Friday, April 29, 2016

Engagement Photo Session

Recap: Family Reunion

*** Sorry this recap is very late but I forgot about posting it ***
Ben and Jessa take a walk down memory lane which starts with their courtship all the way to their first few months of being parents.
Ben and Jessa chose to save their first kiss between them on their wedding day. Most of the siblings don't think that they will do what Ben and Jessa.
Jessa shares about her feelings since Spurgeon's birth and says that it is a mental blur and gives a little more detail about her stay in the hospital. Jessa had a large amount of blood loss when the placenta left her uterus wall and her birth team called right away. The doctor said that she had to take extra iron and take three months or blood transfusion. Jessa chose blood transfusion.
Ben and Jessa are getting ready for their trip so they need to cross some things off of their list. Spurgeon needs to get a passport.
Ben and Jessa are taking Jana, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy, Jedidiah, Jason and James with them to visit Derick and Jill. The family is looking forward to going down there and serving.
The family decides to send birthday cards for Derick, Jill and Israel. Derick's birthday is in March while Israel is in April and Jill is in May.
The family shares what happen during the summer where Josh admitted to a lot of things. It was not easy for the family but they got it through it.
The family says that Jessa's pregnancy was a light of hope.
The family heads to the airport and knows that it is going to be hard since they are not used to getting up that early. Derick heads to pick them up where he gets to hold his nephew for the first time while they wait to reunite with Jill.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting Ready to Propose

Back when Derick and Jill were courting, Derick was talking about getting ready to propose.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Triple Date

Jim Bob and Michelle took the two courting couples, Ben & Jessa along with Derick & Jill to learn about proper dinner manners.

Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Make Snack Time Fun and Affordable

Back when the family was filming for 19 kids and counting, Josh and Anna sit down and talk about how they make snack time fun and affordable. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Preview: Family reunion

Jessa, Ben, and Spurgeon travel to Central America to visit Jill, Derick and Israel. As they prepare for the trip, they travel down memory lane, revisiting Jessa's milestone moments, from engagement to motherhood, that have led to this emotional reunion.

Mother's day/Birthday cover revealed!

We are so excited to revealed our birthday/ Mother's day cover! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Six Michaels!

Did you know that the family has six family members with either the name Michael or Michelle? 

1. Michelle (first name)
2. Jill (Middle name is Michelle)
3. Ben (Middle name is Michael)
4. Derick ( middle name is Michael)
5. Jason (Middle name is Michael) 
6. Michael (first name) 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hanging out with Aunt Joy!

Just one day short of her ninth month update, The Duggars released a new photo of Meredith. This time she is hanging out with Aunt Joy Anna! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recap: Girls hit the Road

The older kids are show the little kids the finished treehouse. The little ones are so happy to have a fort to play with. The older kids are happy to see  the little kids along with the grandbabies.
The older girls decided that it's time to have a girl weekend. Jessa and Anna bring Meredith and Spurgeon with them due to nursing. The girls pack up their items with some heels to see who will wear them the longest.
Joy doesn't think that she would want to wear the heels along with Jessa.
Jessa has a hard time with saying goodbye to her husband for the weekend. Jessa revealed that they have only spent a night apart since they got married.
The first stop, Jessa, Anna and Joy attempt to corral a cow into it's home and it work.
The girls get to the Bear Log Cabin and video Skype Jill to make sure that it's truly a girls weekend. Jill shares that Israel had taken his first steps and Derick killed a tarantula. Derick and Jill check their house for more critters before showing Israel walking.
The next day, Anna and the girls sit down for breakfast. She thinks that it will be their last girl trip before another Duggar wedding.
The girls head to a spa day at the cabin and  enjoyed spending time.
Anna gives a small update saying that they are taking one day at a time and trusting God to do the next right thing. All the girls love that Anna has been living at the home since the summer.
Joy and Jinger share their feelings about guys and marriage. Jana reveals that she wants a husband that is not afraid of getting dirty.
The girls head to a tower which has an elevator. Jinger and Anna are scared of heights while Jana is a minor fear of flying. The girls make it up to the top and look outside.
The girls are heading to dinner and have to dress up. Anna and Jessa teases the others that they have set up dates for them. They are not sure about the place that they set up for dinner and they all make it through the night with heels.
Jinger talks about the outfits that they used to wear back in 19 kids and counting. The girls did not care about those outfits and are happy that they are gone.
Joy reveals that they wore those dresses until she was 12 and is glad that they switch to normal clothes.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Preview: Girls hit the road

