Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Recap: Guys guide to courting

The group is headed to the airport to meet Jeremy. They all fly to Philadelphia.  Jinger and Jeremy have been together for about five months.
Joy says that her sister has been in la-la land for the past few months.
Jeremy, Ben, Derick and Josiah all sit down and give a few courtship tips. They all say to be honest and upfront of their intentions and spend time with the family.
Derick says to stick with the rules that the courting couple have set. Jill and Derick printed out their list and gave them to the chaperones.
 All the boys say that it's a good thing to keep the father inform with the status of the relationship.
Jedidiah and John-David say that they have relationship guidelines and talk to the girl. Joseph reveals that they are planning to do the same thing as the courting boys. Jill reveals that her husband had the best advantage since he already knew her father. Jeremy reveal that Jim Bob had waited for a few minutes before giving the permission.
The siblings describe their brother, John David, is talented and hard working.  When they are asked what kind of girl they would pick for him.
        Jinger reveals that the girl would be Brunette, outgoing, country girl, talkative
        Jana also agrees with her sister: outgoing, country girl, talkative
        Jill reveals something different Blonde, shy, country girl, quiet
        Jessa reveals to agree with Jinger and Jana Brunette, outgoing, country girl, talkative
        John-David reveals that he wants someone whom Brunette, somewhere between outgoing and shy, probably a country girl, someone who is quiet
The siblings would later talk about Joseph and say that he is reliable and caring. Josiah is someone know as the family comedian and loves to prank the family.
 Josiah shares that he is ready to start courting again and is interested in someone.
The siblings reveal that the twins are eager to learn and Jed has the business mindset while Jeremiah is more diplomat.

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