Friday, February 23, 2018

Grandbaby Forsyth: Six month update

About ten days ago, Austin and Joy announced that her due date is February 22nd which means that yesterday was her due date. The baby could already be here by now.

We are in need of help, we have been working on our birth announcement idea for when we post about Baby Forsyth's arrival! There has been many and we have managed to cross a lot of them off of our list. Here is what we have left: 

1. Grandbaby #10 is here
2. Bundle of Joy for Austin and Joy
3. Granddaughter #3 is here
4. Grandson #7 is here
5. Baby Boy Forsyth is here
6. Baby Girl Forsyth is here
7. Welcome Baby Forsyth


  1. good luck joy!!!oh-and hurry up!

  2. I Love #2 *Bundle of Joy for Austin & Joy*

  3. I vote 3 or 4 depending on gender

  4. 7, so we won't spoil the gender for anyone

  5. Welcome Baby Forsyth

  6. we don't know what the gender is so Welcome Baby Forsyth should do the trick

  7. #2. This IS about the Forsyth child and though he/she may have a Dugger number, i dont believe the Forsyth grandparents have this many. Let’s honor both sides of the family that brought this little being to the world.

  8. I like 3 or 4! It’s creative and informative! ;)

  9. I'd put: "Its a girl(boy)! Welcome Baby Forsyth!"

  10. I just hope that Joy won't wait 2 weeks overdue like Jill, and if she is overdue she'll go to a hospital and gets induced. I think she saw enough of her sisters suffering with deliveries, so she will go for the healthiest way.

    1. I had two spontaneous natural deliveries and two induced deliveries and I suffered more being induced. I would never recommend induction unless the baby or mama are in danger.

  11. Interesting: I just looked up on Wikipedia, there is a list of Duggar children and grandchildren. None of the 9 grandkids was born later than 16th of a month (Meredith is on July 16th, Michael on June 15th, Mason - Sept 12th, and so on -- but no one at the end of a month!).


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