Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims!

As the East coast is bracing itself for another hurricane that is stated to be a category 5. News reports are saying there is a chance that the hurricane will become a category 6. 

Texans and Louisiana are working to clean up after Hurricane Harvery. Jeremy and Jinger sent a team from their church to help Katy, Texas, clean up the aftermath. The Vuolos announced, a few days ago, that they are partnering up with Thirsty Ground International. The organization provides relief and help residents impacted.

Thirsty Ground is operated by volunteer which means any donations goes directly towards those efforts. 

Jeremy did take a mission trip with them to the Phillippines a few years before.

Jeremy and Jinger opened their home for those that needed aid from the storm.


  1. ❤️lots of loves for what you're doing❤️

  2. xoxo I love you 2,,, God bless you always,,

  3. Think Michelle & Jim Bob could have donated a little more considering they do have the extra $$ to buy the planes!

    1. The family actually did donate money to help with the aftermath.

    2. The family actually did donate money to help with the aftermath.


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