Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Derick's blog: New dad

My son Israel nursed 20 min, threw up 4 times, and went through 3 diapers… all within the span of about an hour and a half last night. I’m sure this scenario is all too familiar to millions of parents who, at one time, have had the joy of caring for their infant child. I have much more respect for those dads who have gone on before me and experienced those early stages of fatherhood. In college I was in fraternities, and I compare my last two weeks to somewhat of an initiation into fatherhood. The learning curve has been pretty steep since Israel was born. Unlike my wife, I only have one sibling, my brother Dan who is 24, and there are no kids under 18 in my extended family. Being the father of a newborn isn’t always easy, but taking care of my son is so rewarding. I’ve learned that since babies can’t talk or walk, they communicate by crying. Whenever he’s crying, I’ve started just going down a list of possible solutions: 1) Ask him what’s wrong, and then remember that babies can’t talk 2) Change diaper 3) Burp him 4) Bounce him 5) Give him to momma Jill to feed 6) Repeat until crying stops. It has been a fast and furious transition, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And as for my wife, well, she is a champion. Well I better go to bed and get some sleep before the baby wakes up.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recap: Nesting and Room re-do

Now that the girls are down to seven in their room, they decided that it's time to remodel their room. They have had the same color in their room for almost ten years. They decided that it's time to give a more mature feel. Cindy comes up to help the family. They decided that they want to do a burnt orange, dark and light gray for paint colors.
Jim Bob says that the girls room is his favorite because it's bright and cheerful. He tries to convince the girls to leave the painted tree and horses. The girls want to cover them up.
Josh and Anna pack up their kids to head for their first appointment with their midwife. This is the first baby of the family to be born in DC. Josh and Anna are nervous about not having the family around for the birth.
Jessa and Jill head to get baby dilly's room all ready. Michelle says that she is super excited for Jill's first child.
 Grandma Duggar and Jana are taking care of the youngest ones while their parents are in Chicago for a meeting. Josie has a fever and along with a seizure. Jana and Scott carry out the information by the dispatcher that Grandma Duggar is on the phone with. Josie is taken to the hospital with her older sister. Jim Bob and Michelle were worried about their daughter made it home as soon as they could.
   Due to the fact that she was born early, Josie has had a lot of seizures which are cause by her temperature spikes up.
The next day Josie is happy to be in her parents arms and is doing great. Jana is happy to have her mom and dad back.

Recap: Family Dinner

The Boys are helping Ben and Jessa on putting their furniture into the house. Derick and Jill are packing up and leaving to DC for a visit. Josh plans to give Derick a lesson about teaching.
Josh and Derick are taking the kids to the store to get food for dinner. Derick learns how to buckle Marcus into his car seat.
Derick reveals that he can't picture himself with that many kids so day because Mackynzie and Michael keep coming up and down the aisles. Derick knows that he will adapt to being a father when Israel arrives.
Derick and Josh decided to give the girls a break of cooking. The ladies are enjoying it. Anna says that they are having a blast with Derick and Jill.
This was the first time that Anna and Jill have been pregnant for the same time. Jill and Anna decided that it's a good idea to have inspiration board which will be fill with bible verses and quotes for their husbands to read during labor.
 Meanwhile, Jessa is getting ready to make her first meal for her husband. She is nervous because she is not the best cook. Jessa knows that her tradition is to burn something. She ends up cooking the owner's manual. She also ends up using a hammer in place of the meat hitter. Ben loves his wife's cooking.

Cousin Amy update

We are so excited to announce that Cousin Amy has met a guy named Dillon. They have been dating for the past couple of months and excited for their future together.

Jessa's workout while pregnant

When Ben and Jessa learn that they were expecting baby #1, they knew that they were going to have to change Jessa's workout. Ben and Jessa are concerned that she is going to strain herself.
Jessa said to People "I am just trying not to overdo it right now. I am still working out but not trying to break any records" Then adds " I want to gain little less weight and not stress out about it. I want to make sure that I am eating healthy. You are eating for two so she is trying to make healthy choices now that she is about to enter second trimester.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Josiah and Marjorie Singing

We are super excited to share this with you. Today marks three weeks since they started to court!

We will be back on the sixth of May with their first month of courting anniversary!

Date nights in DC

Anna revealed that they don't get that many date nights now that they live in DC since their family lives in Arkansas and Florida.

