Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Duggar reunited

Just one day after the duggars aired Duggar reunited, it's been posted on youtube

Clearing things up

There are a few things that I want to clear up.
1. Anna- Yesterday there was a photo that was posted on this page about Anna could be pregnant. We were not judging her on her weight at all. We were just saying what we felt and what it looked like.
2. Rude comments were not be allowed on this page. We are not a hate page.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Next 19 kids and counting!

Duggars reunited

Josh's family arrives in Washington, D.C. to visit and also to celebrate Mackynzie, Jordyn and Josie's birthdays, which involves candy making. While there, the older girls make an attempt to drive around the city and the entire family goes to an ice rink.

10,000 likes and counting!

This morning, we woke up to find that we had reach 10,000 likes and counting on facebook.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Michelle Duggar on Continuing Education After Homeschooling

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Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do the kids continue their education after they get their GEDs?
The kids really continue their educations in lots of ways after they finish their GEDs.
It’s endless the things that they can study and learn about, even though they’ve already graduated high school. They’re doing their “college” things that they want to do, but a lot of them are getting paid for it. And that’s what’s great about on-the-job training. They’re making money getting trained to do the things that they love.
For the girls, Jana and Jill have been working really hard on their midwifery skills. Ginger has gone on to study photography and now she shoots weddings, babies and even births. It’s kind of neat because she works with a lot of the moms who Jana and Jill have worked with in their midwifery training. Our girls also play music and you’d be amazed at how much harp and violins are in demand at events. One day we got a call asking if the girls would be interested in doing music for an event. And I was like, “Go for it.” You’ve gotten the training. You can do this.
As for the older Duggar boys, our oldest Josh is in Washington, D.C. working in politics now. Joseph is working at the Fire Department and getting more life skills, training in first aid and first responding. He just loves that kind of thing. And John-David is training to be a pilot now, as well as a fireman and a police officer.
You never know when you’re going to need those skills to save a life. They’ve already come in handy. The other day, one of my little kids got something caught in their throat, and the first two that came to the rescue were Joseph and Jana. I wasn’t close and was running to get there when I heard the child choking. When I got there, they were already doing the Heimlich maneuver. And I thought, "Praise God they’ve got those skills."
For our family, it’s all about apprenticing with other people who are really good at what they do and are happy to teach us. The benefits from gaining that knowledge, and often getting paid while they’re learning, are a great thing. We’re never going to stop learning and training in life.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recap: Graduation and surprise

The family are planning to celebrate Josiah's graduation with 400 guest and counting. Michelle was not surprised on how many friends and family came to celebrate this celebration. Jim Bob revealed that it would be the biggest party ever.

Josiah is the 8th child to graduate for homeschool which means that the family is half way done with graduations if they don't have anymore children. The family reveals that he is really giving spirit which is a wonderful quality to have.

James and Jessa both like Josiah because he gives you a lot of candy.

Meanwhile, Josh and Anna are getting ready to host their first holiday meal for the duggar family. She hopes to be able to spend 4 dollars per a person which means she is about to spend about 50 dollars on the meal. Anna needs Josh's help when they are getting ready for the family. She wants to have him clean out the bedroom downstairs and painted however the family has other plans and arrives the day before they thought. Josh and Anna are surprised that the family is early and they have to rush to make sure that the food is ready on time. The family gets their right as there is smoke coming out of the oven and the smoke detector goes off.

Photos from a graduation and a surprise

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Homeschool conference

The duggars are currently in Big Sandy Texas for their homeschool conference

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This week in 19 kids and counting

Graduation and a surprise

Josiah is graduating from high school and his family plans to throw a party, with 400 guests invited, to celebrate. The Duggars receive a surprise phone call.

recap will be posted later this week

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday. I hope that you have a great day

Friday, April 18, 2014

Before courtship!

In a people maganize artlice, Jill opens up how she got to know Derick and what the reason that she accept his offer to courtship and later engagement.

Jill and Derick were talking on Skype for five hours and went through three pages of questions. Jill admit that she did not have the guts to asked the tough questions about his relationship with God, drank or smoked, his characters and values and plans for the future and of course how many kids he wants. Derick and Jill want a big family since his mom and dad did not have more than two kids and want to follow her parents example about leaving it up to God on the size of their family.

Jill offered two books "I kissed dating goodbye and boy meets girl both from Joshua Harris!


Meet the Duggars!

Sunday, May 4 6:00pm
An Evening with the Duggars
Duggars to speak and perform music
Book signing and meet-and-greet to follow*
Tickets: $10 (payable to Midwest Ministry Care Center)**
Seating is general admission
Doors open at 5:00pm

Lynwood Baptist Church
2935 Lynwood Hills Dr.
Cape Girardeau, MO

*Books will be available for purchase
**Tickets can be purchased at the church office, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm
Proceeds will benefit the Midwest Ministry Care Center's newly opened Ruth House, which serves women coming out of inpatient alcohol/drug abuse programs.

