Thursday, September 29, 2016

Baby Seewald #2 update

It's been a little over a month since Ben and Jessa announced that they are expecting their second child.
Ben and Jessa are anywhere from 18 to 22 weeks pregnant with their second child.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New photo of Josh and Anna

Josh and Anna have been married for the past eight years. Jim Bob and Michelle released a new photo of the couple. They have been working on their marriage for the past eight years. 

Josh and Anna have four beautiful children, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus and Meredith, that are six and under.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Recap: The Big Event

Ben is starting his football camp for young boys. He enlisted many coaches to help him. Some came all over from west coast to east coast. The night before the start, the coaches and their wives have dinner.
Jessa's siblings get a goodie bag set up and help out with the activities. Josiah says the family is good at assembly lines. Seventy kids arrive at the camp and they have a wonderful time at the camp.
Jinger praises her brother-in-law saying that he has a compassionate heart. The coaches share everything that has happen.
The family doesn't play sport since their schedule and size so they play at home.
The family shares that Jim Bob would be a good coach while Michelle would make a referee.  Josie would be a good water girl and Jessa would also be a good referee.
Jeremy and Jinger have been courting and planning a trip to meet Jeremy's family. Jinger brings her mother and the Seewald family. Michelle is really looking forward to meeting his family.
Jeremy's grandmother gave Jinger a crash course on cooking Italian food. Jinger says that they are sure on a fast track.
Jessa revealed that she met his family about two months into the courtship.
Jana and Joy are excited for their sister's return to the US. They start getting the guest house ready for the same family.
Ben and Jessa give a update on Spurgeon who is standing on his hown. Jessa is happy that he is an easy baby.  Jessa says that she gave her parents grey hairs and knows that all of her kids won't be as easygoing.
Jinger and the group head to meet Jeremy in Dallas. Jeremy is getting ready for the plane ride.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Josh and Anna celebrate 8 years!

Josh and Anna are celebrating eight years of marriage.
Anna has revealed that they are currently rebuilding their marriage.
We hope that they have a wonderful anniversary! 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Preview: The Big Event

Ben hosts a youth football camp with former NFL players; Jana hatches a plan to redecorate the guesthouse for Jill and Derick's return; Jinger and Jeremy plan a special trip to New York City.

October Birthdays

We honestly can't believe that we are getting ready for October to start and that means it's time for a new birthday cover.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recap: A big surprise

Jeremy is planning to surprise Jinger in Arkansas. They have been communicating for the past two months but courting for the past three weeks. Jinger has been home for two days when Jeremy arrives.
Ben arrives to the airport to pick his friend. Jeremy asked Jim Bob to meet at the jewelry store. Jeremy reveals that he respects Jim Bob and wants to keep him in the know.
The siblings get asks when is it okay to buy an engagement ring. They pretty much think that the three weeks is a little too short.
Jeremy reveals that he has been thinking about it before they started courting. He even knows Jinger's ring size. Jeremy reveals that he known for over a year. Jeremy sends a photo of the ring to his mother since they love Jinger. Jim Bob is happy with the ring that his future son in law picked out for his daughter.
Jessa and Jinger head over to  Tacos 4 life. The boys want to make sure that they arrive after the girls are seated to bring their food to them. Jinger talks about her relationship. Ben and Jeremy surprise the girls. They also decided to have the three graduates out for a fun date.
Ben and Jessa are getting ready for a visit from Flame (Marcus Gray) and his wife for a few days. Ben and Marcus work on the barbecue and the girls love it. On the second day, the couples head to a music store since Ben and Jessa want to get a keyboard for the future. Ben and Jessa give Flame a quick lesson on guitar. Ben and Jessa chose to wait on the keyboard.
The couples head to the Duggar family home where the kids perform a gospel song for the guests. The kids are asked if they enjoy rap music and all of them don't like it. John David thinks that it's food.
Ben and Flame are heading to one of the work sites with the boys. Since he is not wearing the right work clothes, Ben shows him the family closet. The older girls had decided to move their clothes upstairs leaving the family closet to the little girls and all of the boys.
Flame learns about using a back hole and you can tell that he was trying to play a video game to get it down.
Jessa and Jana give Cyrstal a tour of the family's garden that Jana maintain. The girls pick a few things for Cyrstal and Flame to take with them.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Preview: A big surprise

Jeremy takes a secret trip to Arkansas after browsing for engagement rings; Jessa and Ben give their friend Flame a taste of Duggar family life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Adopting Baby #20?

This morning, news broke a new rumor that Jim Bob and Michelle have been granted temp guardianship of a family member's child.

