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Recap: Jinger Flips

Jana and Jill head to pick up Jessa for a girls date. Ben stays home with Spurgeon leaving the new mom a little nervous about him watching Spurgeon. Ben upsets Jessa when he calls it babysitting. Anna jokes that Josh is not able to watch Meredith since he is currently at rehab. Anna, Jana , Jessa and Meredith head to the coffee shop. The date is over and Jessa is happy to be home with the boys.
Jinger heads to her first auto action business excursion with John-David, Joseph, Jeddidiah and Jeremiah. She has gone with them before but this is the first time to buy a car. John David gives his sister a lesson about learning the ropes.
    Did you know that Jinger is the only lefty in the Duggar clan? John David and Jessa says that their sister loves to share and give back.
Jinger leads on her brother for help when it comes to bidding. She ends up buying a Honda Pilot for $3400 and gets to work flipping it.
Joy and Justin gives a helping hand to make sure that the cost says done. She only ends up spending $100 dollars.
Jim Bob has bought a lot on the main highway so the family can sell their cars. Jinger ends up earning a profit $500. She wants to sell more cars as soon as she can.
Jinger reveals that her parents have encouraged their family to gain many life skills as they can.
Jinger is asked about courting and she responds that she doesn't want to answer that. Jana and John David talk about a courtship of their own and Jana teases that there could be a courtship for John David in the near future.
Derick and Jill are getting used to living on the mission filed with their little boy who is teething and being mobile.
Anyone that knows the Duggars know that they love pickles, the couple decides to give Israel a taste of pickle and he loves it. He is surprised by the strong taste as he is eating it.
 Jana decides to come up with a plan to get the little kids outside as much as possible. John David and Joseph give a tree house idea for the little kids. The kids come up with a sketch and then it's time to get to work.

Two years later

Today marks two years ago that Derick and Jill got engaged. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Preview: Jinger Flips

Jessa leaves Spurgeon with Ben while she heads for a coffee take with Jana and Anna. Jinger flips her first car.

Friday, March 25, 2016

All about Israel: Up to two years old?

Irsael is turning one in about two weeks and we are figuring out what we want to do with All about Israel updates. 

We were thinking about doing updates every month until he turns 2 or every six months until he turns 2.

What do you think? Monthly or every six months? 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

One Year later

It is hard to believe that Derick and Jill were due with baby Israel one year ago. Israel doesn't celebrate his first birthday until April 6th.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

April Birthday cover

We actually posted this on our facebook page back on Sunday morning but forgot to post it on the blog! 

Israel's first birthday cover!

Our new cover

We were so excited to reveal our new cover! Josh and Anna still have not posted a new family photo so Meredith still gets her on spot.

What do you think of our new cover?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Recap: Date nights and bright lights

Jessa gets her six week old little boy all ready to go see Sierra and her family. Jessa can't image to having five kids under five. Sierra only has 3 boys and two girls!  Jessa and Sierra enjoy their visit.
The family is getting ready to go to Central America for about two weeks. They are packing up for their trip. They will be able to see Derick and Jill. Jinger through Johannah will be going. Jana is staying behind to help with the little ones. Anna is not going because she is nursing Meredith at the time.
Jana heads out to Ben and Jessa's house to talk about the lighting. The family talks about Jana and how she is. Jessa reveals how Jana was as a child and how many times they clash. John David reveals that Jana helped the calf being born.
Jana doesn't know what her life would be in the next Five years. She talks about the guys that have come along and asked but Jana did not feel the spark between them. Jana is very content in the stage of life she is at right now.
Joy takes Jennifer to get glasses. Jennifer wears glasses but doesn't like to wear them. Joy ends up calling Jill to pick out glasses. Joy ends up picking out black glasses with green in the inside.
The family loads up to head to the airport. This is the first time that Johannah gets to go. The family prays together before leaving
Jana and a few of the boys head to Ben and Jessa's house. They get ready for the lighting. They run in a little problem when one of the lights are on a stud.
Ben and Jessa got a video call from the family call from Central America. They talked about their trip. They are content about what they have there.
They get back to work getting the lights ready. Ben heads up to the crawl space that reveals to have no space at all. They start cutting and try not to make messes.
Jana: I don't always cook and take care of babies, surprise!
They move on to the next room and forces Jessa to clean out the under the bed. They work on getting the lights to work. They work and it's so much brighter in their room!
Ben and Jessa get ready for their date and brings Spurgeon with them. They first need to prepare things for Spurgeon.
Ben and Jessa head to Taco for life with Spurgeon and they chose what they are going to have. The place sends food to Central America for the kids. Spurgeon takes a nap while his parents are talking about adoption. Adoption agency has said that they needed  to wait until Spurgeon about nine months which not be until July/August. Ben and Jessa are looking forward to adopting their second or third child.
The family returns home from Central America. Michelle, Jana, and Anna take the little kids to greet the rest of the family.

