Monday, August 29, 2016

Journey to parenthood: Baby #2 introduction

Pregnancy Announcement
In Case that you missed it, Ben and Jessa announced that they were expecting their second child. Jessa is due in February 2017.

We decided to do pregnancy blogs every two weeks update along with these blogs.

Ben and Jessa have said that they will be finding out the gender of their second child but don't know if they will keep it a secret.

Ben and Jessa have said that they don't have a name pick out.

From what Ben and Jessa have said that this pregnancy was a surprise.


  1. What a great surprise! Congratulations on your gift from god. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Congrats guys!! Soo excited for you:) and slightly jealous! Lol

  3. I had watched 19 KAC back from when there was a lot less and counting. It was dumb luck when I was channel surfing one day and ended up watching your highly addictive show. I got to the point when I would watch every episode. Nothing could keep me from it. I wanted to move in with you all, I loved and enjoyed you all so much each and every week. I told my husband do you think they would adopt us. He said no and smiling shook his head. I love the new show so much, but I am greedy I would so love to have 19 KAC as well! Thank your whole family so much for allowing us, total strangers into your home every week. Growing up I was not brought up in a Christian home. When I was old enough, I went by myself. I remember many times walking my way to church. Not often enough though. It wasn't until really when my Daddy's health started failing that I really started talking to God. From then on and sometimes with my sister's help I gave my heart and soul to God. I started learning so much more about God and Jesus. He got me through a whole lot of things I was sure I would not survive. The most obvious one being my sister and her husband being viscously murdered by there only neighbor. And then the funeral, and the trial and speaking on my sister's behalf at his sentencing. Or the fact that the last time my sister and I had a really bad argument on the phone months before she was murdered. We argued and did not say goodbye before we hung up, we always said I love you at the end. I never got to tell her goodbye, no I love you and I'm so sorry. I live with that every day of my life. But our wonderful God gets me through it all. He is the reason I am still here. Before my Mom passed she told me one day that she wished she wouldn't of stopped at 4 kids. She said she should of had a houseful! I agree! In ten yrs time and trust me it just whooshed by, I lost my sister and her husband (a great man), my Daddy and then my Mom. I miss my Mom so much. OMSS I have been going on and on, I wrote you all a book instead of a message. So sorry! Thank you for all of the love that you share with us. God bless each and every one of you. Most especially the tiny soul you are growing in your belly little miss Jess. My love to you all!


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