Josh and Anna try to go to the Mexican restaurant in the Capitol.  Josh and Anna have to be creative on how they do date night. They put the kids to bed and have their date night on the porch and share what is on their hearts.

Anna shares her tips about taking the kids on the date rather than buying a babysitter. Anna reveals that she tells the kids "We are going on a date, but you get to come with us, and we are going to practice our manners."

Anna reveals that the kids try to do their best to have good manners because they know that it's important. Anna remembers about going on a few dates with her mom and dad and it's special to see them taking time to focus on each other and their marriage.

Seewald family website

Ben and Jessa have announced their family website. They have been married for almost six months now.

Here is their family website link 

All about Israel: three weeks old!

Israel is three weeks old today! He went on his first road trip to Texas for the homeschooling conference!
Next week, he will have two updates!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family dinner & Nesting and room re--do

Family dinner
Jessa cooks dinner for Ben in their first home; Anna and Jill make a special craft while Josh teaches  Derick about being a dad.
Nesting and room re-do
Shopping for Nursery furniture; Anna's first midwifery appointment; Josie's medical crisis

13 weeks pregnant with grandbaby #6

The baby is growing it's fingertips, veins, organs, it's body.
the baby is almost 3 inches long and is a size of pea pod
the baby weighs nearly an ounce
Some people think that week 13 is the end of the first trimester. Next week will be the start of the second trimester.
Check out other blogs:
* 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant
* Ben and Jessa's journey to parenthood: introduction

May Birthday cover!

The Duggars have four birthdays this upcoming month.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ben and Jessa's journey to parenthood: introduction

In case that you did not heard, Ben and Jessa are expecting their first child due on November 1, 2015. Ben and Jessa just started their third month of pregnancy on April 1, 2015. We are so excited for them.
We will have their fourth month update on May 1st! We will be posting weekly pregnancy blogs on Sundays until the baby is born.

Friday, April 24, 2015

29 weeks pregnant with grandbaby #5

Anna is 29 weeks pregnant with her fourth child. It's still hard to believe that Jill, Anna and Jessa's children will be months apart.
Jill, Anna, Jessa
weight: about 2 1/2 pounds
length:over 15 inches long
Her muscles and lungs are growing along with her head to grow bigger for her brain.She is a size of a butternut squash
Anna has entered her third trimester with baby girl.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maybe twins?

In last night, Ben was dropping hints that there was a chance of twins. If Jessa is pregnant with twins, it would be the first set of twins in the grandbabies

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Any advice?

Do you have any advice for Jill as a new mom? Do you have any advice for Jessa while she is pregnant?

We will be posting the advice in the new blog in May.

12 weeks pregnant with Grandbaby #6

Ben and Jessa are 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant with their first child. They are due on November 1, 2015. The baby is a size of a lime! Jessa has officially enter the second trimester. Most people consider second trimester to be 13 weeks.
We will see you on Sunday for their 13th week pregnancy update!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ben and Jessa's pregnancy announment photos

Recap: European Honeymoon

Ben and Jessa have been staying at a hotel for the first ten days into their marriage since their home is not ready to be moved into. Ben and Jessa are about to leave for Europe for ten days. Jessa has gone over there many times with her family while Ben has only been to Central America.
The first place that they go to is Paris. Ben and Jessa enjoy the sights and then goes out to eat. The waiter brings the couple snails and Jessa won't eat them at all. Ben is not a fan of heights but Jessa encourages her husband by helping him walk out on a glass platform.
Ben and Jessa visit Love lock Bridge on their last day. Ben pulls out a lock with their names on it. Ben and Jessa locks it on the bridge and throws their key into the river.
The second part of their trip, Ben and Jessa head to Rome, Italy. Ben and Jessa have a cooking lesson. Ben and Jessa learn how to make pasta noodles from scratch.
Ben and Jessa head to their final destination which is Venice Italy. They decided that they want to go by train and have a hard time finding their train. Ben decides to study for his classes while Jessa is sleeping. Ben is working on his degree and hopes to do some ministry work.
Ben and Jessa finally arrived and excited over the beauty of the city. Ben and Jessa have time feeding the pigeons that wind up attacking them. Ben and Jessa buy a few hats as they go shopping.
Ben and Jessa end their honeymoon with a boat ride. Ben and Jessa both excited to make memories there.
Jim Bob takes most of the kids over to Ben and Jessa's house to do a make over. Jim Bob plans to do a special surprise for their fireplace. The boys start out and then it goes to the girls so they can learn the skills.
    "The renovations are coming along, but there is still a lot to do," says Michelle. "I hope we can get it done before Ben and Jessa come home."
Michelle takes the oldest girls to the store to get some things for the new home. They do really well.
Josh and Anna have been staying at Derick and Jill's house for the wedding. Anna had taken a pregnancy test and Jill films the family's reaction to the news. They are all excited about the new baby.
Ben and Jessa returned home to go through their home. Jessa loves the fireplace. The family sit down to enjoy bible time. Jim Bob loves how bless their family is. Anna reveals that she is expecting her fourth child.
    "This is the multiplication process now, and it's so exciting for us," says Michelle.
Ben and Jessa share that they are expecting their first child.

