Monday, October 31, 2016

Journey to parenthood: Four months to go

Ben and Jessa have four months until their second child is schedule to arrive. Jessa finally revealed her due date to be February 2nd.

Seewald family fall photos

Ben and Jessa are about to become a family of four so they got some new photos of their growing family.

Matching Mondays

The girls love being able to match and today is no different. Here's a new photo of Jordyn, Johannah and Mackynzie Duggar.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Preview: Duggars at the altar

A look back at the Duggar daughter marriages, when Jill and Jessa walked down the aisle just months apart.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wedding Update

We are so excited to share that the Duggars are getting ready for the wedding. From what we have been told that the wedding will be in the next two weeks and the Photography by Britton will be taking Jinger's wedding photos.

November birthday and anniversary cover!

The Duggars are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month.

Now the indivial covers are being held until their special days.

Ben and Jessa's wedding anniverasy will be released on November 1st

Jessa's birthday will be released on November 4th

Spuregon's birthday will be released on November 5th

Justin's birthday will released on November 15th

All about Spurgeon: One week until one

Spurgeon is just one week away from being one! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Recap: The After show

(PS, we are sorry for the delay on our recap)
The older kids head to Nashville to talk to Scott. The group watches the Flame's vist to Arkansas, Derick asked his brother-in-law if he is going to make his own hip hop album but Ben knows that it's not where his heart lies but manages to "Spit some bars" for the group.
Scott turns his attention to Derick and Jill about their life down in Central America and they share some real life experiences. Derick and Jill have made their bathroom into their safe room.
Jessa adds that she hear gun shots and could not imagine being home with the kids while hoping Ben comes back every night. Derick reveals that they are willing to take that risk to spread the word of Jesus. They always make sure that they know what is going on.
The group announces that they do not like sharing food or drinks. They are germaphobes.
Jill shares that her life is like survival camp that her siblings went on. She make sure to relie on her husband to stay safe.
The girls reveal that Jim Bob is on edge with their projects but are warming up to their ides. He doesn't want them to paint the walls, trims or cabinets.
Jinger is surprised by Jeremy. He came with roses for her and she is super surprise by this. Jinger reveals that she loves the surprises, Jessa reveals that she loves surprises also. Jill is not one for surprises but is happy at the end of it.
Jim Bob reveals that his daughter has an expensive thrift shopping habit and Jeremy reveals that they have the same thing. Scott asked the couple if they are planning to start a family right after they married but they just say we will see. Derick jokes that they will be pregnant by the end of the year earning him a look from Jinger.
The boys look at the clip where Jeremy asked her father permission to court and he reveals that he is not focus on eating and thinks that Jim Bob is hungry.
Jeremy reveals that they have a lot of different style of rules compare to the others.
The youngest Duggar grandsons come to say hi before Cindy takes them to play.
Jinger shares what she felt when she became engaged to Jeremy. Jinger reveals that she is moving to Laredo after the wedding and plans to move her items before the wedding.
Ben and Jessa plan to put their adoption on hold while they are expecting their second child. They plan on finding out the gender but haven't decided to announce the gender of their second child.
Scott asked if Derick and Jill are planning for a second child and they are trying to plan. The couple are not expecting yet but are actively trying for their second child.
Jana reveals that she purchase a tattoo parlor and working renovating it but they have other projects right now.
Joy is doing a online bible school and doesn't plan to do a full-on college.

26 weeks pregnant and due date

Ben and Jessa finally revealed their due date on October 18, 2016. They are due on February 2, 2017. They haven't released if they are having a baby boy or baby girl yet. We are thinking that they are going to wait until the baby's birth.

Ben and Jessa waited until they were 14 weeks pregnant with their second child to tell her family that they were expecting baby #2.

They had Jinger take their pregnancy announcement photos.

Jessa and their friend, Alyssa, are due about a week apart. This will mark the second Bates and Duggar grandbabies due within a week of each other.

We will be back for 28 weeks pregnant for another update!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Preview: The After show

The family comes together to relive some of the most memorable moments from season two, and a surprise guest makes an appearance.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Waller addition!

 Back in late February, we shared a pregnancy announcement for David and Priscilla.

Josh and Anna are excited to share that Priscilla, Anna's sister, and her husband David welcome their third child together. He was born on October 19, 2016. We have a few photos of the newest addition. They decided on the name Phillip Andrew! 

Phillip joins the couple's older children: Paul and Davia.

The Clumsiest Duggar

Joy and Jana head to get new things for the family and their guest house. Who is the clumsiest Duggar?

Be sure to check out the newest photo of the Duggar girls.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recap: Jessa's announcement

