Sunday, August 31, 2014

August ends

I can't believe that we are done with the last day of August!

August favorite blogs!

Here are a couple of our favorite blogs for the month!

Jennifer's 7th birthday
Another Duggar engagement
wedding date is announced
Fourth grandchild is on the way!

What were your favorite blogs??

Josh and Anna's fourth child??!

When Marcus turned six months old, a lot of people have asked if Josh and Anna are expecting baby number 4. The answer was no on Derick and Jill's wedding day. So the current answer is that we don't know if she's pregnant or not. We will so find out.

If you have missed Derick and Jill's announcement!
Fourth grandchild is on the way

Friday, August 29, 2014

Derick and Jill's wedding photos preview!

Jackson and Michael Duggar

Jordyn-Grace Duggar

Jennifer Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar gives his daughter Jill Dillard a kiss on the cheek;
while she and Derick blow kisses at each other

Jim Bob walks Jill down

Dan Dillard (Best man), Stephen Jones, Madison McCalmon, Tony Dillard,
 John Duggar, Joseph Duggar, Jackson Duggar, Michael Duggar
Jana Duggar (maid of Honor), Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Joy Duggar
Anna Duggar, Johannah Duggar, Jennifer Duggar,Jordyn-Grace Duggar, Josie Duggar
Mackynzie Duggar

Josie Duggar

Ben and Jessa's wedding colors idea

Chantal: Brown, orange or surprise us with bright color theme

Shana: She looks like a blue girl

Kate: Blue and white

A lot of our fans were wanting fall colors.

One year skyping!

Jill posted this photo on her instagram on August 17th
jillmdillard Celebrating our "Skypiversary" year ago today my husband and I Skyped for the first time! #skype #skypiversary #derickdillard #jillmdillard

Josh's update

It's an honor to be back in #prolife Arkansas w/ @frcaction calling on Sen. Mark Pryor to vote for #S1670 - the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Call Sen Pryor's Office today at 501-324-6336...urge him to support life!

Ben and Jessa's engagment photos!

Trivia returns?!

A lot of our reviews have been missing our trivia questions. I had to put trivia questions on hold for a little bit since I had to shipped my computer to get it back.

Trivia questions should return on September 4th!

Just four more days!

We only have four more days until the big return of 19 kids and counting. This season has a lot of things that are going on with the family.

Here are some of the big events
* Derick and Jill's wedding
* Check in with Josh and Anna
* Ben and Jessa's engagement

The first kiss jitters

Like her brother and sister who waited for their wedding date to have their first kiss, Jessa and Ben are waiting for their big day to have their first kiss.

In a recent interview to ABC News, Jessa revealed that "We're really looking forward to their first kiss.We're talking about it -- what if we miss or mess up? We're gonna have to plan this out or something!"

Jessa revealed her engagment to Ben early this month and will be the new season that starts next week.

"The guest list is pretty big, but not as big as my sisters" she said. "My list is a little smaller [than Jill's was], but then Ben’s guest list is bigger Derick's. It will be another Duggar-sized wedding!"

They are currently planning their color scheme and bridesmaid and groomsmen.

Ben and Jessa have decided to re-use Jill's decoration and flower girl dresses to save money.

"We’re gonna go really simple with a lot of our food and even flowers and that type of stuff. People spend so much on flowers, it’s outrageous!" Jessa said. "I'll go to the grocery and buy flowers! I don’t know how many flowers we'll have in nature if it's cold outside but I was like, 'How about we just go pick [some]?'"

"We want to have a nice wedding that everyone will enjoy but at the same time, we’d like to push our budget more toward our honeymoon because that’s our time together," added Ben, who said that TLC will also document some of their getaway. "That’s our first few weeks together."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Michelle Duggar on Her Daughters Leaving the Nest

Now that it’s actually happening, there are all of these wonderful mixed emotions. You get the joy of watching a loving relationship unfold. Jill and Derick, and Jessa and Ben, are becoming best friends and really getting to know each other in such a sweet way. When the right one comes along, it’s so exciting, shocking and surprising all at the same time!