Mom to Mom with Michelle Duggar

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wedding bells recap

The family is changing by their oldest daughters entering courtship. Jessa is having a hard time focusing on their family's household task. Jinger is now packing and getting things organized for their trip to visit the bates. The duggar girls decided to play a joke on Erin since Erin can't cook. The girls put a book of easy recipes, takeout menus, and smoke alarm and fire extinguisher. Jessa's boyfriend Ben and his mom head up to Tennessee since it will be Ben's first trip. Jim Bob has came up with a new way to get everyone out on time, whoever is last owes him $5.

At the Bates's house, Jessa introduce Ben to everyone. Erin takes the duggar girls aside to show them her dress since she found it on the clearance rack at the bridal shop and they had it made to be modest. Next Ben and Jessa head over to Chad and Erin's new house which is about five miles from the family. Jessa was surprised to see the master bedroom pink.

Erin talks about how it's bittersweet since she is moving out soon and won't be able to have an all night talk with her sisters. Gil tells her that she can still have sleepovers but Erin wants to make sure that Chad is fine with that. Jana says that Chad and Erin are prefect for each other.

Erin reveals that the couple had decided to wait for their first kiss on their wedding. The morning of the wedding a film crew asked Erin about what she thought about having her first kiss and she said that is why she is having her first kiss. Erin is nervous about taking a big step in her life and asked Jana and Jill to pray with her before the wedding.

The duggar boys and bates Boys decided to car trashed like they did with Josh and Anna's car back in September 2008. The car was trash really bad by the boys putting sardines and mothballs underneath the seat. Chad quickly gets the car ready and they head out to go to their honeymoon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When will the trivia start?!

Last season, I did trivia every time there was a new episode and this season has been low on trivia questions. I will try to post it this week!

Duggars head to DC!

Right before their daughter, Jill, is about to wed, Jim Bob and Michelle load up their 18 kids and head to their oldest son Josh's house. The duggars are very close and love seeing Josh and Anna and their three children.

Here are some photos that we found:

Monday, April 14, 2014

New photos of Jill and Derick

Wedding Bells

The duggars are loading up for a wedding but it's not for their daughter Jill. It's for Erin and Chad Paine! Chad and Erin have been married since November 2013 and are very excited to share their wedding with viewers. You will even be introduce to Zach's wife Whitney.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wedding date?!

 Jill and Derick have set their date for their wedding and it's on June 21, 2014 at 2pm!

Michelle Duggar on Homeschooling Milestones

Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: In lines of proms and graduations, do you have special events that you celebrate in the homeschooling calendar?

We sure do. Each year we give standardized tests in May to all the kids that are in third grade through ninth grade. For us, it’s really fun because we go over to the testing facility, the kids take their tests and then we’ll celebrate with ice cream after they finish. That’s a big milestone every year.

Later when they’re finished with their high school education, I’ll have them take the GED test. It’s not required in our state, but I like them to do it because it’s good for them to have that certificate. That’s their equivalent of finishing their high school education. Some of them will finish it at 16 years old, but everyone is different. We’ll always celebrate that achievement with our own special graduation ceremony.

We typically try to make it a family thing and invite friends and family. In our area, there are some homeschool organizations that will graduate a bunch of kids together in one big graduation ceremony. They’ll have a ceremony with caps and gowns and diplomas, but we’ve never really participated in those events. Sometimes we’ll have 150 people at one of our family graduations. There’s a large enough gathering to constitute as our own big event!
We’ll decorate and set up a table with projects from their school years – things like their first grade papers when they were learning to write and all of the letters and words were written backwards. And then we’ll wrap it all up with a "This is Your Life" video presentation with images of them doing home school projects, or going on field trips, or sitting with me doing their phonics lesson, or maybe even working with Jim Bob on Mechanics 101.

It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate their lives so far and their education. They’ve accomplished a big milestone and they’re finished with taking standardized tests every year. But I let them know they’re not off the hook because I want my kids to never stop learning. There are opportunities to learn everywhere.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Gaining a son

The duggar family is expanding!

Last time the duggars gain a daughter when Josh married his wife Anna back in September 2008. This time Jill is getting married to Derick this summer.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jill and Derick: Love at First sight???

How did Jill and Derick meet?

How did they get to know each other?
Texting and calling each other

When did they start courting?
November 2014

When did Derick get the ring?
Early this year

How many months did they court before they got engaged?
five months

There will be more blogs about the wedding planning.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Derick and Jill: How they got engaged?