Now that Jeremey and Jinger are engaged, they head to dinner to celebrate. Jinger is still in shocked from the proposal. The dinner is a little different what they are used to but enjoy it.  Jinger revealed that it's amazing way to wrap up the engagement trip. They returned home and everyone congratulate Jinger on her engagement. Jim Bob jokes about the side hugs and Michelle admits that there were a few but he is happy for his daughter.
Ben and Jessa are getting ready to do another photo shoot. Ben and Jessa are revealing that they are expecting their second child. They found out that they were expecting right after Spurgeon turned six months. Anna had miscarried baby #2 after Mackynzie was born. Jessa feels like she is a lot like her mom.
Jessa is currently 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2. She and Ben announced that they were expecting Spurgeon at 12 weeks. A few of the older girls already figured out that Jessa was pregnant. Jill had asked her sister if she was pregnant the week before the couple found out. Jinger learned that her sister was pregnant while they were holding up the sign. Jessa is due on February 2nd making the the siblings about 15 months apart.
Jinger and Jessa were only 13 months apart and loved being so close in age.
Derick and Jill are packing for their trip. Israel points out photos as they are getting ready. Many of the family and friends arrive with the family as they live. Derick reveals that the family is planning on living there for long term. The plane ride is a little more difficult now that Israel is mobile. Jill gets him to nurse and tries to take a nap but he is wound up.
The family is still getting the guest house ready with many signs. Josie is excited to have her big sister home. Jessa doesn't like the decorations in the room but knows that it's important to her sister to get it done.
The family and friends head to the airport to meet Derick and Jill. Everyone is excited to see the returned family. Jill and Derick love the decoration. The whole family thinks that Jana has a future with interior design. Everyone is looking forward for the return.
Jessa, Ben, and Spurgeon take Johnannah, Jennifer, and Jordyn to watch Israel to give the couple a date.
Derick and Jill head to the store to get some food. The Duggars talk about what they would eat. They all talk about eating unhealthy food from Chicken Nuggets to pickles besides Jinger, who says a salad.
The family heads to Ben and Jessa to reveal the pregnancy announcement photos that Jinger had taken earlier. Everyone is excited about the new blessing. Josiah loves the photo. Michelle finds out that Jessa has been pregnant for over 100 days and is surprised that they were able to keep a secret.
Jinger responds that they are multiplying again and Anna kids that she won't know what their names will be.
Josiah approves of the announcement photo. "I'd probably do that someday, with little Josiah Jr. hanging on my leg there," he says.
Jessa says that she and Ben want a big family with adoption in mind. She says that she doesn't feel that she will be giving birth to 19 kids.
Ben and Jessa are still working out if they are going to keep the gender a secret like they did with Spurgeon or announce it. Ben knows that there is a lot going on now but doesn't see it slowing down right now.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Preview: Jessa's announcement

Jinger and Jeremy celebrate their engagement in New York City; Jill and Derick wrap up their mission work in Central America, and are greeted with a big surprise party in Arkansas; Jessa and Ben have a bigger surprise of their own.

All about Meredith: 15 months old

Meredith is now 15 months old.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recaps coming soon

As you can tell that we are about two weeks late with recaps, we will be checking up next weekend. We are so sorry about the delay!

Jordyn Grace

We have a new photo of Jordyn-Grace. It's hard to believe that she will be eight this December! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Duggar older girls together

We have a new photo of the five oldest Duggar girls! 
Here's a flashback of the five oldest Duggar girls when the family first started to film.
Here is another flashback back at Jill's wedding planning.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

24 weeks pregnant

Jessa have finally revealed how far she is 24 weeks  pregnant which means that Baby Seewald is due in Early February.

The baby is currently a size of a large mango.

We will update again when Jessa is 26 weeks pregnant. We will be doing every two weeks until Jessa is 36 weeks pregnant.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Double Birthday party

Since Mackynzie and Johannah have birthdays days apart, The family celebrated their birthdays yesterday. Check out a few photos.


Dillard family Halloween pic

Derick and Jill are excited share new photos of their almost two year old son. Now we managed to share the family''s Halloween photo.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Recap: Proposal in the city

The group are visiting Jeremy's family and  are enjoying their time. The double couples head to the lake where the girls were shorts since it will be easier for them to do Kayaking. Jessa reveals that the girls normally wear skirts but there are times where they will wear something else instead.
Jeremy reveals that he loves seeing Jinger in the skirts and dresses and thinks she is beautiful but also thought it was cool seeing her in shorts.
The group heads to New York City to visit Grandpa and Grandma Vuolo and Jinger gets a hug from Grandma. She also sees some photos of Jeremy when he was a baby. Jinger gets a cooking lesson from grandma. Grandma reveals that she learned after she got married how to make this kind of food. Everyone enjoys the meal.
Jeremy manages to get some tickets to the soccer game. He used to play goal keep on the team. Jinger reveals that she loved walking on to the field. The couple got to enjoy dinner with Luis and his wife Cara.
The next day, Jeremy heads to give the ring to his friend and he will take it to the proposal  site. The group headed to New York City for the special day.  Jeremy tries to make sure that he throws her off by having a photographer take photos. Ben is there with Jinger and Jeremy. He is worried that the rain will ruin it.  The skies clears up in time.
The couple gets a special song "Come thou Fount". Jeremy thinks that she did not put it together until he got down to one knee to ask her. She says yes.
Ben comes out and congratulate the couple. He and Jeremy reveal all the plans that came with engagement. Michelle and Jessa show up and congratulate the new engaged couple.
Jana calls a family meeting to renovate the guest house. Jana gives her list to her siblings. Joe and John David joke up that they will be used to honey to do list  when they get married.
Anna shows up to the house and sees all the work that has been done. She manages to play Joy to the world with one finger. She reveals that she has been practicing hard.
Jana and Anna share a very good relationship. Jana says that they have been like sisters and now that they live in the same state. They get to spend a lot of time together.
Anna says that Jana has been a big help for the past year of troubles. Anna knows that her sister-in-law will make an amazing wife one day but for right now she needs her.
Derick and Jill are packing up to come for the next four months, Lord willing. Jill reveals that there will be two weddings that they will be here depending on the wedding dates.  Derick and Jill say that they will miss the friends that they have made while in Central America.

New episode tonight

Tonight is a brand new episode of Counting On. To see the preview click here.
Due to a family event, our recap will be in a few days.

Johannah turns 11

Happy 11th birthday Johannah Faith!