Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding insiders part 3

It's been almost two months since Derick and Jill tied the knot and we are back with the third part of the wedding interview. Sierra and the other wedding planners wanted to make sure that they did the wedding to Derick and Jill's plans were. They were glad to see that Derick and Jill were really happy on what they had planned out.

Sierra knew that the most important part of the wedding is the marriage. She only sent Jill one text to see how she and Derick were doing and Jill responded. Sierra wanted to make sure that she let Derick and Jill enjoy their first weeks as newlywed.

Jill's sisters were a big key to the weding planning. Jessa could have used this time to plan her own wedding but decided to make sure that all the focus was on Jill along with her sisters. There is word that there is another wedding for Jessa and Ben.

Sierra admitted that she missed the first kiss since she had to leave about 20 minutes early to make sure that eveything was set up for the reception. The reception was on the outside of Cross Church and thanks to TLC, she can watch the first kiss when it airs this fall.

Derick and Jill had a back up plan if it rain that they would move the party inside of the church gyms. The skies opened up the day after the wedding and rain for many days after that.

Don't forget to check out here to find out when the show premieres for new episodes leading up to the wedding later on next month!

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