Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Recap: The Big Event

Ben is starting his football camp for young boys. He enlisted many coaches to help him. Some came all over from west coast to east coast. The night before the start, the coaches and their wives have dinner.
Jessa's siblings get a goodie bag set up and help out with the activities. Josiah says the family is good at assembly lines. Seventy kids arrive at the camp and they have a wonderful time at the camp.
Jinger praises her brother-in-law saying that he has a compassionate heart. The coaches share everything that has happen.
The family doesn't play sport since their schedule and size so they play at home.
The family shares that Jim Bob would be a good coach while Michelle would make a referee.  Josie would be a good water girl and Jessa would also be a good referee.
Jeremy and Jinger have been courting and planning a trip to meet Jeremy's family. Jinger brings her mother and the Seewald family. Michelle is really looking forward to meeting his family.
Jeremy's grandmother gave Jinger a crash course on cooking Italian food. Jinger says that they are sure on a fast track.
Jessa revealed that she met his family about two months into the courtship.
Jana and Joy are excited for their sister's return to the US. They start getting the guest house ready for the same family.
Ben and Jessa give a update on Spurgeon who is standing on his hown. Jessa is happy that he is an easy baby.  Jessa says that she gave her parents grey hairs and knows that all of her kids won't be as easygoing.
Jinger and the group head to meet Jeremy in Dallas. Jeremy is getting ready for the plane ride.

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