Monday, August 6, 2018

Recap: Make room for baby!

Joseph and Kendra are working on their new home. Their project has taken them seven months to since he has done the floors, cabinets, and countertops. The house has history for the Duggar family since Grandma and Grandpa Duggar used to live in the home with Jim Bob and Deanna. Jim Bob actually met Michelle at the house. A few years ago, the Duggars had the house moved on the property and it's only 600 yards from the big house. Joseph and Kendra have only set one rule with the little kids and that is that they needed to be invited to come over to the house.
Joseph and Kendra recently found out that they were expecting their first child and plan to announce the big news to the family. They enlist Jana and Jessa's help.
Jeremy reveals that he wants to get his wife a piano for their first wedding anniversary. Jinger has been playing on a little keyboard. The whole family agrees that Jinger is the most talented when it comes to music than anyone.
Josiah and Lauren are planning to have a meal at the house. Johannah, Jennifer and Jordyn are the chaperones for the date. Josiah makes fajitas for her in hopes to impress. Lauren has a gluten sensitivity which makes a little harder to plan meals. Lauren tries some of the guacamole and it doesn't takes good at all. Lauren is touch by his cooking since food is Josiah's love language.
Lauren reveals that courtship was a new concept for her and her parents but they are on board with this stage.
Austin and Joy have ten weeks until their baby is due to arrive and have a midwife apportionment to go to. Joy has to get her finger prick and doesn't like needles one bit. The midwife announces that her glucose level is a little high however her iron is good. She learns that she needs to improve her diet during these last few weeks. Joy has been trying to stay away from sugar. Austin reveals that they are planning on a home birth but won't risk Joy and the baby's life. They will have a birthing pool for her to try. Austin reveals that he has seen a lot of births as an EMT but when it comes to Joy it's different. He doesn't know how to handle himself.
It's finally time for Joseph and Kendra to move into their house and many of the siblings want to help them. Jana leads the boys outside to work on the landscaping. Jessa reveals that Jana is good at everything however Jana adds that sports isn't one".
Kendra is thankful that things can get done with 18 more hands. Both families arrive for a tour of the home and are so excited when they see the baby room. Jana had made a signed for the big announcement.
The Caldwells are surprised that they are going to be grandparents soon after the couple got married. They say that they need to come up with nicknames instead of grandma and grandpa. Jim Bob jokes that they are having grandbabies faster than they were having babies.
Joseph and Kendra are now 13 weeks and heading for their first doctor appointment of baby Duggar. Kendra has decided to give birth in the hospital by the same doctor that her mother had went to. The doctor said that he might be able to determine the sex but the couple wants him to write it in an envelope instead of telling them. He wasn't able to tell just yet.
Jeremy and Jinger head to Pennsylvania to meet with SWAN kids. The couple recently learned that they were expecting their first child and announce it to the happy grandparents.  There are only two other people that know about the baby and that is Jessa and Ben. That night, the couple heads to the gala. Jinger has the honor of playing the piano as one of the students sing "Wayfaring Stranger".
Austin and Joy are trying to finished the house before the baby is born. The couple is planning to put the house on the market after the baby arrives.  Austin wants to put the house up just two months after the baby arrives but Joy doesn't like that. She wants to wait a little bit. Austin says since she has been pregnant that it has not slowed them down. Joy has improved her diet since her last doctor appointment.
John is flying Jim Bob, Michelle, Jana, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, Josie and Mackynzie to Nasville so the girls can record their first CD at Oak Tree Studio. They meet up with Grandma, Deanna, Amy and an producer. Jana reveals that it has been something that her aunt wanted to go do. The CD will be called Happy Heart and features a few songs written by Deanna.
Josiah and Lauren head to go out for ice cream. They are bringing seven of her siblings (Lily, 16; David, 14; Lydia, 11; Daniel, 8; Dustin, 6; Drew, 4; Luci, 2) along  for ice cream. Lauren's mother recently gave birth to her newest baby bother who is just two days apart than Gideon Forsyth.

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