana to head to Sierra's house to plan Jessa's baby shower. Both Ben and Jessa have not revealed the baby's gender to anyone. Jessa reveals that it has been hard but knows that the family will be happy.

Jessa's baby shower turned out to be a lot of fun. One of the games where putting a diaper on a baby doll which Jessa won and the other game was making baby food which Ben won. At the end of the baby shower, the guests pray for Ben and Jessa as they prepare for the birth.

The family gathers to take Derick and Jill to the airport. Derick and Jill reveal that they will be gone for nine months in mission work. Derick and Jill will stay in Central America to learn Spanish before going to another city.

Ben and Jessa head down to Birmingham to attend the Southern Women’s Show where they answer how many kids they will have and play a newlywed game which they did not do so bad. Ben and Jessa decided to stay in Birmingham for an extra day to enjoy a babymoon before the baby arrives.

Friday, December 18, 2015

New episode on Sunday

Part two of the Jill and Jessa: Counting on special will air this Sunday! 

 Our written recap will be posted on Wednesday

Duggar #18 turns 7

It is hard to believe that seven years ago, Jordyn-Grace enter the world. Now she is celebrating her 7th birthday! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Recap: Jill and Jessa: Counting on "A new Chapter"

TLC asked the family a question about how life has been for the past four months.
Jill reveals that it was different than what she had expected.
Jessa revealed that they have endured a lot and it has been difficult.
Derick (Jill's husband)  agrees that it has been very emotional while Ben (Jessa's husband)  says that the journey has been tough but strengthen his and Jessa's marriage.
Jana adds that it has been really difficult but Joy Anna adds that they are getting through it.
Josiah doesn't know how this would influence their daily lives as many people have become standoffish while some shared encouragement words to the family.
In May 2015, Derick had his palette surgically expanded. In June 2015, Derick and Jill decided to move to Central America for the whole month of July.  Derick and Jill know the risk of taking Israel down there but they want to be true to their calling. Derick and Jill return to Arkansas to take care of some family things.
Jessa is currently 35 weeks pregnant with her baby and revealed that her pregnancy had been pretty typical. Many of the fans know that Ben and Jessa chose to keep their child's gender a secret until birth.
Jessa talks about what Josh did when he was a teenager where he touched five girls that were his sisters and a family friend. She reveals that it was hard and frustrating about why these were released. Jill agrees with her younger sister about it being hard.
Both girls revealed that they have already forgiven Josh a long time ago and it had taken time for the family to put their trust in Josh again. Jessa reveals that her brother's relationship with the four sisters have been restored. Later a judge ended up ordering that Josh's records be destroyed since they should have NEVER been released. The ordeal caused their family a lot of pain.
Jana said that it was encouraging to see how much people came forward and admit that they had the same trials as the family gone through.
Just a few weeks later, Josh was found into another scandal with a site that has been showed to have affairs. Josh admitted that he was addict to porn and cheated on his wife.
The family was shocked and did not know what cause this to happen. Both Jessa and Jill defended their brother in June without knowing what was going on.
Jill felt really hurt about what happen but knows that there is nobody strong enough but that is  where you sit boundaries and stay accountable.
When the news broke what Josh had done, Three of the girls (Michelle, Jana, and Jinger) were at a conference and hear it from Jim Bob.
Jana could not believe what her brother had done to his family. All Jinger could do do is pray about what is going on.
Josh was one of the role models and now many of the family are surprised that he made some bad choices.
The family has chosen to forgive Josh yet again but they still have difficult days.
John David adds that he has to be the role model for his younger siblings and revealed that he had to tell Josh that he did not want to be like him anymore.
Jessa and Jinger gather to go get a rocking chair for Baby Seewald and ended up finding one that was  near prefect conditions. Jinger reveals that it's strange to see her sister pregnant with her first child.
Derick and Jill head over to Ben and Jessa's house to check on Baby Seewald. Jill had just taken her test and pass to become a certified professional midwife. Jessa reveals that her sister always pretend to be a nurse and that is what she has a passion for.
Derick gives Ben some advice about being a father and admits that it has been a good experience so far to be a father.
Jana, Jill, Jinger, and Joy Anna head to get some baby clothes for the orphanage  in Central America. They love spending time together before Jill leaves for Central America for a year.
The girls decided to head to Jessa's house where Jana tries to figure out what Ben and Jessa are having. The girls give Jessa the bag of clothes for the baby.
The family gathers for a going away party for Derick, Jill and little Israel. They decided to invite everyone who support their ministry through prayers or financially.
Derick and Jill are excited about starting a new chapter in Central America.
As the show starts to end.
Joy-Anna: “I think that there is hope for our family. I think there is going to be a new normal.”
Jinger: “It’s amazing how everyone has come closer to each other through this, and I…am just so grateful.”
Josiah: “I think we’ll just have to stay together as a family.”
Jill: “There are exciting things, and I’m sure more challenges, down the road, but right now, we are just taking it one step at a time.”

Sunday, December 13, 2015

New show tonight!

Tonight marks the return of Jill and Jessa as they work through things that has happen to their family.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Joesph and John David's interview about Josh!

Being a role model is hard but being a role model for your younger siblings are harder. Josh Duggar can admit to that. Josh revealed in May 2015 what he did to his four little sisters (Jessa and Jill have came forward) and one other family friend.

No one ever expect for Josh to be part of the Ashely site and be addicted to something that could have destroy his marriage and family.

Joseph said that it broke his heart to hear what he did to Anna and their four young children.

John David reveals that many of his younger brothers have been looking up to him now that Josh has done this. He says that it weighs hevy on him since he has to be an example to them.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Josh update

Many people would like an update on Josh and we are here to give you one. 

Josh check himself into rehab around the time that Meredith was a month old. He is still there and learning things that will help him in the future.

We have a little bit more to update on Josh.

From the family friend:
Josh will be in the rehab until February 2016 due to the program being six months. Anna went to visit him last month. Anna had a hard time seeing her husband but due to the fact that she missed him a lot. The friend revealed that they have been talking through letters. 

Anna plans to be there around Christmas with the kids.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Duggar #19 turns 6!

The family is celebrating Josie's 6th birthday.
Josie with cousin Amy
 For those of you don't know Josie's birth story, she was born at 25 weeks of pregnancy.  Josie was in the NCIU for about six months of her life.

Did you know that Mackynzie, Jordyn and herself are the same age for eight days?  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

All about Israel: Eight months old

Israel is now eight months old. He is starting to crawl. He just celebrated his first Thanksgiving. He just got a new little cousin who was born on November 5th! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

All about Spurgeon: Four weeks old

I can't believe that Spurgeon is now four weeks old but since he doesn't turn a month old until Saturday!
Jessa revealed that the family calls him Spurgeon most of the time however there are some that call him by his nickname, Quincy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

11 days!

Jill and Jessa have about 11 days until their show starts! We are super excited and we will see you guys soon! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 2015

The Duggars have many birthdays this month! 

* Josie on December 10th
* Jordyn-Grace on December 18th
* Jinger on December 21st
* Jedidiah on December 30th
* Jereimah on December 30th

Wedding Anniversary:
* Derick and Jill on 18 months of marriage

All about Grandbabies:
* All about Spurgeon: four weeks old
* All about Spurgeon: One month old
* All about Israel: Eight months old
* All about Meredith: five months old

Jill and Jessa: Counting On
* 11 days to go
* 1 week to go
* 6 days to go
* 5 days to go
* 4 days to go
* 3 days to go
* 2 days to go
* 1 day to go
* Starts tonight! 

Other special Blogs:
* Christmas Eve
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* New Years Eve
* January Birthday cover photo