The Duggars are very busy as of late when Derick propose to Jill. They started to planned her wedding. The announcement was made this morning by the duggar family. The family shared the details with ABC News this morning.

Like every man should do is asked for the father's blessing before asking for the daughter's hand in marriage. Derick went to Jim Bob and asked for his daughter's hand in marriage. Derick took Jill out after writing a song for her.

Derick revealed that they went on a lunch date at a Mexican restaurant and went to the park where a man said that he had a song for them.  

Jill reveals that after her father introduced her with Derick. They spent many hours talking and texting while they were 8,000 miles away. Jill was so excited to finally meet him in Nepal. They knew within days of meeting that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jill knew the minute that the line in the song that Derick had arranged it and knew that he had something planned.

"He said, 'When God made you, he was thinking of me,' and then at the very end [of the song], he said something about, 'And I pray that you think that too, when God made you he was thinking of me,' and I was like, 'That sounds like a question!'" said Jill. "After that, Derick started saying a bunch of mushy stuff like, 'I love you so much,' and I don't remember everything!"

Derick got down on one knee and presented a ring he purchased in Israel.

Derick described the ring and the story behind it: "It's just a white gold band with a solitaire diamond: a round stone, .63 carats. Jill really likes Israel, and I'd always wanted to go to the Holy Land. ... [When I was there] I had it in my head that I wanted to get an engagement ring pretty soon, but I had no idea it would work out [this] perfectly!"

I love Derick's desire to follow God and to serve others," said Jill. "Derick is so romantic, and the proposal was perfect. We are incredibly happy and can't wait to share our courtship and engagement on 19 Kids and Counting. Next up, wedding planning!"

The wedding has been planned for this summer, and according to the couple, it's going to be big. They are looking forward to sharing their special moment with family and friends. Jill is currently working on invitations.

More news will be revealed soon!

Jill and Derick are on twitter

Fresh off of their engagment, Jill and Derick are officially on twitter
Jill @jillmdillard

Derick @derick4Him

Jana's courting???

This is one of our most asked questions on our fan page on facebook.

As far as we know Jana is not courting right now.

Another courtship?

Jill calls down her parents so that way she can Skype with Derick Dillard who is on a mission work. Jana reveals that Jill talks about Derick a lot and he comes up in every conversation.

In DC, Anna started to homeschool Mackynzie and has a hard time keeping up with her two year old and Marcus. She is working on self-control. Mackynzie doesn't like when things are not prefect and gets upset when she can't figure out things. Anna encourages her daughter that she is doing really good.

Meanwhile, Michelle wants to learn how to play chest from her son Jeremiah. They play a quick game and then heads to get ice cream. Jeremiah tells us that they had a great time together.

Jim Bob and Michelle head out somewhere and the kids plans a surprise for their parents right before the older kids start heading out for their new lives. Joy Anna suggest a dinner theater and the kids agree. Joy Anna takes up the younger ones (Jackson to Josie) up to the girls room to practice "Jesus loves me" Joy has a hard time getting them to cooperate and has to threaten to get Jana.

Jill and the girls are working on their new book and decides to go to talk to her parents to find out if they could plan a trip to meet Derick in Nepal. Jim Bob and Michelle agree to start to plan for Jim Bob and Jill to take a daddy/daughter trip in Nepal to meet her future husband.

Check out Jill and Derick are engaged

Double dating Duggars

Jessa and Ben have been courting for many weeks now and today they are going on a double date with her parents. Michelle said that Jessa has been having her head in the clouds as of late. Jim Bob wants to know the boundaries in their relationship. They decided that they would give side hugs to say hello, goodbye and taking photos.

 When the topic of holding hands came up, Jessa said that she is not the type of person that like being touchy feeling. They decided that they were going to wait for a while before holding. Jessa and Ben also decided to save their first kiss for their wedding date.

During the mini-gold course, Jessa and Jim Bob does a lot better at it then Ben and Michelle and since they had done team Jim bob and team Ben/jessa. Jim Bob and Michelle score 58 while Ben and Jessa score a little higher then that

Jim Bob and Michelle love showing their kids how much their parents love each other.

Back at the duggars, Jill and her buddy team (Joy, James, and Jennifer) head to store to buy ingredients to make some pickles for the family.

The main reason that Jim Bob and Michelle created the groups for buddies is so that way the older kids can help get the kids out of the house and do tasks.

Josh and Anna's family is settling into life in DC. Anna tells the kids that there is a surprise outside and they head outside to find out what's going on. Mackynzie is Anna's big helper while Michael is two and full with energy and Marcus is doing wonderful. Anna also says that Mackynzie knows that she is the first born and that her little brothers are looking up to her.

Jill and Derick are engaged

 Jill and Derick are happy to announced their engagement. Jill and Derick began courting back in November 2013.

Here are so photos of the happy couple!