Saturday, August 26, 2017

Austin and Joy's third month of marriage

Austin and Joy have been married for twelve weeks and we have a new photo. Early this month, Austin and Joy shared a new photo of them. They recently share that they went to a bible conference. They also shared that they attended it last year when they were not courting and now they are husband and wife.


  1. Joy and Austin Forsyth, I say to you, "please do not have children until you are ready," It is too early to have babies. Wait awhile, get to know each other. Right now, it should be about enjoying your marriage, getting to know each other, what each other like and dislike, get yourselves together. Having children is good, but not right now, maybe in about 2 to 4 years from now. You have a lot of work to do on yourselves. You are still very young, having children can come later, experience things, learn things, enjoy each other, become best friends. Friends before marriage is one thing and being best friends after marriage are very different. Become the people you want to be, find yourselves, but do not stray away from God. Continue to praise God and give him your best, give God the honor he deserves. Never leave God out of your life, put God first in all things that you do. Just don't have babies until your Marriage is strong and is on a strong foundation, that you know for a God-fact that your marriage is going to last forever. I love you, Joy. be good to each other, Austin. "Get to know each other." Enjoy your Marriage; don't rush to have children. God is good all the time. <3

    1. I think they both already found themselves. Joy is almost 20 and never wanted to continue her studies. So she's obviously planned to be just a mother. Austin is 23, and he also never thought of college, and he has his business of flipping houses. His family has this huge family farm/camp where they both can help. Their next step is to start a family, and based on how Joy was talking that she is ready to be a mother, I think very soon we will hear some announcement!!

    2. @Maggie Joy and Austin have already explained that they have known each other for 15 years.

      @Anonymous How do you know that this is what the couple wanted? Do you know them in real life or are you just making assumptions about their wants.


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