Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Recap: Proposal in the city

The group are visiting Jeremy's family and  are enjoying their time. The double couples head to the lake where the girls were shorts since it will be easier for them to do Kayaking. Jessa reveals that the girls normally wear skirts but there are times where they will wear something else instead.
Jeremy reveals that he loves seeing Jinger in the skirts and dresses and thinks she is beautiful but also thought it was cool seeing her in shorts.
The group heads to New York City to visit Grandpa and Grandma Vuolo and Jinger gets a hug from Grandma. She also sees some photos of Jeremy when he was a baby. Jinger gets a cooking lesson from grandma. Grandma reveals that she learned after she got married how to make this kind of food. Everyone enjoys the meal.
Jeremy manages to get some tickets to the soccer game. He used to play goal keep on the team. Jinger reveals that she loved walking on to the field. The couple got to enjoy dinner with Luis and his wife Cara.
The next day, Jeremy heads to give the ring to his friend and he will take it to the proposal  site. The group headed to New York City for the special day.  Jeremy tries to make sure that he throws her off by having a photographer take photos. Ben is there with Jinger and Jeremy. He is worried that the rain will ruin it.  The skies clears up in time.
The couple gets a special song "Come thou Fount". Jeremy thinks that she did not put it together until he got down to one knee to ask her. She says yes.
Ben comes out and congratulate the couple. He and Jeremy reveal all the plans that came with engagement. Michelle and Jessa show up and congratulate the new engaged couple.
Jana calls a family meeting to renovate the guest house. Jana gives her list to her siblings. Joe and John David joke up that they will be used to honey to do list  when they get married.
Anna shows up to the house and sees all the work that has been done. She manages to play Joy to the world with one finger. She reveals that she has been practicing hard.
Jana and Anna share a very good relationship. Jana says that they have been like sisters and now that they live in the same state. They get to spend a lot of time together.
Anna says that Jana has been a big help for the past year of troubles. Anna knows that her sister-in-law will make an amazing wife one day but for right now she needs her.
Derick and Jill are packing up to come for the next four months, Lord willing. Jill reveals that there will be two weddings that they will be here depending on the wedding dates.  Derick and Jill say that they will miss the friends that they have made while in Central America.

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