Monday, March 19, 2018

Recap: A new bundle of Joy

Jeremy and Jinger are enjoying their coffee date. Jeremy reveals that his wife is sweet, half awake, non-functioning human being without her coffee in the morning. Jeremy orders a pourover while Jinger gets a vanilla latte.

Jinger is considering creating her own coffee blend and making a small business out of it. The couple buys a bean roaster to see if they can learn it. They roast two batches and has a taste test. The first one is Ethiopian beans and it doesn't taste well while the second one is Panamanian beans and they taste like coffee but is too acidic than the couple would like. They hope to make a decent roast by the wedding.

Joseph and Kendra are getting ready to leave for the lake. They are bringing 20 friends and family members for their bachelor/bachelorette party. Kendra reveals that she loves being in the water and is a water bug. Jim Bob drives the pontoon while Kendra's father and John drive the ski boat. Kendra reveals that her father is in the 40s and still has that little kid side and enjoys making people flip off the inner tube while being pulled by the boat.

Kendra has never been tubing or skiing and her mom encourages her to try . She goes on them with Joseph while John drives and tries to flip them off.

They gather for a game on the shore. Jana asks Joseph and Kendra questions and they try to guess the answers. The couple has to put a marshmallow in their mouth if it's wrong. Joseph ends up getting more answers wrong than Kendra.

Joseph and Kendra agree that they want as many children that God will give them.

Austin and Joy are still making progress on their home. They have been married for two months and just found out some exciting news. They are taking a little bit of break so they can tell their families that they are expecting a baby.

The couple heads to Austin's family to share the news and they are super excited. Austin's mom is over the moon with the news.

The couple heads to Joy's family. Before they arrive, they text Jana and share the news who is super excited to have a new niece or nephew.

Jim Bob and Michelle are excited to learn that they are expecting their 10th grandbaby. The couple is asked how long before it will be before they can't remember all the grandbabies names and Michelle responds today.

Jim Bob thinks that the couple will have more than twenty grandbabies and they are going to have wear name tags.

The couple calls Josiah and shares the news and he is excited about the new baby.

The next step is Ben and Jessa's house to share the exciting news. Jessa reveals that the baby was a honeymoon baby. The two couples have a video chat with Jeremy and Jinger to share the good news.
Austin and Joy are in mixed feelings about finding out the gender of their child. Joy wants to wait while Austin doesn't. The couple waits until the baby is born.

Joy shares the news with Jill before heading to the house with balloons. They get all the little kids downstairs to find out the news.

The expected parents text the older siblings and share the good news with them.

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