Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recap: A big surprise

Jeremy is planning to surprise Jinger in Arkansas. They have been communicating for the past two months but courting for the past three weeks. Jinger has been home for two days when Jeremy arrives.
Ben arrives to the airport to pick his friend. Jeremy asked Jim Bob to meet at the jewelry store. Jeremy reveals that he respects Jim Bob and wants to keep him in the know.
The siblings get asks when is it okay to buy an engagement ring. They pretty much think that the three weeks is a little too short.
Jeremy reveals that he has been thinking about it before they started courting. He even knows Jinger's ring size. Jeremy reveals that he known for over a year. Jeremy sends a photo of the ring to his mother since they love Jinger. Jim Bob is happy with the ring that his future son in law picked out for his daughter.
Jessa and Jinger head over to  Tacos 4 life. The boys want to make sure that they arrive after the girls are seated to bring their food to them. Jinger talks about her relationship. Ben and Jeremy surprise the girls. They also decided to have the three graduates out for a fun date.
Ben and Jessa are getting ready for a visit from Flame (Marcus Gray) and his wife for a few days. Ben and Marcus work on the barbecue and the girls love it. On the second day, the couples head to a music store since Ben and Jessa want to get a keyboard for the future. Ben and Jessa give Flame a quick lesson on guitar. Ben and Jessa chose to wait on the keyboard.
The couples head to the Duggar family home where the kids perform a gospel song for the guests. The kids are asked if they enjoy rap music and all of them don't like it. John David thinks that it's food.
Ben and Flame are heading to one of the work sites with the boys. Since he is not wearing the right work clothes, Ben shows him the family closet. The older girls had decided to move their clothes upstairs leaving the family closet to the little girls and all of the boys.
Flame learns about using a back hole and you can tell that he was trying to play a video game to get it down.
Jessa and Jana give Cyrstal a tour of the family's garden that Jana maintain. The girls pick a few things for Cyrstal and Flame to take with them.

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