Saturday, December 28, 2013

TLC return update

What a great way to end the year with the news that TLC has shared with us. They are trying to get everything edited and interviews done by their March premiere.

We will give you more when we know what date..

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

I can't believe that it's already Christmas eve and the duggars are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jinger turns 20

Jinger is turning 20 years old today.

What's your favorite moments of her?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Does Jessa have twitter?

You have no idea how many fakes that there are of the duggars but Jessa_Duggar on twitter is not the real Jessa. Jessa does't have twitter!

Trivia questions coming soon?!

We will be returning for trivia questions. Lately everyone on this page has been really busy and we haven't been able to do

New Tabs are posted

Hey guys,

I just posted new tabs on this blog called "Jessa and Ben" and Josh and Anna's updates". I hope that you liked them and please make sure that you check them out

Michelle Duggar on the Duggar Kids’ Christmas Pageant

Michelle Duggar on the Duggar Kids’ Christmas Pageant

FAMILY MATTERS on 12.20.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Photo: DCL
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do the kids have any favorite activities at Christmas time?
Yes indeed! The kids put on a homemade Christmas pageant every year. It has been so fun through the years. The kids make costumes and backgrounds and we’ll put it all together. They’ve memorized the passages of Scripture that talk about the first Christmas and they’ll use that as the basis of their pageant.
The first Duggar Christmas pageant was done by Josh on the front steps of our old house. All of the children dressed up and Josh was the narrator. He got his Bible and sat out front and just read word for word out of the Scripture and the kids acted out the nativity.
They come up with the most creative ideas. One year, they took their light-colored sheets and safety-pinned them around their necks. Jessa came up with an idea to make a beard one year. She had long thick curls and she took her hair around her chin with a rubber band and made a beard. Whoever could pull their hair around their chin and fasten it became the wise men. It was so hilarious.
What’s so neat about kids and creativity is that it’s stirred even more when you give them stuff to do it with. I always have a supply of paper, crayons, pencils, markers, pens; anything that they can think of to create with. I just let them have at it because I figure we may go through a lot of paper and the house might get messy because they’ve got all these things that they’re working on, but it makes them think. Their wheels are turning and they’re not just sitting there being entertained. They are creating things and coming up with all of these neat ideas. They get so excited and keep throwing in their ideas and they come up with all these great things.
I think those kinds of memories will be the ones that my children will cherish the most as they get older; memories of the fun that they had, making things by hand, doing it themselves, with us cheering them on and being the audience.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jordyn turns 5

I can't believe that jordyn is turning five years old. It seems like yesterday that she was born and now she's five years old.

What's your favorite moments of Jordyn?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Duggars' Favorite Christmas Traditions

Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How does your family celebrate Christmas?
I think we do it a bit different in our family. Early in our marriage, Jim Bob and I really wanted to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. And so, we didn’t focus on Santa. We kept that idea out of the whole celebration, we explained to the children who Santa Claus was historically, but focused on his good deeds and his ministering to children. We tell them about the true person of Saint Nicholas, but we don’t sensationalize him. In fact, when our first kids were young, we probably didn’t even bring that up at Christmas time. It was usually at a different time of year that we explained the whole idea of Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas.
Our goal was to bring out the real meaning of Christmas. It was Christ’s day, the holy day of mass, Christ mass and what we’re celebrating is the day that Christ was born. We explained that to them from the beginning and how it is a huge celebration. We really make it a big deal. Right after Thanksgiving, around the first of December, we begin to prepare and get excited about Christmas day and how we’re going to celebrate the coming of Christ and how he came into the world.
It’s an exciting time. We decorate. It’s a big birthday party for Jesus. We make banners and put them all around the house and put out our nativity scene. We’ve got a big beautiful nativity that has the Christ child in the manger, Joseph and Mary and some of the wise men and the shepherds. That goes out on our counter and then we surround it with pretty white lights. And so, that’s our big emphasis.
We have fun decorating and baking and doing all that, too, but I hope and pray that my children know that when they come out of our home and start their own homes that the central focus truly was the birth of Christ and how he set the example giving his life, how we in turn should be truly grateful for what Christ gave. And as we in turn give from our hearts the joy that God has given us, giving to others is really what I would hope that my children come away with as the focus of celebrating the Christmas season.  
We frequently do mission trips before Christmas. That has been probably one of the best things we’ve ever done for our children. It teaches them about giving to others. When they come back from those mission trips right before Christmas, I’ve often heard them say, “Mom, I just don’t even think I want to go Christmas shopping. I don’t want anything. I have no needs.” I’ve been so grateful to hear how it’s impacted their lives. Truly in America, we are so blessed. We are so lucky that we have a home and a warm place to sleep when the majority of the people in the world are sleeping on a dirt floor and have barely anything to keep them warm at night. We don’t take it for granted.
I think in doing all of those things we make our own traditions. We have fun memories here at home and yet our heart’s desire is to give our children an even bigger vision for the world. And it’s really not about us, but we can make special family memories. And it can be just as simple as sitting down and reading together and coming up with a creative way to share that good news with somebody else.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