Our entire lives, we’ve worked toward this, prayed about it, and encouraged our children to really just focus on becoming the person that God wants them to be. We’ve always urged our children to wait for the one that God has for them, and not to make compromises in their life in any way.

On the other side is the sadness that everything is changing at home. It’s good, not bad, yet change is sometimes hard. The other day the Seewald family was visiting, and Ben and Jessa were getting ready to leave with them. As Jessa and Ben were getting in the Seewald car my little Jordyn, who is five, realized what was happening and she just started to cry and cry. She was worried that Jessa was leaving for good. I had to comfort her and reassure her that Jessa wasn’t married yet, just going for a visit.

I took some time to talk with Jordyn and remind her that when Jessa and Ben get married, we get even more great adventures. Not only will Jessa get married, but we get Ben and the fun of spending time with them together. I reminded her that Josh and Anna got married, too, and how much she loves playing with Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus. We’ll be adding that much more love and that much more fun to our family.

Jim Bob is so excited, too, for Derick and Jill, and for Ben and Jessa. When he talks about the girls getting married, he gets a little teary-eyed; it’s a big deal for a dad to let go of his girls. He’s handing them over, but he’s handing them over to some really great guys.

Change can be difficult for all of us, but it is such a good reason to have change. It’s a joyful time.

What letter will Derick and Jill take?

Derick and Jill have been getting questions on rather not they will be taking a letter of the ABC. Her parents have the letter J and Josh and Anna have the letter "M". What are Derick and Jill going to do?

Jill revealed to ETonline that they are not planning to stay with the same letter for each of their kids. They are thinking about other traditions like naming their kids after their family. Jill revealed that she is not leaning towards a boy or girl, They will be happy with either gender.

Jill reveals that she is craving sour things that she has been eating a jar of jalapenos right after she found out that she was pregnant. She's been taking extra care of herself by eating every few hours and getting enough protein. She loves having Ice fudge bars which is a prefect thing for summer. She finally revealed her due date which is March 24th.

Jill is adjusting well to being married to her husband. The couple live about 30 minutes away from her family. They spend about once or twice a week. Jill revealed that she is still doing her training when she is outside of her morning sickness. Jill reveals that it going to be a great way to learn while she's pregnant.

With her sister's wedding just right around the corner, she is trying to help her sister the best way that she can. She was asked if she knew that which ones of her brothers and sisters would be the next ones to court and she said Jana and John David.
You can see Jill and Derick's road to marriage – and their massive wedding with almost 2,000 guests -- in the new season of 19 Kids and Counting, set to premiere Tuesday, September 2 at 9/8c on TLC.

Derick and Jill's baby is due....

The newest member of the Dillard/Duggar family is due on March 24, 2015.

Little Duggars hit the road

Josh and Anna have been traveling the past couple of weeks with Josh's younger sister, Jana. Josh and Anna are currently in Chicago filming with Anna's older sister Prisclla and David. Priscilla and David have a little boy name Paul and currently expecting their second child due later this year.

Jana has been with Josh and Anna for the past couple of months and love spending time with Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus

Happy birthday Josiah!

Today the Duggar family is celebrating Josiah birthday. We are so excited for him

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ben Seewald moves into the Duggar guest house!

The Duggars have a new person living in their house well their guest house.

"He moved up here a few weeks ago," Jim Bob, 49, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It has been really good. He has been able to spend a lot more time with Jessa and our family. We have a guesthouse in front of our house, with a shower and everything, separate from the main house."


Ben even works for Jessa's father while he keeps doing his college classes

"I'm very excited that Ben is moving in today," Jessa says in the clip. "I think it will be awesome to get to spend more time with Ben and see him on a daily basis instead of once or twice a month."

"Ben was living four hours away in Hot Springs with his parents," Jim Bob says. "After Michelle and I were talking about it, we have so many projects to do that we need help for everything from construction projects to keeping the grass mowed to putting roof on a building, paperwork and things like that and we asked him if he would be interested in moving up here so that Jessa and his relationship could be really accelerated. He was all for it and his parents were happy about it."