three grandbabies in one year

For ten weeks, the girls were all pregnant at the same time. Jill was at the end of her pregnancy when Jessa found out that she was pregnant.

Jill- due March 2015 but gave birth on April 6, 2015
Anna- due July 2015
Jessa-due November 2015

Grandduggar #6

At the time of our last blog about Ben and Jessa's pregnancy, we did not know that Ben and Jessa were pregnant.  Ben and Jessa announced that they are in fact pregnant with their first baby.


10 months of marriage!

Derick and Jill have been married for ten months! They welcomed their son, Israel earlier this month.

Duggar #12 turns 15!

Jason is turning 15 years old today. He just became an uncle to Derick and Jill's son.

  Happy Birthday Jason!

Monday, April 20, 2015

All about Israel: Second week of life

It's hard to believe that Israel is now two weeks old. This week, Derick and Jill are still setting into life with their newborn. Derick reveals that Israel wakes up in the middle of the night. He also got to meet Lawson Bates which is one of the family friends.
We will see you again next week for his third week of life. We have two more weeks and two days until he is a month old.

Other links: 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our new cover!

It's been almost two weeks since Jill gave birth to Israel and Josiah announced his courtship. We are excited to show our new cover photo that just came in this morning! 

Preview: European Honeymoon

One week after Ben and Jessa's wedding, they are off on their honeymoon traveling to Paris, Rome and Venice as newlyweds. Josh and Anna announce their special news to the family

Friday, April 17, 2015

Derick's blog: A Letter To Israel

Remember these things, O Jacob, and Israel, for you are my servant; I formed you; you are my servant; O Israel, you will not be forgotten by me.  I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.  Sing, O heavens, for the Lord has done it; shout, O depths of the earth; break forth into singing, O mountains, O forest, and every tree in it!  For the Lord has redeemed Jacob, and will be glorified in Israel.  Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb; I am the Lord, who made all things, who spread out the earth by myself, who frustrates the signs of liars and makes fools of diviners, who turns wise men back and makes their knowledge foolish, who confirms the word of his servant and fulfills the counsel of his messengers, who says of Jerusalem, ‘She shall be inhabited’, and of the cities of Judah, ‘They shall be built, and I will raise up their ruins’; who says to the deep, ‘Be dry; I will dry up your rivers’; who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd, and he shall fulfill all my purpose’; saying of Jerusalem, ‘She shall be built’, and of the temple, ‘Your foundation shall be laid.’”     -Isaiah 44:21-28

To Israel, my firstborn son:       
            I read these verses in my time with the Lord this morning, and I wanted to pen them specifically for you.  Just as the Lord spoke of the nation of Israel, I pray He would accomplish in you.  I pray that you, Israel, whom I already love more than anybody, except mom of course J, would turn to the Lord early in your life and glorify Him with all that is within you.     
Though we are still waiting on your physical birth, I want you to know that mom and I are already praying for your spiritual birth.  The world has not met you yet, but the Lord our God already knows everything about you and who you will be.  After all, He is forming you as we speak!  How awesome is our God, the God of Israel!  None shall prevail against Him!       
It is so neat to have felt you kicking, punching, and turning inside of mom for months now.  Even if it doesn’t always feel the best for mom, I know the joy you bring makes it up for her. J       
I pray that you will continue to grow, in stature, in knowledge, and in wisdom, true wisdom, that is from the Lord.  And know that I love you son and I always will, no matter what.  I will say it again… I love you Israel!  -Your daddy

28 weeks and counting

The baby is growing and weighs about 2 1/4 pounds and measures 14.8.
The baby is a size of a large eggplant.
She can blink her eyes and has sport lashes. She might be able to see light.
She is developing billions of neurons in her brain and more body fat to get ready for life on the outside.
Anna is now in the final trimester! Just 12 more weeks until the expected due date!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Congrats to Brandon and Michaella!