josie turns 4

The last of the duggar children is turning four years old. Josie was born three months eariler then what they expect her.

Fun facts: Josie, mackynzie and jordyn are the same age for the eight days.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Josie's birthday trivia

1. How much did Josie weigh at her birth?

2. How many brothers and sisters does Josie have?

3. What color is her hair?

4. How many months is she and Jordyn apart?

5. How many nieces and nephews does she have?

Since Josie's birthday is tomorrow, let's do some Josie's birthday trivia answers. Answer will be posted on Wednesday morning

December birthdays!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Duggar trivia question!

1. How many duggar birthdays do they celebrate this week?

Answer will be revealed on Saturday, December 14th

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Return to TV?

We get this question a lot of time and so we would love to give you an answer! TLC has given us the clear light to reveal what season it will premiere in since they haven't nail in the final date.

Spring 2014

Friday, December 6, 2013

Duggar #20

There was a rumor that Michelle Duggar was pregnant and lost the baby back in July 2013 but there was no official word from the family.

Michelle Duggar on Celebrating Birthdays for 19 Kids

Michelle Duggar on Celebrating Birthdays for 19 Kids

FAMILY MATTERS on 12.06.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Photo: DCL
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do you celebrate the kids’ birthdays, especially when you have multiple birthdays in the same month?
It’s quite interesting because we have a lot of birthdays, especially during the months of December and January when we have Jana, John-David, Jinger, Joseph, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jordyn and Josie.
Initially, when they were all little, we would do a party for each child and invite our family and friends. But now since the family is so big, we’d be wearing out our family by doing that every time there was another birthday. We decided to make the birthday celebrations more personal for each one of the kids.
Now each child gets to have a special birthday lunch with just mom and dad. If it’s a younger one, we’ll usually invite their older buddy, too. For the older ones, it might be just dad and me so they get a chance to just spend quality time talking and having a nice lunch.
They get to pick their favorite restaurant; as you can imagine it’s a much different choice of lunch spot for the younger ones versus the older ones. The older ones like to go to a really nice place, sit down and just have a quiet visit, whereas the younger ones want to go to someplace like Chuck E. Cheese and play games.
We also have a tradition that if we’re not travelling on their birthdate, we always have an ice cream social at 7 p.m. in our house. It’s just a family thing, not a giant party, just family. I have some kids who are social butterflies and some that aren’t, so we’ll let the birthday person decide if they want to invite their friends over, they’re welcome to do that for the ice cream party.
That week of their birthday is a fun time where they’re just hanging out doing things that are out of the normal, running around with dad or mom and getting to have some special time during that week. We really enjoy that special time with them, celebrating each one on their own.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

24 days until Christmas

Christmas is 24 days until Christmas and how is your shopping going?

December is here

The duggars have a very busy December planned that we know of.

Duggar birthdays:
Birth of Jesus

Death anniversary

Wedding invitations
Zach and Whitney Bates

Saturday, November 30, 2013

25 days until Christmas

Christmas is coming soon...

thanksgiving photos

November is finished

The duggars are celebrating the end of this month with many changes. Two of the duggar children turn another year older. Thanksgiving happen with Josh and Anna in Florida. They went for the first Bates wedding.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Josh and Anna update

Josh and Anna took their three children down to Florida to visit Anna's family. This will be Marcus first thanksgiving. This will be mackynzie fourth and Michael's second thanksgiving.

