Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Update on Josh!

There is still no word about Josh. All we know is that he is getting the help that he needs. Please be praying for him, Anna and the kids as they try to make it work.


  1. I heard that the family has been sending him letters and notes of encouragement and forgiveness. I hope so. He's going to need his family when he comes home.

    Do you believe any of the stories about the porn star who supposedly slept with Joshua? I personally don't believe it. Someone like that will do anything to get their name in the paper and getting involved in a Duggar scandal would mean big bucks for her. She has absolutely no proof whatsoever of the events she talks about. I think she just wanted a chance to get her 15 minutes of fame and the big payout that I'm certain the tabloids offered her.

    As far as the cheating scandal is concerned, I have my doubts that any actual physical cheating occurred. To the Duggars viewing pornography is just as sinful and just as immoral as having an actual, physical affair. I don't think Josh would have crossed that line. That's just my opinion. I could be wrong. I hope he'll get better in rehab and will be able to rebuild his life.

  2. Seeing as Josh admitted to the affairs on camera I don't think your doubts are founded in reality. He did cross that line and I hope Anna will follow her heart and do what she thinks is right under the circumstances -- whatever path that may lead her to. I think the family will support whatever she decides and the public should support her too. She is the biggest victim.

    1. Where did he admit to the affairs on camera?


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