Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Recap: Jessa says yes to the Dress

Ben's mom and sisters are heading up to do dress shopping with a few of the Duggar girls. Jessa decided to head to Tesori dress shop whom are not used to having a big group but are excited that they can help Jessa pick out her dream grown.
Ben had asked the girls to send him photos of Jessa trying on the gowns so Joy snaps all of the dresses that Jessa doesn't likes to send them to Ben.
"I guess for me on my end, because I'm still parenting, [the time] has flown," says Guinn Seewald (Ben's mom). "But I know for the courting couple, I think it has been a long process. I'm sure they're quite ready."
Guinn sits down with Michelle to seek advice about the upcoming wedding. Ben is the oldest of the seven children that Guinn and Michael had. Michelle reminds her to be joyful during this time. Michelle said that if she thought about it by next year Michelle and Guinn will be expecting a Seewald grandbaby which shcokes her and she reminds Michelle to stay on the wedding.
Ben wants his girlfriend to have a modest dress since he gets jealous and that she is his girl. Michelle reveals that Jessa just wanted to get in and find her dress to get done faster while Jill wanted to savor the moment.
Jessa finds a blush colored grown and doesn't have to order the dress online is happy that they have it in store. "I love that it has a little bit of sparkle to it, but not too much," she says.
At Derick and Jill's house, James is getting tutored by his older sister Jill and is there when Josh and Anna send them the gift that they made for their baby. Michael reveals that he can't wait to meet his new cousin.
Jessa and Michelle sit down to talk about the dress that Michelle will wear to Ben and Jessa's wedding and Jim Bob reveals that it's been hard to see his daughters getting married and moving out.

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