Friday, August 22, 2014

Ben and Jessa's engagment journey

Ben had a lot of things planned for his big day with Jessa Duggar. He asked Jim Bob if he could married his daughter.

"A few days before, he had given me a rose and asked me out on a date for the next night," Jessa, 21, tells PEOPLE. "But that night we had gone out with his parents and my parents. It was a surprise because I didn't know his parents were in town. But that night he gave me a box."

Inside the box was an iPad with a video Ben, 19, had recorded, telling her, "This is the first clue to the rest of your life."

"I had done a few things to throw her off track," Seewald tells PEOPLE. "Jessa is really good at figuring things out and I wanted to surprise her."

Ben insited the help of John David to take Jessa and Jinger to Eureka Springs. Jessa went to the golf course, park, trolley ride, train ride, and ended in Thorncrown Chapel where Ben was waiting.

"I walked in and he was standing there at the front," Jessa says. "I could barely talk. I knew he was going to propose. I cried."

Now that Jessa and Ben are engaged, they are busy planning their wedding and it's going to easy since the family are using Jill's decorations. They are planning to use the saved money for their honeymoon.

Both sides of the family are celebrating the engagement

"Michael and I could not be more thrilled for Ben and Jessa," Seewald's mom, Guinn, tells PEOPLE. "Having similar goals and interests, they balance and complement one another beautifully. We praise God for the blessing of this relationship between Ben and Jessa."

"Ben asked me about asking Jessa to get engaged," Jim Bob tells PEOPLE. "We had already talked to Jessa about this and was 100 percent on board. I told him that Michelle and I were in agreement and supportive."

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