Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Baby Boy Duggar.... Arriving Soon!

We are so excited to share that Baby Boy Duggar is due to arrive at any moment. Josh and Anna announced the pregnancy in the middle of March.This baby will mark the 5th child of Josh and Anna Duggar. 

It is unknown on how many grandchildren the Kellers family has. This baby would mark the 9th grandchild for the Duggar family but he won't be the youngest one for long when Austin and Joy welcome their first child.

Be sure to check out this link to see what his birth announcement title will be.

Will we have our monthly update at the end of the month.

Update Josh and Anna have announced the birth of their son, Mason Garrett, a few hours aft this post was made. You can read his birth announcement post by clicking here.


  1. The Keller family has 24 grandkids total, 22 born, 2 on the way, one from Anna and baby number 11 from Esther.


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