Brandon and Michaella are now engaged. They have been courting since December 2013 and they just got engaged in April 2015.
Michaella will be the fourth Bates child to get engaged. The Duggars should be at her wedding to Brandon. They are such a sweet couple and we can't wait to see what God has in store for them and their future together.

Be sure to check out their blog

Josiah and Marjorie's courtship announcement

Josiah and Marjorie just started their courtship about a week ago. Here is their official video announcement.

Duggars say I do

Thanks to one of our readers for posting the episode on youtube.

Recap: Duggars Say I Do

All the married couples (Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh, Anna, Derick, Jill, Ben and Jessa) and Sierra are sitting down to talk about their weddings and their advice for planning it.
Jill and Jessa sent out a lot of invitations because they wanted to make sure they did not leave out anyone. Ben and Jessa wanted to make sure that they kept their wedding cost down so that way they can spend it on their honeymoon. Ben and Jessa ordered online and reused Jill's decorations.
At his wedding, Ben forgot Jessa's wedding ring and had to called Jim Bob. Jim Bob gave him the wrong ring at first and then gave him the right one.
During Jill and Derick's engagement, Jill wanted to be there for her fiance and mother-in-law. Jill's sister stepped in and help out a lot.
During Derick and Jill's wedding, Michelle made sure that her youngest girls and granddaughter stay still and quiet.
Josh and Anna wanted to make sure that they kept their wedding as cheap as they could. They did not have their invites match at all and made sure that their families had the same design. Anna actually wore her sister and she made her own veil and dresses for the bridesmaids.
During Josh and Anna's wedding, John David played a prank on his brother. He knew that they had put the weddings somewhere safe.
Jackson was joking about his plans to play pranks at Justin's wedding. The producers asked Justin will he do the same to Jackson, He said that he doesn't know but maybe will take his girl.
Jim Bob and Michelle had planned their wedding on a strict budget. Their kids have only had short engagements but their parents waited about seven months to marry. Michelle had made her own bouquet and cake and their wedding was really small.
When Jim Bob and Michelle renewed their vows after 25 years of marriage, the kids were in the wedding party. Michelle was also pregnant with Josie at the time.
At the end of the episode, they played a game of how well do you know your spouse and it was revealed that Jim Bob doesn't know the color of his wife's toothbrush.
Jim Bob and Michelle only have 16 more weddings to plan and Josiah is the only one that is courting, so there is a chance that his wedding is next.

Derick and Jill's birth story with baby #1

Jill had been in labor for 70 hours which is almost three days.  Jill knew that she wanted to do a home birth with her first child but that did not happen.
Jill knew that most first time moms last for about a week and half over their due date. She decided to head to spicy food to start her labor. Jill's water broke at 41 weeks and five days pregnant and complications started to happen.
Jill tested positive for Strep B and needed to start taking antibiotics via an IV.
After 20 hours, Jill saw that that she had a faint stain of meconium and knew that her child was in distress and needed to go to the hospital. Jill was praying the whole time for extra strength. She was really scared.
Jill did not want to do Pitocin or pain medication however later on she had to get an C-section since he kept getting breech and not the best heart raters.
Jill revealed that she loves her birth story since it made them stronger. Jill revealed that Derick is changing all the diapers and letting Jill recover!

Check out All about Israel: First week of life and his birth announcement

Monday, April 13, 2015

More photos of Israel

Joy Anna and Israel


Jana, a friend, Jill, and baby Israel


Derick, Jill and Israel

Derick, Jill and Israel

Get to know Marjorie Jackson

Many of our fans want to know more about Josiah's girlfriend and here it is.
Marjorie is 17 years old and that makes her  just one year younger than Josiah. She is the oldest daughter of Greg and Analucia. She has four younger sisters.
She met Josiah during Spanish lessons and then caught Josiah's eye during a mission trip this past December.
The courting is schedule to air this season of 19 kids and counting and look for a special announcement from the family regarding the courtship.

Josiah on instagram

Another Duggar is on instagram. Click here to see his instagram. There is no word if he has twitter or facebook.

Detials about Josiah's courtship!

The Duggars are back in the news! As previously posted on our blog, Josiah is in a courtship with Marjorie Jackson. They started courting on April 6, 2015. If you remember that date, it's the same date that Derick and Jill welcomed their son, Israel David, into the world. 

