Thursday, May 10, 2018

Two Grandsons birthdays coming soon

The Duggars have two grandchildren celebrating their birthdays in the month of June. Do you remember who they are? If you guess Michael James and Marcus Anthony then you guess right! 
 Michael James will celebrate his seventh birthday on June 15th while Marcus Anthony will celebrate his fifth birthday on June 2nd.
By the end of June, the family will celebrate the birth of Joseph and Kendra's son, they will have three grandchildren's birthdays.

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  1. I love the size of the family and it is nice to have summer birthdays; especially in a family that loves outdoor activities. I am not sure of Kendra's exact due date but I am feeling June 27th. I love this family and cant wait til the return to Tv. I truly wish seasons were much longer. In a large family growing so quickly these short seasons leave out way to much. Personally if the family were up for it; I would most definitely watch a weekly year round show, looking forward to each new episode and honestly feel that as the family grows even that much time would leave out special moments. Congrats to all and Happy early June birthdays! I hate seeing negative comments and as this is my personal opinion; I ask if you have anything negative to say then keep your mouth closed. I do not disrespect anyone else's feelings and comments and ask the same. With that said; I want to thank the family for all the lessons that you have taught me thru the years, and for helping me strive and work hard to center on the Lord, also for sharing your lives with us and so much more. I also appreciate that you take the high road and try to ignore all the negativity people say. They have no right to judge and no one ask personal questions about all their life details. Only God has the right to judge. The rest of us need to treat others with respect and love. The same way we would like to be treated. One day I hope their is a way that opens to allow those of us in true need of Prayer support and Spiritual Guidance to get our message to the family and then maybe the one that can relate or help best can reach back and provide some advice, scriptures, or other information that can help. The need is there. I personally have tried over 20 different facilities and sadly have gotten no support and in some cases just discouragement (this one was from a supposed religious group that helps but instead it shook me to the core). Sorry to be so long but this show means a great deal to me. Also thank you for your hard work on the blog.


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