Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pregnant Girls

2018 started with a special news that both Kendra and Jinger were expecting as Joy Anna was coming to an end with her pregnancy. The girls shared a photo with US magazine with a pregnancy update. Since the photo, Joy has given birth to her son on February 23, 2018. Both Jinger and Kendra are due later this summer with their first babies. Kendra is expecting a boy and Jinger has not announced the baby's gender as of yet.
Kendra, Joy, Jinger- 2018
It reminds us when Jill, Anna and Jessa were pregnant in 2015. Jill was pregnant with Israel, Anna was pregnant with Meredith and Jessa was pregnant with Spurgeon. It was not the last time that the girls had been pregnant together. It had happen again in 2017 when Anna was pregnant with Mason, Jill was pregnant with Samuel and Jessa was pregnant with Henry.
Jill, Anna, Jessa- 2015

Jill and Anna- 2015

Anna and Jessa- July 2015
Anna and Jill 2015

Who do you think will be pregnant next?


  1. The same trio - Jill, Jessa, Anna... Plus Lauren will be marrying Josiah and probably will be pregnant soon too.

  2. Jessa or Jill. And possibly Anna before the year is over.

  3. They have a chance to have 3 more grandkids this year. If Jessa, Jill and Anna get pregnant right now, or already in early stages of pregnancy.

    But I think it will be Jessa.


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