 The Duggars haven't released anything regarding this news. We will sure to let you know when we hear anything.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recap: Meet the parents

Jinger and Jeremy have been courting forthe past three weeks. Jim Bob and Michelle are heading with Jinger to meet Jeremy's parnets.
Josiah jokes that they are hoping not to be outlaw.
At the airport, Jinger gives Jeremy a hug as he gives her flowers. Jinger gives him the gift that she made by hand. Jeremy takes the group to his place and they all agree that it's a good place to start the marriage and raise a small family. Jeremy reveals that his mom helped clean up the place before the Duggars got there.
Jeremy has everyone listen to "Come thou fount" which will be part of their wedding.
Jinger reveals that they set their own rules for their courtship. When Jeremy puts his arm around the shoulder, he learns that they haven't done that in the past. Jeremy says that it's part of getting to know each other.
Jeremy takes them on a tour and heads to a pawn shop. Jim Bob notices that they were looking at rings and says don't get any ideas.
Michelle and Jinger agree that it's hard for dad to watch his baby girl in this new stage. During their lunch date, Jim Bob asked Jeremy about the crime level. Jim Bob doesn't think that his daughter is ready to share a drink with Jeremy yet.
The couple heads to the church where Jeremy preaching and it only holds 40-50 people. Both parents agree that they are a match made in heaven.
Jeremy  kids about if they get married in one month then he's out but they enjoy being together.
Derick is getting ready to peach so he is writing what he wants to say. Jill invites the girls and their kiddos once a week. She makes banana bread since they love it. Jill is still working on her Spanish but happy to have the pastor's wife with translating. Jill talks to a lot of women who's husbands are not being faithful to them.
John and Joy head to the air since she is working on getting a pilot's licensee to get to remote villages and visit Derick and Jill.
Joy was a little nervous and made John. He thinks that his sister would be able to do if she wants to do it.
The Duggars are getting for a graduation party with more than 200 people. The Bates family are coming to celebrate the graduation. Jana says that the family has loved being homeschool and not one has they want to go to public school.
Jedidiah and Jeremiah are only five minutes apart but have a close relationship. Josiah says that they are always together.

Preview: Meet the parents

On tonight's episode, Jinger heads to Texas to meet Jeremy's parents with Jim Bob and Michelle. Joy gets her first flying lesson. Jana plans a graduation party for three siblings.

Our recap will be delayed due to a family event

Mama Duggar turns 50!

Happy 50th Birthday Michelle! 
We hope that you have a blessed day! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Two weeks later

Ben and Jessa are any where from 16 weeks to 20 weeks pregnant with their second child. There is no official due date for Ben and Jessa's second little one.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Recap: Duggars in the Wild

The siblings wake up for the second day of Signet 3 Survival School. Jason wakes up to find that there was a bear and heads to warn Joy Anna. Later they take a hike and the girls think that the skirts are a little hard for their hike and shoes.

The girls talk about why they are wearing skirts instead of pants. They learn how to make a bottle into a water filter. A few of them give it a go but others refuse it.

Jinger takes a lot of photos and videos to send to Jeremy when they get wifi since there is not cell photos. Joy says that it's good to have her sister back. They head to find wild edibles. They reveal that they are going to sleep in the shelters but the girls end up bringing the RV.

Derick and Jill head to their hotel to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Israel is used to getting bath in the sink but gets introduce to the bathtub. The couple takes their son to the pool for a swimming lesson.  Derick grew up as a lifeguard and loves teaching his son to swim.

Derick and Jill head for their dinner date with Israel in tow. They talk about having a baby #2 but they are not currently expecting their second child. Derick and Jill exchanged their letters for each other.

Spurgeon is weighing 20 pounds and is currently 20 pounds. Ben and Jessa take some baby boy clothes to their friends who have a seven week old.

Jessa hopes to have another baby soon which are they expecting baby #2 in February 2017.

*** Sorry about this blog so late but we had something going on yesterday that we were unable to post our recap. We will see you next week for another recap. ***

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All about Israel: 17 months old

It's hard to believe that in seven months Israel will be two!!! 
Israel and Meredith

Israel and Grandma Cathy

Kings celebrate 1st Year

Dillon and Amy are celebrating their first year of marriage. 
Happy Anniversary Dillon and Amy! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

All about Spurgeon: Ten months old

Ben and Jessa have two months until their son's 1st birthday.

Jessa revealed at eight months old, her son was weighting 20 pounds.
This past month, Spurgeon and his parents revealed that he are going to have a little brother or sister in February 2017

Jeremy turns 29

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Preview: Duggars in the wild

After a scary encounter with a visitor, the Duggar siblings continue their wilderness training; Jill and Derick celebrate their second anniversary with some creature comforts; Jessa and Ben marvel at the baby's growth.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Rumor Control

Many of you have been asking if Anna and Jill are pregnant now that Jessa recently announced her pregnancy with baby #2
Josh and Anna have not announced baby #5 is on the way. They are currently working on rebuilding their marriage and family.
Derick and Jill have both said that they want to have another baby but are currently not expecting their second child.

photo credit: Josh & Anna Duggar, Derick & Jill Dillard

Thursday, September 1, 2016

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