Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Recap: In Love in Switzerland

Austin and Joy are now husband and wife and they are heading to Swiss Alps for their honeymoon. Joy says that it's going to be different without her family being there and not having a sibling to watch. She is just loving being married and what it comes with it.

The Couple arrives to Geneva and start their trip with their first meal at a fondue restaurant. Joy tries the water but is afraid that she got something else. Austin tells her that it's just sparkling water.

Joy demonstrates her yodeling skills and she is pretty good. One of Joy's friends, Carlin, can yodel pretty well and has given her tips.

The couple heads to Interlaken to learn how to make Swiss chocolate at Funky Chocolate Club. They get advice from an older married couple to have as many children that they can. The other couple has five children and are blown away to learn that Joy has 18 brothers and sisters at home.

Joy reveals that they have left the size of their family up to God because he knows how many they can handle. They add that having 19 children is a rae thing but she doesn't think that every woman can do but they will see. It's up to God.

The next day the couple goes hang gliding with Bumble Bee Hang Gliding. Austin reveals that he is a pilot and he thinks hang gliding is going to be different. Joy reveals that she is nervous. They split up with two instructors. They run down the hill and the wind catches and they take off. Joy says that it was amazing and you can see everything and everything is gorgeous.

The couple heads to Zermatt by train to go skiing at Theodul Glacier. They wear ski pants and coats and head up. Joy says that they haven't had any instruction and set something up. They finished skiing and she removes her ski boots and socks. Austin says that you can take the girl out of Arkansas but you can't take it out of the girl.

The couple returns home and moves into an RV while they finished the house. Joy loves the RV but Austin is ready to move into the house. They reveal that they have ants and mice in the RV and want to be out within four months.

Joseph and Kendra are about to have their engagement photos done by a close friend. They were hoping to have Jinger take the photos but was unable due to schedule. Lauren comes along as chaperone.

Jeremy and Jinger head to have a tennis match. Jinger wears a tennis skirt and modest tank top. Jeremy has played a few times while Jinger has only played at least twice.

Jinger reveals that she has not played organized sports and Jeremy has given her some pointers. She learns pretty quickly but says that her husband is super competitive. Jeremy argues that his wife is also the same way and doesn't like to lose.

Jeremy and Jinger are stopping at their new home that is four bedrooms and two bathroom. They hired a spanish speaking painter and has hard time communicating with each other. Jeremy reveals that his books won't be in the closet at the house since he will have a new off. Jessa reveals that she has been scoled by many people for putting the books in the closet.

Jinger's siblings (Jana, John, Jessa, Jedidiah and Jeremiah) arrive in Texas to help along with Jennifer and Lauren. Jeremy reveals that he knows that there is a perk to marry someone with some many siblings and want to help them.

Jana and Jessa vote for the painting of the kitchen cabinet which is a dark wood color but the boys want to leave them. Jedidiah says that they have the okay to change the handles. The ladies get Jeremy on their side to paint the cabinets white.

The movers and the Duggars managed to get the couple into their house. Jana adds a white tile backsplash.

The siblings put the final touches within three days. They have the kitchen, master bedroom, living room, and dinning room all done but leave the guest rooms and office for Jinger and Jeremy to do themselves. Everything looks good and has gone under a big transformation.

Jeremy reveals that their interior decorators know what they want before they did and they did good.
Joseph and Kendra are heading to disc golfing with Kendra's family. The disc golfing place is built on the land where the Duggar family lived for many years and where the couple started their courtship.
Joseph and Kendra bring Michelle, Lauren, and Christina to meet Cindy and Laura at the church. They are working on wedding plans.

Austin and Joy head over to Fort Rock Family with a few of Joy's siblings. The camp is run by Austin's family. The couple reveals that they want to be part of the camp as much as they can.

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