Friday, November 22, 2013

giving thanks

Michelle Duggar on Giving Thanks

FAMILY MATTERS on 11.22.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do the Duggars celebrate Thanksgiving?
We always have family and even extended friends over for the holiday. Before we have our mealtime, we’ll take time to go around the room and give each person an opportunity to say what they're thankful for. The whole purpose of giving thanks on Thanksgiving is remembering back to the first Thanksgiving and those people who were grateful just for making it through that winter. We give thanks for just being in America.
We like to give everyone, even the little guys, an opportunity to share what they're thankful for. Of course, the younger ones are always giving thanks for their pets and sometimes their favorite toys, things like that. It’s really cute because they share from their hearts the things that bring them joy for that day and at that specific time. As they get older they start to realize all the deeper things.  
It always seems to come back to relationships. We’re thankful for provisions -- food, clothing, and shelter -- but the most important thing is that we’re thankful for the relationships that God has given us.
Often as we are interacting with individuals we hear from people that didn’t have the kind of close relationships in their families that they hoped to have. And our children, as they grow, hear those stories and they see what they have and how important it is. I think it goes back to thanking God for those relationships.
When the children were young we would make grateful gobbler turkey drawings. The kids would each take a smiling turkey drawing and add the feathers. The feathers on his tail were five different colors and on each feather we had the child write what they were thankful for. So often those five little feathers had mommy, daddy, brothers, sisters, and then their favorite pet. The sweetest ones were made when they were small, with their letters drawn backwards -- they would do their best! I tried to do those with the younger kids each year so that they would have a reminder of what they were thankful for through the years.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Duggar Family's Favorite Fall Desserts

    The Duggar Family's Favorite Fall Desserts
FAMILY MATTERS on 11.18.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do you have any favorite dessert recipes for the autumn?
Yes, we do! Our absolute favorite dessert for a bunch of us in this family is pumpkin pie. Jim Bob’s mother, Grandma Duggar, would make homemade pumpkin pies when he was young and Jim Bob absolutely loved those. Now, all of our children really enjoy those, too. Often instead of a cake for their birthday they’ll request pumpkin pie because they like it so much.
Grandma Duggar taught me how to make piecrust years ago when I met Jim Bob and now she has taught a lot of my girls, too. Grandma Duggar likes to pass on her specialty which is a really tasty, flaky pie crust.
One of my personal favorites has always been pecan pie. My mother would make us pecan pie at all of our family get-togethers during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, we’re native Arkansans and we have apple trees all around in this area, so apple pie is always another favorite in the Duggar home.
Usually when we are baking pies, it’s not uncommon for us to make fifteen pumpkin pies for a big event. For a big dinner with a lot of friends and family we might also have, three or four pecan pies and five or six apple pies depending how many guests there are going to be.
That’s the most wonderful smell -- those yummy pies being baked in the oven. It’s just like a magnet; everybody seems to gather in the kitchen when they smell the pie cooking. It’s a great tradition to celebrate the season. We have to make sure we limit those to certain times of the year or else we could be overindulging in all those great treats!
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Michelle Duggar's Top Tips for Communicating with Your Kids

Michelle Duggar's Top Tips for Communicating with Your Kids

FAMILY MATTERS on 11.08.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Photo: DCL
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do you have any tips for how to encourage open communications and quality time with each of your kids?
I think what’s so interesting and amazing about parents is that I really believe God gives moms and dads the ability that no one else has to understand instinctively their children’s needs. As a mom, I always try to have one-on-one conversations about how they're doing. Some of them are much more talkative and will take more time, but others you have to really pull it out of them.
I think I can sense when there’s one that really needs more time and is maybe having a rough day. Maybe they're struggling in their math, and they just can’t get it, and they feel so discouraged or whatever it is. I just really try to take that time to connect with them. As parents, we can sense that.Getting permission from them to ask how they're doing and what’s going on in their lives and taking that time to connect with them on a heart-to-heart level is so important. 
We all have to work at coming out of our shells and connecting with others. It’s coming out of who you are to be who God wants you to be. And sometimes that means you’ll get out of your comfort zone so others can feel comfortable.
By being able to do that with each one of them, it really lets them know that you're there for them no matter what. You love them unconditionally. Make sure to communicate with each one of them and that it's purposeful. I know as a parent there are so many things that pull at us, but the most important things are those relationships and the communications. When you sense in your spirit that one just needs a little extra encouragement, take that time and just open the door, just talk to them.
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Exciting Bates News

Just days after her sister's wedding, Alyssa started a courtship with a man named John Webster! 