The girls hit the road for a weekend away but a surprise n the way leads to an unexpected detour

Saturday, April 16, 2016

All about Meredith: Nine months old!

Time is flying by for Meredith! She is almost a year old. 
She just celebrated her first Easter with her family. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Recap: Ben Drops Beats

While in Central America, Michelle gives Israel his first hair cut. Jim Bob and Michelle are enjoying their time with Derick, Jill and Israel.
Back home, Jinger is shooting a photo shoot with Mark and Sierra with their five little ones. The family had met the couple when they only had one baby.
The other kids are getting the tree house ready. Jessa hopes that John David will add the electric, plumbing and AC for the little kids but John doesn't like the ideas.
The girls are helping the boy cut and haul boards. Joseph reveals that the girls help out a lot with the construction work.
The girls with Anna head upstairs to talk to Israel and Jill through Skype. Jill gives them an update on Israel as he is reaching new things. Israel knows words in English and Spanish. The family are looking forward to go down to Central America on another mission trip in a few weeks.
Ben and Jessa are heading to St. Louis to meet Flame which are a Christian Hip Hop artist. Ben is looking forward to serving inner-cities. He had decided to reach out to Flame and they strike a friendship.
Ben and Jessa revealed that this is Spurgeon's second time on a plane. He is very easy going and traveling is a lot better than a family of 21. The family heads to the studio to meet others in the group. Jessa reveals that hip hop is not really her style of music.
Spurgeon gives a little singing of his own while the producer ends up recording some. Flame manages to convince Ben to give it a go at singing. Jessa laughs when she hears the finished song which has both Spurgeon and Ben in it.
Flame takes Ben on a tour of a neighborhood where he grew up. Flame manages to give him some advice about doing inner-city mission work.  Jessa has lunch with Flame's wife and sister. Jessa says that it is great to make new friends and learn things about how different they are.
The producer asked what the Duggars think of hip hop and most of them knew what it meant but Jana and Anna.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is Counting On cancelled?

We noticed a tweet on our twitter saying that the show was cancelled.

The show is not cancelled as of right now. The rumor was like this with 19 kids and counting. They did not cancelled 19 kids and counting until July 2016.  

There is no word if there is going to be a second season of Counting on but we will keep you updated.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Siblings day!

Preview: Ben Drops Beats

The siblings continue work on the family treehouse, but the cold weather hinders their efforts. Later, Ben and Jessa travel to St. Louis to meet with Christian hip-hop artist, Flame and learn about his work. Inspired, Ben steps into the recording booth

Friday, April 8, 2016

Derick and Jill's letter to Israel!

Israel's First Birthday
It's hard to believe that our little man is already 1 year old! Israel is getting so big and changing so quickly! We celebrated with some of our friends on Sunday and will have a piñata with the little children at church this evening. Below is a note we wrote to Israel about this special time in his life. Since he won't remember all the little things that are going on right now (and we will likely soon forget!) Grandma C encouraged us to write those down too, so you'll see we have tried to document many of those little things in the form of a journal entry/note to Israel, that he can read for many years to come.

Israel's birthday letter

Israel David, mommy and daddy love you so much! Your name means, "God will Prevail" and "Beloved of God." Just as the children of Israel are the apple of God's eye, so you are the apple of our eye. A year ago today we held you for the first time and thanked God for giving us you! We pray you will come to know Jesus at an early age and follow him all the days of your life!

