Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recap: Meet the parents

Jinger and Jeremy have been courting forthe past three weeks. Jim Bob and Michelle are heading with Jinger to meet Jeremy's parnets.
Josiah jokes that they are hoping not to be outlaw.
At the airport, Jinger gives Jeremy a hug as he gives her flowers. Jinger gives him the gift that she made by hand. Jeremy takes the group to his place and they all agree that it's a good place to start the marriage and raise a small family. Jeremy reveals that his mom helped clean up the place before the Duggars got there.
Jeremy has everyone listen to "Come thou fount" which will be part of their wedding.
Jinger reveals that they set their own rules for their courtship. When Jeremy puts his arm around the shoulder, he learns that they haven't done that in the past. Jeremy says that it's part of getting to know each other.
Jeremy takes them on a tour and heads to a pawn shop. Jim Bob notices that they were looking at rings and says don't get any ideas.
Michelle and Jinger agree that it's hard for dad to watch his baby girl in this new stage. During their lunch date, Jim Bob asked Jeremy about the crime level. Jim Bob doesn't think that his daughter is ready to share a drink with Jeremy yet.
The couple heads to the church where Jeremy preaching and it only holds 40-50 people. Both parents agree that they are a match made in heaven.
Jeremy  kids about if they get married in one month then he's out but they enjoy being together.
Derick is getting ready to peach so he is writing what he wants to say. Jill invites the girls and their kiddos once a week. She makes banana bread since they love it. Jill is still working on her Spanish but happy to have the pastor's wife with translating. Jill talks to a lot of women who's husbands are not being faithful to them.
John and Joy head to the air since she is working on getting a pilot's licensee to get to remote villages and visit Derick and Jill.
Joy was a little nervous and made John. He thinks that his sister would be able to do if she wants to do it.
The Duggars are getting for a graduation party with more than 200 people. The Bates family are coming to celebrate the graduation. Jana says that the family has loved being homeschool and not one has they want to go to public school.
Jedidiah and Jeremiah are only five minutes apart but have a close relationship. Josiah says that they are always together.

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