New episode tonight!

The family is back with a behind the scenes of what Jana does. Most people thinks that Jana just stays at home and take care of her younger siblings! 

Be sure to check out our recap later on tonight

Sunday, March 20, 2016

preview: Date nights and bright lights

Jana and Jessa embark on a large DIY lighting project while the rest of the family travels to Central America. When Jessa and Ben go on their first date since Spurgeon was born, will his presence wreck the romance?

Spring 2016

We hope that you all are having a great first day of Spring

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spurgeon and Marcus

We could not help ourselves without sharing this cute photo of Marcus with Spurgeon Seewald. 
 Marcus is the youngest son of Josh and Anna Duggar and is the family's third grandchild.

At the time that this photo was taken, Spurgeon was only four weeks old and Marcus was two at the time that this was taken. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Recap: At home and away

Ben and Jessa head over to the Duggar family home where Jinger takes photos of the new family. Spurgeon is four weeks old at the time. Ben and Jessa talk about the name of their little boy.
The girls head to Jessa's house to talk about the dinner that they are planning to do. They decided on who is making what and get ready to go shopping. They are worried about the kitchen space at Jessa's house
Anna gets ready to go visit Josh for the first time in three months. Meredith is going with her and will see her father in the first time since she was three months old. Anna knows that it will be hard to see Josh because of all the pain that was cause by his addiction.
Derick and Jill give a small update on their mission trip. Jill gives you a small tour of their home. Jill shares updates on Israel as he learning new things.
The older girls are heading shopping and see a sign that you have to spend a 100 dollars to get a free turkey. Jinger puts a lot of butter in the cart in request of Jessa. The girls misses Jill a lot. The family picks up two turkeys. They end up spending about 200 dollars. 
Jessa gets ready for the cooking while Spurgeon is sleeping. Ben says that Jessa has gotten better at cooking. The girls arrive to help cooking as Jessa takes care of the new born.
The girls joke about the family's lateness however when it comes to food.
Jana talks about Johannah's big change with wanting to be with the older kids. The dinner starts to come together right before the family gets there.
The family shares what they are thankful for.  The family was surprised that they were missing: Josh, Jill, Derick, Israel and Joseph. Jill and Derick get to go into the video conferencing. Derick and Jill are excited about the family coming for down.
Anna talks about what she is thankful for Grandma Duggar since she is going through.  Anna talks about the visit and shares a special message from Josh. Anna reveals that her visit with Josh went great.
The family recaps about what they went through the past year!

*Please check out our blog for our preview Sunday!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Preview: At home and away

 Jessa and Ben navigate life as a family of three with new baby Spurgeon. Jill and Derick settle into their home in Central America as Israel starts to hit new milestones. Later, Jessa enlists her sisters to help prepare a fall feast for the whole family.

Friday, March 11, 2016

4 days and counting!

 It is hard to believe that in 4 days, The Duggars will be back on TLC's Counting On. 
The family is so excited about the new season. We are going to be posting previews and recap! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Josh comes home

Josh is finally home after six months of his rehab. He is currently still on the road of recovery. The family wants to thank you for all of your support.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First son in law turns 27!

Derick is celebrating his 27th birthday! 
Happy Birthday to him!
Derick and Israel
In the past year, Derick became a father to Israel Dillard who will turn one next month. He celebrated his first year anniversary with his wife. Derick and Jill have been living in Central America since July.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Josiah's take: The courtship!

Josiah reveals the reason that their courtship ended.
"Marjorie and I had a good time together," he tells PEOPLE. "We were just trying to follow God's lead on everything. She didn't feel that it was the right timing then, so we called it quits for a bit."

One week to go!

We just have one more week until TLC brings back Counting on! 
 Be sure to check out the preview for Tuesday's night on Sunday!

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All about Israel: 11 months old!

 In just one month, Israel will be celebrating his first birthday! Can you believe that in just a month he will be a year?
Be sure to check our blog later this month for his first birthday cover! It should be out on March 27th!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

All about Spurgeon: Four months old

Can you believe that this little man is now four months old?
Ben and Jessa recently celebrated their son's fourth month of life by going out for ice cream.
 Jessa also shared a snapshot of her and her son

Photo credit: Ben and Jessa Seewald

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2 weeks to go!

We just have two weeks until the Duggars are back in a new season of Counting on! 

The new show is stated to feature Jana through Josiah as they go through adulthood. Anna Duggar will be on the show with her children.

TLC has not said if Josh Duggar will be on or not

Are Jordyn-Grace and Josie Irish Twins?

Yes they are! Jordyn-Grace was born on December 18, 2008. Josie was born on December 10, 2009.

According to others, the babies have to be born right before the oldest one turns a year old.

March 2016

Derick Dillard
Josh Duggar

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Israel Dillard
Meredith Duggar
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Jill and Jessa: Counting on

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