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Welcome to the Duggar family blog!

We are so thankful for you to stop by and read our blog. We started blogging about the Duggar family in February 2012 and then branch out to the other Duggar married couples and the grandchildren.

We also have a blog for the Bates family that we started around the same time. We also branch out to the other Bates married couples along with the grandchildren.

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  1. Is Jinger and Jeremy safe? I saw there was an earthquake in New Zealand.

  2. At the top of the page are you going to list that Joy is courting

  3. I am glad Jinger and Jeremy are doing ok and safe trip to get home in Texas...
    I love watch tv DUGGAR so good family together...
    Tell Anna Duggar and just keep positive than negative and I keep thinking and prayer for you between Josh work out of their marriage.. Please do not loose and need put glue ur feet and both of hands put in glue what mean? Do not get divorce bec sake for their kids.... I love both of them so much.... all of beautiful marriage plus children born to grow... God Bless You all of you..
    Donna I am from VA


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