Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is Amy Duggar's birthday! I hope that she has a wonderful birthday

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Josh and Anna

Josh and Anna are celebrating their 4 years of being married couple. A lot of things have changed for them with having two children.

Trivia Questions for Busy Duggars and a duggar on her own!

Hey guys to make it fair this week and until the show starts doing only one epoisde for the week, we will be having six trivia questions.

  1. Where did Michelle create a small classroom for the little kids?
  2. What did Jackson say about Johannah's reading?
  3. What did Cousin Amy and the kids do for Grandma Duggar?
  4. What made Anna step out of her comfort zone?
  5. Where was Jana going?
  6. What did the duggars do when they were in Dogwood Junction?  

"A Duggar on Her Own"

First, Anna, Mackynzie and Michael head to the library for the first time. Mackynzie is in love with books and makes her mom concerned her daughter will have to borrow the entire children's section. Anna reads a book to toddlers and their mom which made Anna step out of her comfort zone.
The Duggars waves goodbye to Jana who is off on her mission trip to Chicago and Michigan. Jim Bob and Michelle express how excited that they are that their daughter is turning into a journey leader.  The family later decides to take a bike ride and they head off to Dogwood Junction to repair some of their bikes. They are surprised to find a fleet of 4-wheel bikes waiting for them. The duggars go into sepreate groups and start to learn how to do it. They find out that it's not so easy to do a 4-wheel bike seeing the first hill.
Blogger note: Youtube has yet to post this episode and the minut that it's up when I check; I will be posting it.

Busy Duggars

Michelle decided to make a little children's schoolroom in the boys closets there for keeping her little ones in one spot. She says that the hard time of teaching her youngest children because they are always on the move. Jackson offers his sister, Johannah, praise by saying that she is a really good reader. Johannah and Jackson have been really good buddies for many years. Jim Bob is saying that his son and daughter are at a such fun age that he is going to miss that stage. The boys are to learn about gun safety and target practicing and once they finished their schoolwork. Michelle is staying home with their little kids as Grandma and Jim Bob head to take their older children to the forest to hike a trail which is own by Grandma Duggar. The family heads to do some fishing. Jana says that she is not a city girl but also not a complete outdoors girl. Grandma says fishing with her grandchildren was a catastrophe and says also it's a load of fun to be around them. Joy Anna, who is new to driving,  is worried about speeding when she drives one of their family's suburbans. Joy Anna speeds a lot but is learning how to control it. The family asks Grandma to put her chores on hold so they can give her a facial and manicure while the boys massage her shoulders to show her thanks for everything that she does for their family.
Blogger note: Hey guys, Youtube is not posted yet but the soon as it is I'll will posted it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Trivia answers!

1. Josie
2. wanting to eat right before they leave
3. 25 duggars
4. Sarah and Samuel and Michael
5. Jim Bob, Joseph, Joy Anna, Josiah, Jed, Jer and Jonathan Hartono
6. eating cookie dough

Friday, September 21, 2012

The next two week's episodes

"Busy Duggars" September 25, 2012
Johannah celebrates her 6th birthday, the family goes fishing and hiking, and the older Duggar girls let Grandma Duggar know how much she means to them.
"A Duggar On Her Own" September 25, 2012
Anna is a guest reader for story time at the local public library and brings along Mackynzie and Michael. Jana begins her first solo ministry trip to Chicago.
"Grand Ole Duggars" October 2, 2012
In Nashville, the Duggar family take part in a charity event called Laundry Love and visit the Grand Ole Opry. The older girls speak at an emotional speaking event.
"Hunting and House Guests" October 2, 2012
Following their honeymoon, David and Priscilla pay a visit to the Duggar home. The family take part in a turkey hunt.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trivia Questions for "Smiles and say, Duggars!" and "Duggar dinner party"

Hey guys to make it fair this week and until the show starts doing only one epoisde for the week, we will be having six trivia questions. Also like normally for this season the trivia answers will be given out on Monday morning before the new show starts.

  1. Who was singing Trinkle, trinkle, Little star?
  2. Why are the duggars are always on the "Duggar time" when they are late?
  3. How many duggars got their photos taken?
  4. Who were Josie and Michelle getting reunited with from Josie's NCIU days?
  5. How many duggars helped Josh move his car lot again?
  6. What does Mackynzie like to eat when baking with her mom?