"They always have a chaperone," Jim Bob explains. "It has just worked out great. It is a little more labor intensive for Dad we did set a curfew. By midnight, every night, we need to make sure everybody is back in their place. Jessa and Ben have set up their own courtship standards. They did not hold hands until they got engaged. After they got engaged, they started holding hands. Just like Jill and Derick, they will be saving their first kiss for their wedding day.

Love and affection

Derick and Jill also gave their feelings about Ben moving into the family home.

"You're human, and the physical side is there for a reason," Derick says in the clip. "Naturally, it is going to be difficult if you try to refrain from that."

"Any time you are in love and are together, you realize you want to show your love and affection," she says in the clip. "But when you have purposed to keep those protections in your life, you have to remember and have that accountability." Michelle told People.

Ben and Derick's facial hair!

We have been getting a lot of comments about this topic and rather keep saying it. I am just going to put it in a new blog posting and on our facebook page. Ben and Derick make their own choices. If you don't like it then don't comment it!

First two weeks episodes!

September 2

Duggars and mothers

Jill Duggar is getting married! and with the wedding only a few short months away, the first daughter to get mrried is diving right into planning this Duggar-sized event.

September 9

Duggar Daughter Dates


Duggar-sized wedding planning

Less than three months away, Jill & Derick are making some big decisions! From cake tasting to touring venues, will they hit the sweet spot for their Duggar-sized dream wedding? Over in DC, Anna has her hands full with her little ones.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who is Jennifer and James's buddy?!

Now that Jill got married in June, we have been asked many times about who is Jennifer and James's buddy. Joy Anna took over the role of being the buddy for her younger siblings. Now that Jessa and Ben are getting married in November and that means that Jessa's buddy team will have the next oldest one take over the role of lead buddy.

Ben and Jessa's engagment photos

Jessa's instragam has been posting engagement photos. There is no word on their wedding website being put up yet. Their wedding date has been fixed from October 1st to November 1st!

One week to go!

Fresh off engagement news and baby news, the new season of 19 kids and counting looks amazing to watch

Monday, August 25, 2014

Any More courtships?

Now that Josh and Jill are married and Jessa will be getting married in a month. We have got a lot of questions regarding if John David or Jana are courting.

Right now there is no word if Jana or John David or if any of the other duggar children are in courtship. They are waiting for the Lord to direct their path for the one that he has planned for them.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grandbaby name guesses!

We asked the fans what Derick and Jill should name their baby and there was a lot of guess! We are going to do the first ten for boys and girls


1. Jenna

2. Alessa

3. Julia

4. Olivia

5. Serenity

6. Sophia

7. Madelyn

8. Amelia

9. Danielle

10. Esther


1. Samuel

2. Andrew

3 Jerick

4. Grayson

5. Dominic

6. Isaac

7. Noah

8. Camden

9. Abel

10. David

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wedding date is announced!!

Ben and Jessa have set their wedding date for November 1st!

300 blogs and counting!!! & Sneak peak!!!

Hey guys we have reached 300 blogs and counting!!! We are so excited to share with you our September cover photos and we hope that you enjoy them!
Michelle's birthday, Josh and Anna's wedding anniversary, and Amy's birthday!

Amy's birthday is on 30th of September

Michelle's birthday is on the 13th of September

Josh and Anna's six year wedding anniversary is on the 26th of September

Recount episodes: With tweets and Bonus scenes

August 26th!

Recount: Duggars and Dugouts

In this special episode featuring tweets & bonus scenes -- With a family the size of two baseball teams it's no wonder the Duggars love sports! Watch as the family enjoys some of their favorite pastimes including a heated broomball match.

Recount: Duggars on stage

In this special episode featuring tweets & bonus scenes -- One of the Duggars' favorite stories is Noah's Ark. But when the family is asked to participate in the musical telling of NOAH, will there be more Duggars than animals on the Ark?

