Friday, July 25, 2014

Fans asked, we answered part 2

Megan:The families feelings about LGBT people ?

We can't answer that questions on how they feel about it but this is what the Lord has put on my heart to say. It's a choice for them to live their way and it makes them happy. I just know that I honestly don't support it.

Janet: love the show. When are you coming back on? Can't waite to see the wedding and When is Jessa and Ben getting engaged?

TLC has revealed that it's coming in the fall. Ben and Jessa will get engaged when the time is right

Kathy: Is Michele or JimBob feeling the empty nest syndrome with the children starting to leave the nest.

They might be but they still have 17 kids living at home right now. Jill goes over to the house all the time

Dawn: are there any of the kids left handed?

I don't know the answer to that

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