Josiah and Marjorie talk about how they met when Josiah was learning Spanish from her mother. 

We are excited to see where this courtship will lead. Maybe it will be another Duggar wedding. Josiah is the fourth child to enter a courtship.

Josiah is courting

Josiah is courting!

We will have more details later on today.

All about Israel: First week of life

Can you believe it that baby Israel was born a week ago today?

Derick and Jill had a busy first week of life for baby Israel. He met all 19 uncle and aunts along with his older cousins.
He was born at the hospital which everything will be revealed on May 5th on his birth special. He was also reported to be the biggest baby born at the hospital.
Derick and Jill finally got to take their son home on Saturday night. He is doing really well.

We will see you for the second week of life.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Duggars Say I Do preview

Jessa and Ben go on their honeymoon and Josh and Anna have something special to reveal to the family.

TLC has said that there is announcement to be made on Tuesday show. It could be Josh and Anna announcement about baby #4

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baby Israel is home

Derick and Jill have brought home their five day old son, Israel. His birth announcement was posted on Tuesday. 

First granddaughter for the Bates

We are super excited to announced that John and Alyssa have welcomed their first daughter, Allie Jane, today. She was born just 5 days after Israel!

Check out Allie's birth announcement: Allie Jane is here
Check out Israel's birth announcement: Meet Israel

Be sure to check out our sister blog: The original All about the Bates blog

Friday, April 10, 2015

Journey to parenthood: Three months to go!

In about three months, Josh and Anna will welcome their fourth child. 

27 weeks pregnant with baby #4

Josh and Anna are 27 weeks pregnant with their fourth child. They are super excited to have their fourth child on the way. They are working with Marcus on becoming a big brother. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Duggar family tree

Jim Bob Duggar
    m: Michelle Duggar
        c: Josh Duggar
            m: Anna Duggar (2008)
                c: Mackynzie Duggar (2009)

                c: Baby Duggar (joined heaven)
                c: Michael Duggar (2011)
                c: Marcus Duggar (2013)
                c: Baby Girl Duggar (due July 2015)
        c: Caleb Duggar (joined heaven)
        c: Jana Duggar
        c: John David Duggar
        c: Jill Dillard
            m: Derick Dillard (2014)
                c: Israel Dillard (2015)
        c: Jessa Seewald
            m: Ben Seewald (2014)
        c: Jinger Duggar
        c: Joseph Duggar
        c: Josiah Duggar
        c: Joy Anna Duggar
        c: Jedidiah Duggar
        c: Jeremiah Duggar
        c: Jason Duggar
        c: James Duggar
        c: Justin Duggar
        c: Jackson Duggar
        c: Johannah Duggar
        c: Jennifer Duggar
        c: Jordyn-Grace Duggar
        c: Josie Duggar
        c: Jubilee Duggar (joined heaven)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Israel's name

The family has a new baby in the house, well not the Duggars but the Dillards.  Jim Bob and Michelle have four grandchildren and have one on the way this July.
Derick and Jill had decided that they wanted to name their son something special and decided on Israel. Jill and the rest of the family had went there in their world tour in 2011 while Derick went to Israel to buy Jill's ring from Israel. Let's just say that it holds a special place in their heart.

Recap: Birthing class and teamwork

Now with two weddings are done, Jim Bob and Michelle don't have a third wedding to plan yet. Michelle is working to get the little ones back on a normal schedule.
Michelle loads up their youngest kids and their dog, Bubba, to get a bath. The kids wear waterproof smocks to make sure that the dog gets a bath.
Derick and Jill are heading for their childbirth class and decided to take the Bradley classes like Jim Bob and Michelle along with Jill's brother Josh and Anna did. Michelle wants her daughter to stay calm during labor.
Anna and the kids are making a wedding present for Ben and Jessa since they are moving into the old house that Josh and Anna lived in for five years. Josh and Anna used Josh's bathrobe to cover it since they never got around to put a curtain.
The kids take turn by sitting on their mother's lap while she sews it. Michael has a couple close calls to the needle and no one ends up in the ER.   
Joy Anna decides that it's time to update the chore list but the oldest ones are not happy about their new job but Josie is happy to be getting the laundry for Grandma Duggar. Michelle comes up behind her as she pushes the cart to get the laundry that Josie misses.   

At the end of the show, Derick and Jill announce that they had their son Israel on Monday night. Be sure to check out his birth blog.