Congrats to Alyssa and John! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy birthday

Today is jessa 21st birthday. She is the 5th duggar to celebrate her 21st birthday

Friday, November 1, 2013

Michelle Duggar on Creating Keepsake Boxes

Michelle Duggar on Creating Keepsake Boxes

FAMILY MATTERS on 11.01.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do you save keepsakes and memorabilia for each of your kids?
Yes, I create keepsake boxes for each child as a way of saving their favorite items from childhood. They're just simple little cardboard boxes that you buy at the store. I date each one, and I write each child’s name on it. As they fill up, I put the closing date on the outside, close it up and put it in storage. And then I start a new box. Mostly, they’ll contain paper projects or little treasures that aren’t too big to fit in there.
Before I close up a full box, I’ll have them come and go through their things and make sure that everything in there is something they really want to keep. Sometimes they’ll actually get rid of some stuff. A few of mine are more packrats than others. They get to decide a lot of the things that go in, but usually it’s the paper items that are saved – their little pictures they’ve drawn and some homework – and also treasured items from sightseeing and family trips that we’ve been on.
I know it can be hard to part with them, but I tell my kids when you move out your boxes will go with you. When Josh married Anna, of course all of his keepsake boxes came out of storage and went with them. They said they had so much fun going through the memories of his life up until the time he got married. I think they had 15-20 boxes that they took with them. It’s quite a collection by the time they grow up!
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, the family doesn't celebrate Halloween how we wanted to wish you all a happy Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Josh and Anna's special

Josh and Anna give us a flashback to when they are their courtship and on the way to marriage.

Josh and Anna found out that they were expecting their first child in February and welcomed their first daughter mackynzie Renee.

After losing their second child, Josh and Anna learn that they are expecting their second child which was Michael James.

Right before mackynzie turned three years old, they found out that they were expecting their third child, a little boy named Marcus Anthony.

Josh and Anna didn't planned to do the "M" theme. It just sorta happen. Josh and Anna do have other names for their future kids.

flea market finale

Jim Bob and Michelle called their kids to the living room to talk about their flea market and the goal of raising one. When Michelle announces how much money they want to raise 10,000 dollars. Jinger doesn't know if that can be done. They have five days to get it all done.

The first day, Jim Bob and Michelle headed to a local radio station to promote the market.

The second day, the family is trying to get more things by hosting a drop off location.

Three day, Michelle has the little girls paint signs while the older girls cook some cookies. while the boys organize the stuff under the tents.

Two days before- the girls head outside to make sure that everything looks neat. Michelle manages to find a pair of Josie baby shoes and she admits that she misses having a baby in the house. Jessa convinced her mom that they are going to be with another baby girl.

The night before, jinger checks out all the shirts and grabs a couple of her favorite shirts and claim them hers.

Right before the event, the family gets a big surprise when Josh comes with his wife and children complete surprising them and helps out with the market.

The family has everything from a live action, bake sale, concession and a carnival which allows the buyer to dunk a duggar. Michelle heads around to tally up how much is earn which Josie reveals at the end.

The girls raise 80 dollars on hairbows and ping pong while the boys raised 122 dollars on their knives.

At the end of the event Michelle reveals that they raised 18,471.50 clearly beating their doubles.

Michelle and Jim Bob have an announcement to make..... Jessa is courting a young man named Ben.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Recaps will be posted tomorrow morning along with trivia questions.

heading to California

Josh and Anna loaded up their three kids today and are travelling to California.

New season?

Many of you were upset that we only had four weeks of the family but I have some news for you all. There will be another season of the show come 2014.

We will announce when it get closer

Trivia questions answer!

This week's trivia questions
This week's for this week's episode. All can be found on the blog
1. What did Michael do at the store? touch everything in the store but at least he did not break an egg like he did when he was a year old.
2. What did Anna make for the friends that were coming over? Chicken
3. who painted a gun pink? Josie
4.  Who is engaged? Erin Bates
5. When did they get engaged? August 5

tonight on 19 kids and counting

9:00 PM
60 MIN.

Flea Market Finale

This big family is preparing for an even BIGGER event! The Duggars are gearing up for the first ever Duggar Family Flea Market to benefit Arkansas Children's Hospital. With a long to-do list and an ambitious goal, will they be able to pull this off?
10:00 PM
60 MIN.

