Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Recap: A courtship begins

As Spurgeon is getting older, Ben and Jessa think that it's time to baby proof the house. Jinger and Anna bring Marcus and Meredith to help Jessa. Marcus love to point out everything that could be hazard.
Jessa and Jinger work on the cabinets while Anna works on other things. Jessa remembers the time that she and Jinger outsmarted baby proofing. They ended up drawing on white cabinets with markers that don't come off so easy.
 Jinger says that she wants to have a houseful of kids since she loves them.
Anna gives an update on Josh. He is out of rehab and working to rebuild their marriage. Anna says that she has seen a lot progress out of her husband.
Ben and Jessa get ready to babysit the Napier girls whom the oldest one is adopted. Ben and Jessa have talked about adoption.
Derick and Jill talk about what was going on with Israel who is running and talking. They missed their family and friends.
Josiah is working on taking his test. Out of the other siblings, John is the best one to do it because he is the most patient. Neither Josiah and John David are in a courtship.
Jim Bob and Jeremy to get coffee to talk about Jinger.  Jeremy asked Jim Bob about getting in an official courtship with Jinger. Jim Bob told Jeremy that he had talked to Michelle and they agree to give them their blessing.
Jeremy is overjoyed about this news.   Jim Bob says  A courtship is…an evaluation period for the purpose of considering each other for marriage.
The Boys head to the house and Jeremy asked Jinger to go outside to have a chat. He asked her to start courting and she said yes to the courtship. They have many side hugs and head inside to tell her family.
Joy is happy to see her sister happy after everything that happen last year.


  1. where is the video at for jinger duggar enters a courtship with Jereemy Vuolo

  2. do you know what some of the other episodes are going to be called and descriptions for them?


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