Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Duggar daughter dates recap

Ben and Jessa are heading to the local shooting range and it's the same one that Jessa went to on her 18th birthday. Ben and Jessa revealed because of Ben's truck that they normally chose the younger siblings since that way they can all fit. Ben reveals that when the couple gets married, they won't have to bring anymore chaperones when they go to their day. Jason was the one that chaperoned this date and revealed that his sister was the better shooter than Ben

Derick is planning something special for Jill's birthday and this time they bring along James. James gets car sick because of the fast driving that Derick did. Derick was so sweet to help Jill during the hike. Derick had packed an easy pinic which had bread, cheese, humus and figs.

Michelle has to take Jennifer to the eye doctors since she has been straining her eyes and getting headaches. There is only four duggars that wear glasses which are Jim Bob, Michelle, Jill, and now Jennifer that wear glasses.

Michelle reveals that Jennifer has a very serious look on her face but she has a beatiful smile when she does.

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