Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's time to plan a wedding part 1

Right after Derick and Jill got engaged, Jill started to plan her wedding. She wanted to make sure that she incudled her sisters and mom along with a few friends. Sierra gave us the inside tip of planning the wedding. Sierra is not a professional wedding planner but she does help out with planning the wedding. Sierra has planned a couple of weddings and offered her help to Derick and Jill right after they got engaged.

Sierra went up to Jill and said "If you want help with it, I would love to help you." Jill agreed to the help. Sierra and her friends had three months to plan out every single detail of the wedding. Jill gave them the ideal number of guest which was 3,000 people but only around 1,500 actually showed up for the wedding.

Jill had many helpers from her friends to her sisters and mom to help plan her wedding. Jill and Derick knew what they wanted and show it all to Sierra who was happy to help. The wedding was pretty much a Pinterest wedding. Jill came up with the idea of hanging both her mother and grandma's dress and Derick's father's police uniform.

Derick and Jill wanted to make everyone feel honor to be there with them on their special day. It was so cute.

We can't wait until it airs. There is another part to this blog that will be up tomorrow!

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