Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Duggar-Sized Wedding planning recap

Derick, Jill and Jessa are heading to the home of their wedding baker to pick what kind of cake they were going to make. Derick and Jill manaed to pick french vanilla and strawberry and off-white & butter cream frosting. Derick and Jill chose that they were also going have many sheet cakes for their guest.

Jessa revealed that she just wants to serve ice cream instead of serving cake. Stayed tune in for November 1st to find out what they serve!

It's time to get back to wedding planning for Derick and Jill. They are on the task of finding a wedding venue and bring Michelle to come and help. The first two locations that the couple visits are not working out. One doesn't allow as many guest that they are having and second place is too fancy for their taste. Michelle reveals that they are more barefoot and backyard kind of people.

The couple heads to visit Cross Church which is the church where Jim Bob grew up along with it the place where Jim Bob and Michelle were married twice. The church can easily fit 3,000 guest that they invited and decided to book it.

Duggars have a budget in mind for the wedding which was Jill's idea.

Anna and the kids are making stepping stone to show how much Michael, Marcus and Mackynzie have gone. Anna revealed that Mackynzie has been homeschooling for the past six months at the age of four. Normally kids starts when they are five so they are considering it preschool.

Jim Bob and the kids are setting some soap box derby cars which were lead by Joseph, Jeremiah, and Jedidiah. They discover that the kits are missing the wheels but end up putting together as much as they can. Jim Bob reveals that he is going to organize a race when the wheels arrive to the house.

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