Tuesday, June 12, 2018

All about Mason: Nine Months Old

Mason Garrett is now nine months old! We have two new photos of the little one with Lawson Bates.

This month, he celebrated his first Mother's Day. He also celebrate his brother's birthday. He is about to celebrate his first Father's Day and his brother and mother's birthdays.

He has a new little cousin named Garrett David, who was born on June 8th. He is also about to have a new aunt when his uncle (Josiah) marries Lauren Swanson.

Are you ready for the photos because here they are!

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  1. Lucky guy - he has 4 siblings, and then 10 cousins and 18+5 uncles and aunts, and this is only from his dad's side of the family! I don't even know how many siblings Anna has, and how many kids they all have.


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