Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gideon's Birth Story!

We are so excited to share that Gideon's birth story is now on TLC website. Now it's in two parts. You can watch part one by clicking here. You can watch part two by clicking here.

Now the web episode is currently locked as of right now and you will have to sign in using your tv provider. 


  1. Well, you can't really watch it unless your provider is listed and you have an account...

  2. From what it was online, Joy had to have an emergency C-section because the baby was breech?? I honestly don't understand why these girls put themselves in danger and do not use a doctor to follow their pregnancies. Breech baby is obvious and it can be moved in a normal position, if detected, and then mom does not have to labor for hours and does not have to have a surgery.
    Also, all three girls by some reason had huge babies. Their midwives should have advised that it's dangerous. And obviously if the baby is so huge, it's difficult to move it into a normal position too.
    So now Joy won't be able to have as many kids as she would want to.

  3. They don't have Canada's cable company listed..it's all American go figure

  4. Not right that everyone can't see it.

  5. DISH network is not a provider so... oh well. Congratulations to Joy and Austin, though!

  6. We can’t ever see a lot videos because both tlc, YouTube and our cable foxtel blocks them. Then the family posts a lot of videos and pictures on Facebook who millions of people with a brain don’t use


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