Monday, April 9, 2018

Counting On Update

Now that Jeremy and Jinger have announced that they are expecting a baby girl in July. TLC has their own special announcement to share with you all.

TLC has announced that Counting On will return on July 30th with brand new episodes of the show.


  1. So exciting!!! I can't wait ❤

  2. I'm ☺ HaPpy they are Returning,I just hope there's more than 5 shows to a.Season

  3. I'm very ☺ HaPpy they are Returning,I Just Hope There's not 5 Episodes to a.Season like they have been.that Stinks

  4. Hooray! I cannot wait for the show to come back. I am curious to see Joe and Kendra as a couple and get to know Lauren better. Its so exciting!


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