On August 26, 2014; TLC is giving us bonus scenes and tweets. Take a look at the episodes
Recount: Manhattan Duggars

In this special episode featuring tweets & bonus scenes -- The big family heads to the Big Apple to kickoff their book tour. But when Jim Bob, Michelle and all 19 kids try to navigate the NYC subway system, will they all make it to their destination?

Recount: Duggars over the edge

In this special episode featuring tweets & bonus scenes -- The large family visits one of the largest waterfalls in North America: Niagara Falls. With Duggars’ proneness to motion sickness, will they enjoy their maiden voyage or will they rock the boat?

Recount: Duggars hit the slopes

In this special episode featuring tweets & bonus scenes -- The Duggars head to Colorado to hit the slopes for their first ski trip! But it's everyone's first time on skis...will they advance to the black diamond trails or be stuck on the bunny slopes?

Baby Dillard will be........

We asked the fans if they thought that the baby would be a boy or a girl and a lot of people guess....

Melissa: either one as long as it's healthy

Christy: twins, both girls

Juiley Either one as long as it is healthy! i am saying twins boy and girl!

Carrie: twin girls

Stephanie: I'm going with Derick Dillard on this as fathers can be very intuitive about the sex of their child. Girl

Beverly: girl

Diane: Boy and girl

Lisa: boy

Kim: boy

Shannon: girl not sure on twins

Katherine: twin girls

Nicole: girl

Erin: girl

Alicia: girl

Mary: girl

Ashley: girl

Terri: girl

Monica: twins and girls

Laetitiia: girl

Leetha: girl

Paige: girl

Barbara: girl

Allison: boy

Linda: girl

Jan: boy

Cassandra: girl

Tina: girl

Sarah: girl

Samantha: girl

Cindy: girl

Christina: girl

Lauren: are they going to find out? yes

Betheny: girl

Victoria: boy

Caren: boy

Libby: twin girls

Sonya: girl

Melissa: girl

Nicole: twin boys

Littia: girl

Friday, August 22, 2014

Joseph update!

In the past couple of days, Joseph Duggar has taken a trip down to visit the Bates family!

Ben and Jessa's engagment journey

Ben had a lot of things planned for his big day with Jessa Duggar. He asked Jim Bob if he could married his daughter.

"A few days before, he had given me a rose and asked me out on a date for the next night," Jessa, 21, tells PEOPLE. "But that night we had gone out with his parents and my parents. It was a surprise because I didn't know his parents were in town. But that night he gave me a box."

Inside the box was an iPad with a video Ben, 19, had recorded, telling her, "This is the first clue to the rest of your life."

"I had done a few things to throw her off track," Seewald tells PEOPLE. "Jessa is really good at figuring things out and I wanted to surprise her."

Ben insited the help of John David to take Jessa and Jinger to Eureka Springs. Jessa went to the golf course, park, trolley ride, train ride, and ended in Thorncrown Chapel where Ben was waiting.

"I walked in and he was standing there at the front," Jessa says. "I could barely talk. I knew he was going to propose. I cried."

Now that Jessa and Ben are engaged, they are busy planning their wedding and it's going to easy since the family are using Jill's decorations. They are planning to use the saved money for their honeymoon.

Both sides of the family are celebrating the engagement

"Michael and I could not be more thrilled for Ben and Jessa," Seewald's mom, Guinn, tells PEOPLE. "Having similar goals and interests, they balance and complement one another beautifully. We praise God for the blessing of this relationship between Ben and Jessa."

"Ben asked me about asking Jessa to get engaged," Jim Bob tells PEOPLE. "We had already talked to Jessa about this and was 100 percent on board. I told him that Michelle and I were in agreement and supportive."

Did you know?

Jim Bob and Michelle had their first child in March and now Derick and Jill are having their first child in March too.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ben's doing interviews!!!

.Newly engaged, Ben Seewald is doing interviews for this season of 19 kids and counting that starts in 12 days! We are so excited to find out when Ben and Jessa's wedding is.

Jennifer and Jordyn!

Jennifer loves being an older sister to both Josie and Jordyn. Here's a new photo of Jennifer and Jordyn.