Welcome about the tab for the grandchildren. The Duggars have nine grandchildren with two on the way. They also have one grandbaby in heaven.

  • Mackynzie Renee Duggar 
    • Birthday: October 8, 2009 
      • Parents: Josh and Anna Duggar 
  • Michael James Duggar 
    • Birthday: June 15, 2011 
      • Parents: Josh and Anna Duggar 
  • Marcus Anthony Duggar
    • Birthday: June 2, 2013
      • Parents: Josh and Anna Duggar
  • Israel David Dillard
    • Birthday: April 6, 2015
      • Parents: Derick and Jill Dilard
  • Meredith Grace Duggar
    • Birthday: July 16, 2015
      • Parents: Josh and Anna Duggar
  • Spurgeon Elliot Seewald
    • Birthday: November 5, 2015
      • Parents: Ben and Jessa Seewald
  • Henry Wilberforce Seewald
    • Birthday: February 6, 2017
      • Parents:Ben and Jessa Seewald
  • Samuel Scott Dillard
    • Birthday: July 8, 2017
      • Parents: Derick and Jill Dilard
  • Mason Garrett Duggar
    • Birthday: September 12, 2017
      • Parents: Josh and Anna Duggar 
  • Gideon Martyn  Forsyth
    • Birthday: February 23, 2018
      • Parents:Austin and Joy Forsyth
  • Baby Boy Duggar
    • Birthday: TBA 2018
      • Parents: Joseph and Kendra Duggar
  • Baby Vuolo
    • Birthday: TBA 2018
      • Parents: Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo
Babies in heaven
  • Baby Duggar- 2010 
    • Josh and Anna found out that they were expecting their second child when Mackynzie was just four months old. The pregnancy sadly ended up in a miscarriage.


  1. Our lil grands started out just like yours. Laremy was born September 12, 2009, after laremy was born he lost a sibling too that we talk about seeing when we get home. He has a sister that is turning 5 in April. We have 3 little blonde headed and blue eyed grands in Montana & they are ~Macy will be 5 in Feb, Sawyer just turned 2 in September and baby Campbell was 1 in Nov. God bless all of our grandchildren because they are a blessing from God. Love Tonya Fagg

  2. Laremy's little sister is Reece. I realized I had left that off after i had left the website. Lol

  3. Josh and Anna's first son Michael shares a birthday with me! I'm hoping we get to meet baby Seewald as soon as they are born. I love babies but was only able to have 4 boys that I love dearly. I don't know if my mental health could have handled more. Lol. Now I'm waiting to be a Grandma. I love how organized your family is.

  4. Çongratulations to Josh and Anna an to the Duggar Family. Babies are truly a Blessing from God.

  5. if you want Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald baby 3

  6. God bless you and your family. Thanks for sharing your family and story with us.


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