Duggars dinner party

Michelle and Josie are in for a reunion with another mom name Sarah Pope, who's son spend time in the NICU. Michelle shows Sarah how to make their favorite dinner. Josie and Samuel become friends really quickly. Michelle and Sarah share their stories and pictures of their children's time there.
Josh's car business is moving yet again but back to their second location so he asks his dad and brothers and sister and family friends Jonathan and Jennifer who has helped during the mission trips that the family has gone on. Jonathan and Jennifer have gone on o going to school and the duggars have told them that their house is their home away from home. Meanwhile, Anna and Mackynzie decided to make some cookies for Josh. Mackynzie decided to eat the cookie dough. Anna has said that Mackynzie loves to pull up a chair and help her while she is making dinner. Josh and Anna have started having Mackynzie learn bible verse small ones that is. Anna loves taking the kids to their new car lot because there is a large playroom where she and the kids can hang out.
To watch the epsiode:

Smile and say, Duggars!

Josie is signing twinkle, twinkle, Little Star right before the Duggars are heading out of town to go a hour to Joplin where the 2011 tornado had hit and killed 151 people. The duggars are trying to get out the house on time but not when everyone remembers that they need to eat. When they reach Joplin, the people at the conference get to eat with the duggars. The duggars seem like they had a fun fellowship time with the people at the conference.
Scott Enlow who has been with the duggars for nine years chose their color to wear jeans or skirts with with a mix of navy and light blue tops. Scott decides to get the family photo done first because of what happen the last time. The younger kids are not wanting to look at the camera. Now it comes to their own photos, going thou 1 grandparent, 2 parents, 19 children, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, they had a very easy at taking photos until they get to Josie. Josie is a fighter from the beginning and has a strong will. Scott's patience gets everything done. Later on, the boys catch a possum and puts it in a clear plastic bin and goes to their father to find out what they should, they release the possum.
To watch the full episode on youtube:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't forget to tune tonight!

Sep 18, 9:00 pm
19 Kids and Counting: Smile and Say, Duggars!
The family returns to Joplin, MO for a Mother's Day Fundraiser for the victims of the tornado in 2011. And when they return home, it's picture day for the Duggars! But will their photographer be able to get all of them smiling in the same direction?

Sep 18, 9:30 pm
19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Dinner Party
The Duggars welcome the Popes for dinner, whose son was in the NICU with Josie. Watch as they prepare a Duggar-favorite, Tater-tot casserole, for 26 people. And it's a family affair when they help Josh move vehicles from one used car lot to another.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Trivia answers!

1. More babies
2. Their life was so crazy with two children
3. take her out for dinner.
4. Made Josie cry
5. Michelle took Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer and Josie to the dentist with the help of Jill and Joy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Duggar Dinner party

The Duggars welcome the Popes for dinner, whose son was in the NICU with Josie. Watch as they prepare a Duggar-favorite, Tater-tot casserole, for 26 people. And it's a family affair when they help Josh move vehicles from one used car lot to another.

Smile and say Duggars

The family returns to Joplin, MO for a Mother's Day Fundraiser for the victims of the tornado in 2011. And when they return home, it's picture day for the Duggars! But will their photographer be able to get all of them smiling in the same direction?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Happy Birthday to Michelle Duggar!
Praying for blessing for you.

Josh and Anna update!

Josh and Anna have taken their children to Japhan to do a mission trip and there is no word about how long they will be gone! We are praying for them

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chore list for 15 to 18 year olds

Ages 15-18

Your teenagers are on a fast track to becoming young adults, before you know it! Treasure these last moments they're living at home by guiding and teaching them about responsibility. Take a look at these possible teen duties!

Mealtime and Kitchen Chores

  • Prepare dinner twice a week
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Deep clean household appliances

Bedroom Chores

  • Pick up and put away clutter daily
  • Sort clothes, donate outgrown/out-of-style clothes biannually

Living Room and Family Chores

  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace vacuum cleaner bags and/or empty canisters
  • Change batteries in clocks and/or wind clocks as needed
  • Dust ceiling fans

Laundry Chores

  • Iron clothes

Afterschool Chores

  • Babysit younger siblings without supervision
  • Help younger siblings with homework
  • Make personal appointments (hair stylist, dentist)
  • Do assigned household chores without prompting

Outdoor Chores

  • Mow lawn
  • Vacuum and clean vehicle interiors
  • Trim trees or shrubs
  • Power wash driveway or sidewalk
  • Help seal wood deck
  • Inflate bicycle tires, balls

Chores list age of 12-14

Ages 12-14

Noticed your kids going through a growth spurt? While growing up physically, they also love bigger challenges. Check out interesting chore suggestions below!