Josh & Anna: Our Story

They may not have 19 kids, but with 3 and counting, Josh & Anna Duggar have quite the story to tell. Watch as we take a look back at their defining moments from courtship to marriage with never before seen footage of Josh and Anna through the years.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tennessee here we come!

The family are heading to Tennessee to perform music and then later sign New books.

Cornerstone Church
726 W. Old Hickory Blvd.
Madison, TN 37115

Proceeds will be donated to Heartbeat Haven pregnancy center in Lafayette, TN
Click here to purchase tickets
This event will kick off the Duggars' campaign for the Tennessee Abortion Amendment, which will be voted on in November 2014.

Gold ticket: 100 bucks

Standard ticket: 25 bucks

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New episode?

I haven't been able to record the past three episodes yet but don't worry. I will be recording all three hopefully this week and they will be up on Saturday!

Dunk a duggar

This week's episode the family is hosting their flea market where the family going to be dunk.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Michelle Duggar on Raising a Strong-Willed Child

Michelle Duggar on Raising a Strong-Willed Child

FAMILY MATTERS on 10.18.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do you handle particularly strong-willed children?
Well, I’ve had a couple of strong-willed ones go through here! I had one that really gave us a lot of challenges. We felt like we going back and forth saying, “Don’t do that,” and they would say, “Why?” They would just push it again and again and I’d think, “They’re never going to get it. It’s just not getting through.”
But we were consistent; that’s really important for parents with young children. If you’ve got a young child and they’re strong-willed, just be consistent -- lovingly consistent. Don’t get bent out of shape. Don’t get upset in the situation. They may push the limit, but they need to know what the boundaries are and they need to understand that those boundaries are not to restrict their fun. Jim Bob would always give this example: He would say, “We have always told you children don’t play in the street. Are we saying that to ruin your fun? Is that to spoil your life? Why would we say don’t play in the street? We put those boundaries in your life for a good reason. It’s to protect you because we love you.” Oftentimes as parents, we can see things that are a danger. And that’s why when we say it, the first time we’ll say, you obey it. There’s not a question of arguing with us about it. It’s just, yes, Ma’am, I will obey you.
Training a strong-willed one to obey was probably the greatest challenge I faced as a mom. I could train three others and they would quickly learn what I meant. But that strong-willed one, we’d go through these training opportunities over and over. Sometimes I would think, “Oh, they’re never going to get it. It’s not getting through.” But I knew I had seen a few of my others go through this and it was beneficial and did work in their lives, so I just didn’t give up. Even though they would butt heads with us, I would be fun but loving and say: “Mommy loves you so much that I’m not going to let you act that way. You cannot talk disrespectful to Momma, and you will obey, and hopefully, you will eventually obey joyfully.” But either way, they need to obey. I won’t budge.
They know I mean business because I just stand firm in what I say. Remember, you’re going to make it as a parent, and they’re going to catch on eventually. Jim Bob told me that he was not strong-willed as a child, but he struggled with dyslexia and it just took two or three times for things to connect for him as a child. He would remind me, don’t give up -- that could be a little Jim Bob that we’re looking at. That gave me hope!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trivia questions for the week!

This week's trivia questions
This week's for this week's episode. All can be found on the blog
1. What did Michael do at the store?
2. What did Anna make for the friends that were coming over?
3. who painted a gun pink?
4.  Who is engaged?
5. When did they get engaged?
Answers will be given out on Tuesday night before the end of the season!

Duggar challenges recap

In DC,
Josh and Anna invited New friends to their home for a meal and fellowship. Anna has to go to the store with all three kids. She has to balance all three of them and keep them each happy. She gets to the store and Michael touches almost everything. Anna returns home and puts the kids to bed for their nap. Michael doesn't stay in bed and she has to keep putting him to bed.

Josh returns home and helps Anna with the grill. The group settles in and enjoy dinner.

Back in Arkansas, Jim Bob and the family prepared for the family flea market. Jim Bob manages to get his mom to buy a knife. Jim Bob doesn't think that his kids will be auctioneers. The family needs to make sure that they have everything done in the next couple of days.

Tune in next week for the season finale where Jessa reveals that she is courting Ben and the family has their first flea market.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our trivia questions.

Engaging announcement recap!

