Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Recap: Duggars in the Wild

The siblings wake up for the second day of Signet 3 Survival School. Jason wakes up to find that there was a bear and heads to warn Joy Anna. Later they take a hike and the girls think that the skirts are a little hard for their hike and shoes.

The girls talk about why they are wearing skirts instead of pants. They learn how to make a bottle into a water filter. A few of them give it a go but others refuse it.

Jinger takes a lot of photos and videos to send to Jeremy when they get wifi since there is not cell photos. Joy says that it's good to have her sister back. They head to find wild edibles. They reveal that they are going to sleep in the shelters but the girls end up bringing the RV.

Derick and Jill head to their hotel to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Israel is used to getting bath in the sink but gets introduce to the bathtub. The couple takes their son to the pool for a swimming lesson.  Derick grew up as a lifeguard and loves teaching his son to swim.

Derick and Jill head for their dinner date with Israel in tow. They talk about having a baby #2 but they are not currently expecting their second child. Derick and Jill exchanged their letters for each other.

Spurgeon is weighing 20 pounds and is currently 20 pounds. Ben and Jessa take some baby boy clothes to their friends who have a seven week old.

Jessa hopes to have another baby soon which are they expecting baby #2 in February 2017.

*** Sorry about this blog so late but we had something going on yesterday that we were unable to post our recap. We will see you next week for another recap. ***

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