Mealtime and Kitchen chores

  • Help plan family meals for the week
  • Put away groceries
  • Sort recycling
  • Clip coupons
  • Clean wastebaskets and/or garbage cans with soap and water weekly
  • Peel vegetables, cut fruit

Bedroom Chores

  • Tidy bedroom daily, plus biannual deep cleaning

Living Room and Family Chores

  • Test smoke alarms once a month

Laundry Chores

  • Operate washer and dryer
  • Sew buttons, stitch minor clothing repairs

Afterschool Chores

  • Answer telephone according to family protocol or “script”
  • Babysit younger siblings with supervision
  • Responsible for own library card and books

Bathroom Chores

  • Clean toilet
  • Maintain own hair style (ponytail, etc.)
  • Clean mirrors

Outdoor Chores

  • Operate weed-trimmer or/and lawn-edger
  • Organize and put away sports equipment
  • Sweep garage floor
  • Rake leaves or grass trimmings

Chore list for ages 9 to 11

Ages 9-11

Before you know it, your kids are getting into middle school! Keep them out of trouble by teaching them responsibility. Previous chores may apply, but check out the ideas below:

Mealtime and Kitchen Chores

  • Use stovetop or oven with supervision
  • Carry in groceries
  • Help make grocery list
  • Cross off items on grocery list during shopping trip
  • Organize pantry or kitchen cabinets
  • Load and unload dishwasher
  • Take recycling and trash to the curb

Bedroom chores

  • Wake up to alarm clock
  • Change bed linens
  • Organize closets and dressers

Living Room and Family Room Chores

  • Straighten books on bookshelf
  • Sweep or mop floor
  • Vacuum floor

Laundry Chores

  • Unload dryer

Afterschool Chores

  • Get the mail

Bathroom Chores

  • Clean bathtub and sinks
  • Trim fingernails and toenails

Outdoor Chores

  • Take pet for a walk
  • Clean up after pet
  • Pick vegetables from garden

Chore list of 6 to 8 years old

Ages 6-8

At ages 6 to 8, kids become more curious about the world and are more capable of achieving bigger tasks. Along with the previous chores, here's what else they can do:

Mealtime and Kitchen Chores

  • Measure and stir ingredients
  • Set and clear the table
  • Unload utensils and easy-to-put-away items from dishwasher
  • Help pack lunch or after-school snacks
  • Fix a sandwich, cold cereal or toast
  • Wash dishes at sink
  • Clean tabletops and countertops with nontoxic cleanser

Bedroom Chores

  • Make bed

Living Room and Family Room Chores

  • Wipe baseboards with damp cloth
  • Straighten up family shoes
  • Use hand-held vacuum

Laundry Chores

  • Sort clothes by color/fabric type for laundry
  • Fold towels
  • Hang clothes on hangers

Afterschool Chores

  • Assign allowance or gift money to "donate," "spend" or "save"
  • Empty household wastebaskets
  • Empty backpack and organize school papers

Bathroom chores

  • Brush and floss teeth without supervision

Outdoor Chores

  • Feed pets
  • Plant and weed vegetable or flower garden with supervision

Chore ideas for 3 to 5 years old

Ages 3-5

Teaching your kids responsibility from the time they are 3- to 5-years-old can be both a huge challenge and blessing. Train them as well as the Duggars by using these chore ideas!

Mealtime and Kitchen Chores

Jackson and Jennifer folding socks on the show
  • Carry empty plate to counter
  • Put placemats on table
  • Stir batters, help pour ingredients
  • Wipe up small spills

Bedroom chores

  • Put toys away
  • Place crayons/papers in storage bin
  • Pick out clothes/dress on his or her own

Living Room and Family Room Chores

  • Stack books or magazines
  • Dust
  • Wipe doorknobs and light switches

Laundry Chores

  • Put dirty clothes in hamper
  • Carry dirty clothes to laundry room
  • Fold clean washcloths and hand-towels
  • Match clean socks

After-Preschool Chores

  • Hang coat and backpack on pegs

Bathroom Chores

  • Brush teeth with supervision
  • Comb hair

Outdoor Chores

  • Plant seeds in garden
  • Water garden vegetables or flowers
  • Sweep porch or sidewalk with child-sized broom

Trivia questions

Now before you read this week's questions be sure to read the recap that I posted early today. All the answers are in the post. Trivia answers will be posted on Monday September 17th before the next show. 

1. What does Mackynzie want?
2. Why could Josh and Anna could not use cloth diapers on Michael?
3. What did Jill and Joseph do for their grandma?
4. What did Mackynzie do to her aunt?
5.  How many duggar little ones did Michelle take to the dentist?