The duggars headed to the Bates family home to learn about Erin engagement. The duggars learn that she will be getting married on November 2nd. The duggar girls talk about the relationship between Erin and Chad. Jim Bob thinks that there will be many duggars and Bates weddings in the future.

Michelle and Kelly decided to take the older girls for a camping trip leaving Gil and Jim Bob with the boys and the youngest daughters. The girls pack up in the duggar bus and headed out. The girls set up the tents and decided to change last minute to sleep in the bus or crash on the dock. The next morning, the girls head to go swimming and get in their modest swimwear. Gil and the boys cook dinner while Jim Bob decides to take a nap. Gil decides that he wants to help the family with their flea market and takes him to the shed to pick out three items. The girls are enjoying girl time and Erin reveals how she nd Chad fell in love and got engaged.

On August 5, Chad and Erin invited the cameras to their engagement. Michelle reveals that all of her daughters are ready to be married and become a mother. the girls reveal that there is new competition for them to be the first. They are just excited for who the Lord has for them.
The girls return from their trip to find the kids happy to have their mom and siblings. There are a couple of them that need a bath.

Check out this week's episode on YouTube and don't forget to tune in for trivia questions coming soon

tonight on 19 kids and counting

9:00 PM
30 MIN.

Engaging Announcement!

The Duggars are visiting some old friends -- the Bates! The girls go on a camping getaway full of swimming, s'mores and plenty of girl talk. Meanwhile, Jim Bob and Gil are left home in charge of the youngest kids.

9:30 PM
30 MIN.

Duggar Challenges!

After inviting new friends over for dinner, Anna faces her own challenge of juggling three little ones with grocery shopping and cooking dinner. Meanwhile, the Duggars revisit their own boys versus girls flea market challenge!

Monday, October 14, 2013

new episodes coming

Sometime this week I will be recording last week's episode and hopefully posting it on YouTube for all of you guys

trivia answers

Trivia questions

1. Name one surprised that Jim Bob took Michelle on?

2. What did Josh do when Anna and his sister's were gone?

3. Anna said "I love you" on who's couch?

4. How old were mackynzie?

5.true or false, mackynzie birthday was on the day of the show?

Answers will be posted on Monday!


1. Dinner with the help of the kids, hot balloon ride, make glass

2. Took photos of the kids

3. Her parents couch

4.  Three years old

5. True

Tune in tomorrow night for new summary and trivia questions....

three days to meet the duggars

The duggars are helping an republican Ken Cuccinelli. Here's where the family will be at:

Liberty university bookstore
Lynchburg VS 24502

Americans for prosperity, rally on Medicare expense
Capitol square bell tower
1000 bank st.
Richmond VA 23219

Regent university
1000 regent university Dr.
Virginia beach, VA 23464


10 am-12 pm
Calvary Christian church
2222 Jefferson Davis hwy
Fredericksburg VS 22401

1:30 to 3:30pm
Heritage Baptist church and school
14510 spriggs rd.
Woodbridge VA 22193

Sunday, October 13, 2013

love at first sight

Both Jim Bob and Josh have had the same feelings that Anna and Michelle were the ones for them however not for them.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

anniversaries with Jim Bob

Michelle Duggar on Anniversaries with Jim Bob

FAMILY MATTERS on 10.09.13
19 Kids and CountingBIO
Photo: DCL
Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do you usually celebrate your wedding anniversary with Jim Bob? Any particularly memorable ones?
It’s different every year depending on what we are able to do. Often we might get away for just an evening. Last year, our children surprised us and they planned a whole getaway overnight for us in a nearby hotel.
They sent us to supper -- they had gotten us a giftcard to pay for the meal. While we were eating our meal, a couple of our boys delivered us a flower bouquet. On the bouquet they’d attached a note that said that we had reservations at a nearby hotel for that evening. And so unbeknownst to us, when we had left the house to go out to dinner, my daughters had packed our suitcases and sent us away for the night!
The boys that came to deliver our flowers had a second set of keys for our car, so they put our luggage there and sent us off to the hotel. It was really funny: I’m sitting having an anniversary dinner with Jim Bob and the kids had planned everything. It was such a surprise and that made it so fun.
But other times, on our anniversary night we might just go out for dinner and have Grandma come over and babysit. So it just varies from year to year depending on what we can afford to do. And sometimes we’re surprised -- we don’t even have plans and so our children surprise us!
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