Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Duggars and mothers premiere episode

Tonight mark the return! The family have us an update on where Derick and Jill's engagement ended last season. Michelle revealed that her daughter is ready to be a wife however the family has three months before the bride and groom can say I do.

The couple along with Michelle and the girls load up to meet with their wedding coordinators. They all are friends with the family. Jill is the first daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle to be getting married. The girls figure out that there is more things that they need to do before walking down to say I do. Jill learns that she has too do a lot. Michelle doesn't know how they are going to pull this off.

Derick's mom could not make it to the mother's day lunch in because she was sick well it turns out that she was diagnosed with cancer and has to go under chemotherapy. Derick and Jill grab Jessa so they can go visit Cathy at the hospital. Derick knows that it's been good to see how they deal with new changes. He was happy to have Jill by his side during this time.

At the Duggar home, the family decides that it's time for the Seewalds and Dillards to meet and what better day to do it on is Mother's day. Derick only has one brother named Dan who is two years younger than him and Ben has four sisters and two brothers.

Jessa wants to impress Ben's mom on her cooking skills but her skills are very limited and getting better so she helps her sister make the meal. She tries to imitate her older sister but admits that she is not as good as she is. Jessa tries to copy her style but she doesn't have it yet. She admits that cooking is fun and exciting but she always burn something. This time it was the dinner rolls but manages to save them with butter.

During the lunch, Jim Bob and Michelle ask Ben if he wants to move into their guesthouse and work around their property while he finish school. Ben decides to pray about it.

Jana doesn't think that it's normal for a guy to move into the girl's guest house but moving closer is a good idea.

Derick and Jill along with Dan and Chelsea are having a video chat with Cathy. (Good news now: Cathy is cancer free!)

Jim Bob and Michelle decided to give Derick and Jill a new house which is the same house that they fixed in 2012 in Puppies, properties and Patients and Kittens and Konstructions.

Jim Bob takes the kids over to the house to give it another deep clean. The house is three story mansion and has a lot of room for babies. Derick and Jill fell blessed to be able to live there until Jim Bob and Michelle decided to sell it.

Joy Anna feels that someone would feel that it was unfair to Josh and Anna that Derick and Jill got this house but the family did not own this house when Josh and Anna got married.

While cleaning, James got a hug splinter in his flinger and he was afraid when his father was trying to cut it out. Jessa quickly took over and managed to get it out right as Josh and Anna arrived to the house.

Jessa and her sisters are making up the guest house for her boyfriend who accepted their parent's offer. He arrived and was amazed by Jessa's decorating job.

Michelle revealed that her daughter is excited about this move. Ben reveals that the next step will be a rock and a piece of metal which means a ring which Jessa loves that idea.

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  1. I think that it is a wonderful idea for Ben to stay in the guest house.This way Ben and Jessa can continue on building their relationship


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