Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's time to plan a wedding part 2

Yesterday, we posted the first part of the interview about Jill's wedding and today we are going to wrap up the interview.

Jill wanted her wedding to be Do it yourself kind of wedding so she looked on Pinterest and craigslist. She even found a woman that was in thir local area that was arried six months before Jill. Jill brought tree stumps from craigslist and went to Sierra and asked her to put 1 Corinthians on the tree stumps for her.

At the wedding reception, the guest were served sweet and salty foods that were made by volunteers. Here what was on the tables

Sweet Table

3,000 servings of cake brought in from across the nation

2,000 cupcakes

3,000 cookies baked at a cookie making party at the Duggars' house

3,000 root beer floats

Salty Table


Trail mix


Chips and homemade salsa made by one of Jill's clients

Sierra and her team had an amazing time helping Jill planned her wedding. Sierra had to make sure that Derick's mom was able to stay close to her son since she is battling cancer. His mom was not able to go to the rehearsal dinner but was able to make it to her son's wedding.

Sierra reveals that she doesn't have what it takes to be wedding coordinator since everyone is so love and so joyful. Sierra even made sure that Cathy (Derick's mom) was able to see her son eat the cake. Sierra is excited to see what the Lord has in storage for both Derick and Jill.

Sierra is a wife and mother of three boys and expecting their first daughter. Sierra has appeared on 19 kids and counting before when Anna was making Michael's first birthday cake.

Photo credits: Sierra's instagram and Jill's instagram

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