Israel, it's hard to believe you are already a year old! On Sunday you got to try cake and ice cream for the first time with a bunch of your friends watching you (you smeared it all over your legs! lol). You are a handsome little fella, and here in Central America you stand out a little with your blonde hair and blue eyes. You are walking everywhere now and love to play soccer (fútbol) with your friends. You have 7 teeth and the 8th is gonna pop through any day now. Your favorite foods are bananas, papaya, and avocados, plus the new treats Grandma C brought for you to try (puffs, and GoGo Squeeze). You have just started pointing and love pointing at all the balloons and streamers we have up in the house. You can say, "mama," "papa," "nur-nur" (when you wanna nurse) and "uh oh," as well as several words in sign language. You think that anytime you say "more" or "please" in sign language you should be given whatever you're asking for. ;-) You love giving big slobbery kisses (or "besitos" in spanish) whether we ask you for one in English or Spanish. You love music and always dance to it when you hear it, or clap with the congregation during worship time in church. You respond with a big smile and raise your hands toward the ceiling when we ask you to say, "Gloria a Dios." You love reading books with us and helping us turn the pages. You like to drop your toys when you're standing and you throw your sippy cup when you're finished, so mommy and daddy have had to learn to make sure our feet are out of the way, at least until you learn the difference between soft balls and hard objects. You love water, as long as it's not the waves at the beach that look like they're gonna get you. You're such a happy little fella. You nap well during the day and sleep well at night.

Israel, momma and papa love you so much and pray your first birthday is just the beginning of many more happy ones to come! XOXOXO

All about Israel: 12 months old

Israel is now walking. He has 7 teeth and has another one on the way. His favorite food are are bananas, papaya, and avocados, plus the new treats Grandma C brought for you to try (puffs, and GoGo Squeeze)

Jill revealed that he can start pointing to things.  He  can say, "mama," "papa," "nur-nur" (when you wanna nurse) and "uh oh," as well as several words in sign language. He think that anytime he can say "more" or "please" in sign language when he  should be given whatever he is asking for. ;-)

He loves to give kisses. He loves dancing.

There is a big update from Derick and Jill's letter to him!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Recap: Surprise

Jessa and Jinger are getting ready for a photo shoot that Jinger will have. They ended up picking the Thorncrown chapel. If you remember that is the same place where Ben and Jessa got engaged in August 2015.
Sierra and Joy head to a friend's house who makes sugar cookies. The girls bake a few batches for a baby shower that they are having for Kristen.
The family says that Joy Anna lives up to her name as she is both joyful and will tell you how it is.
Joy Anna was born in the middle of eight brothers.  They all are very protective of her as guys have come through for a courtship.
The boys get started on the tree house for the little kids. All the older kids are excited for this dream of theirs.
John David reveals his plans for the future as he is getting ready for the future.
Anna and Joy gather the little kids to find out where Jenny's glasses. Joy thinks that Jenny hid the glasses on purpose since she doesn't like wearing them.
The older girls bring Meredith and Spurgeon to Thrift store to buy things for the fort. What is a shopping trip without looking for clothes.
Jim Bob and Michelle headed to Derick and Jill's house in Central America. They headed to a local village to deliver food.
Jessa and Sierra head to the spa with Kristen why Joy, Jana and Jinger to get the baby shower all set up. The party was a success.

Third grandson turns 1!

Israel is now a year old! It's hard to believe that he was born one year ago today! 
His one year update will be posted in a few days

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All about Spurgeon: Five months old!

Spurgeon is now five months old! 
Jill and Jessa are trying to build a strong bond between Israel and Spurgeon. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Preview: Surprise

The siblings continue construction on their treehouse, which gets bigger and bigger. Joy and Sierra plan a secret baby shower, but worry about pulling off the surprise. Jill and Derick have surprise guests in Central America.

Friday, April 1, 2016

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