Puppies, Properties and Patients

When Josh is busy at the car lot and Anna goes with him sometimes, they take either Mackynzie or Michael or sometimes both of the kids to Jim Bob and Michelle's house to spend time with their aunts and uncles. Michelle has her hands full with her granddaughter and her youngest children and get this babysitting dogs. The little kids feeds the dogs some eggs and cheese to the dog causing them to get sick so Michelle ends up cleaning up the mess. During the time that she is taking care of the dogs and the other children, she hears Josie crying. Since Josie has a hypersenstive gag reflex that cause her to throw up if she cries to hard, Michelle calms her down and talks to Mackynzie. Mackynzie really loves her aunt and since they are the same age for a couple of months.
Now it's time for the older ones and Jim Bob, They are cleaning a new house that Jim Bob just brought and turns out that someone has been breaking into the house. Jim Bob's goal is to be able to clean it up and either make it a rental house or hand it over to one of their kids. John David is cleaning a contract work with the bank and if he can clean it up the bank will give him another piece of a land.
Michelle is taking Johannah, Jackson, Josie and Jennifer to the dentist and she brings Jill and Joy along to help with their siblings. Jennifer does really well at the dentist and so does Josie. Jackson and Johannah need to work on their brushing thou.

All you can eat....

Everyone wants update on Josh and Anna and their growing family. With Mackynzie and Michael playing with each other. Josh and Anna explain that they really wanted to do cloth diapers with Michael as they did with Mackynzie but their life is too busy and so they had to do disposable ones. Mackynzie and Michael welcomed solids at different months of their life. Anna expesses that she loves being a stay-at home mom and she is content with being a mom and wife. Anna said that she is not pregnant and Mackynzie wants more babies . Anna takes the kids to shop for new clothes and it's the store that they can trade clothes and shoes that they have outgrown. Anna got a pile of clothes and saved alot. Jim Bob and Michelle explained snack time and how many times do they eat in a day which is about nine meals.
The Duggars decided to take Grandma Duggar out since she does so much for them. Jill and Joseph take Grandma Duggar out for a widow's banquet at a nearby church.
In the last part of the epsiode, Josie is heading to the doctor and she's found that when she goes to the doctor it normally means that she's going to get a shot. Since her doctor said that it's best for her to RSV shots for the first two years and they are heading to get her last one. Michelle brings James along because he can get anyone to smile when they are upset and it doesn't work. Michelle finds out that Josie is now at 23 pounds and she is happy. Josie is getting more upset and holds on to Michelle during the time that she has to get her shot.

19 kids and counting: last night's epsiode!

All you can eat-
Puppies, Properties and Patients:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trivia answers

1. just Jim Bob and Michelle
2. Grandma Duggar and the 18 kids
3. try to fellowship with each viewer or fan that they have
4. She got it stuck in the stairs
5. The youngest five but if you count the grandchildren it's 7

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trivia Questions

1. How many duggars when to DC?
2. How many duggars went to Oklamoma?
3. What do the duggars do when they are signing books?
4. What happen to Jordyn's head?
5. How many duggars have been born on TLC?

"Duggar Sick Day"

The last five of the Duggar children have been born on TV. Along with the Duggar grandchildren have been born on TLC. Michelle gives us updated on Josie has become energetic, amazingly sharp little girl. The Duggars are still working thou the loss of Jubilee. Jim Bob is teaching all of their kids how to restock their family's supermarket. Michelle lets her youngest children pick their lunch menu and help creating it which is any where from stuffing to carrots with mom's help. They decided to label what's on the plates of the youngest ones. Michelle sometimes gets her child's name mixed up. Jedidiah is learning the fun of film-making and shows his waterproof camera off and the crew is happy to see how much he has learned. The duggars come down with strep throat and the crew comes in with a cover for themseleves. Once their kids are feeling better, the Duggars invited a friend over with her children for lunch and fellowship!

Duggars growing pains

The Duggars are off two parts of the United States. Jim Bob and Michelle are heading to DC for a speaking engagment. Justin says that his father packs more then his mother because he wants to be paired with lots of underwear. But before Jim Bob and Michelle leave, Miss Jordyn-Grace gets her head stuck and now Jim Bob has to get his daughter's head. Thankfully, Jordyn stays calm during the progress. They describle their daughter a mellow and easy going little girl. Jim Bob and Michelle expressed the fact that they are always talking about their children. They just want to be with them. During the visit in DC, Jim Bob and Michelle meet a fan that can list all of their children's names. Jim Bob still does not like public speaking. Now it's on for book signing, Jim Bob and Michelle make time to make each of their fans feel special. Jim Bob and Michelle take time to spend time with Kirk Cameron and his son at Ben's Chili Bowl. Jim Bob and Michelle introduce Kirk Cameron each member of their camera crew.
So now it's Grandma Duggar and her 19 grandchildren heading off to Oklahoma to meet some friends.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Trivia answers

1. to visit her sister
2. walking, talking, moving things
3. 6
4. Having them pack the socks
5. To a tennis game