Sunday, July 27, 2014

Q&A part 4

Julie: Is Jim Bob and Michelle thinking about adopting a child to put in their home?

The last time that we heard was that they were praying about having to adopt another child

Donna: What (future) career choices do all the kids who haven't chose one wish to pursue?

Not sure yet. It's whatever God has placed in their heart

Susan :How does the entire family feel niw that Jill is married and no longer living at home? How has the change affected the happenings around the house?

I am sure that they miss Jill since she was a big help with cooking and with the younger ones. They still see a lot of her.

Karen: How do you keep teens from falling into peer pressure and stop the altitude?

Michelle puts a stop to them and normally they are not in that sitituation to began with.

Melissa :I have enjoyed watching this family grow - and grow up - throughout the years. A very inspirational family. I'm wondering what plans Jana and John David have? Are either of them in a relationship yet?

Jana and John are not in a courtship. Jana wants to be a doula while John David is learning to be pilot.

Ally: Same here. I home school three kids on one computer. How did you do all of your kids?

Each child is different on how they learn.

Cindy: I am homeschooling my 3 grandchildren on a tight budget. I would love any tips.

Each child is different on how they learn. Make sure that you pick something that is right for your family.

Tina: If Jessa is older & her & Ben have been courting longer why did Jill marry first?

We wish that we could answer it but we can't. Jill is actually the one that is older than Jessa but I don't think that matter on how old they are. It's just making sure that you know that person really well since the family doesn't believe in divorce.

Carissa : Are Jim Bob and Michelle still considering a fertility specialist to have another child?

I am not sure

Brandy: What is something you haven't covered yet?

There is more to be seen on the next season of 19 kids and counting airing this fall

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