Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Dillard will be........

We asked the fans if they thought that the baby would be a boy or a girl and a lot of people guess....

Melissa: either one as long as it's healthy

Christy: twins, both girls

Juiley Either one as long as it is healthy! i am saying twins boy and girl!

Carrie: twin girls

Stephanie: I'm going with Derick Dillard on this as fathers can be very intuitive about the sex of their child. Girl

Beverly: girl

Diane: Boy and girl

Lisa: boy

Kim: boy

Shannon: girl not sure on twins

Katherine: twin girls

Nicole: girl

Erin: girl

Alicia: girl

Mary: girl

Ashley: girl

Terri: girl

Monica: twins and girls

Laetitiia: girl

Leetha: girl

Paige: girl

Barbara: girl

Allison: boy

Linda: girl

Jan: boy

Cassandra: girl

Tina: girl

Sarah: girl

Samantha: girl

Cindy: girl

Christina: girl

Lauren: are they going to find out? yes

Betheny: girl

Victoria: boy

Caren: boy

Libby: twin girls

Sonya: girl

Melissa: girl

Nicole: twin boys

Littia: girl

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