Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recap: It's official!

Now that Jeremy has asked Jinger to court him and she said yes. The newly courting couple headed over to Ben and Jessa's house to share ice cream with Jim Bob and Michelle. Jeremy revealed that he recently finished his contract for soccer and decided to become a pastor in Texas.
The family gathers to eat dinner while getting to know Jeremy. They end up getting Italian takeout. Jinger reveals that she is head over heels in love with him.
Jana can see the courtship heading to marriage but the boys say that they are still checking him out to make sure that he is right for their sister.
Jeremy and Jinger decided that they want to talk about courtship with Derick and Jill since they had a long distance courtship like Josh and Anna.
The family has a gym in one of their warehouses so they can enjoy it. Ben and Jessa take turns wearing Spurgeon while working out. Ben reveals that he wants to start a football camp and meets with Steve. Jessa says that she can see that her son being a football player.
It's time to head to survival camp in Missouri. Jinger makes sure that she grabs her pillow and Keurig machine. Since Jinger doesn't know if they will have cell phone service, she checks in with Jeremy. She is happy to learn that they do have service there.
The kids learn how to make a fire. One of the leaders think that the girls outfits are not the best for camping.
Jana and Jinger sleep in the camper while Joy sleeps in the hammock. The boys are in the tents and teepees. They end up hearing a bear.
Derick and Jill are enjoying their air conditioning that Jim Bob and Michelle sent to them so they don't have to keep the doors and windows all the time.

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