Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fans asked we answered part one!

Pam asked: when Jill got married and left home, how was it determined what clothes she would be able to take with her because all the grown girls share? by the way ya'll are a wonderful family!!! love your show...

I am not postivie if the family did this but I am pretty sure that the girls (older ones) just sat down and went through the clothes that Jill wanted to take. I am also that she got some new ones.

Jeanette: Is Jana in a courtship? Are any of the boys in a courtship?

As far as we know that Jana is not in a courtship or any of the boys. They are waiting for the Lord to light the way to their future spouse.

Snowell asked: Tips for mating socks & ensuring they go to the right person? I have a family of 7 & everyone's white socks look the same & about the same size

The duggars revealed that the boys normally wear black socks and the girls wear white.

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