Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Recap: Joy gets engaged

Derick and Jill invite Derick's side of the family over to the guest house. They are getting ready for another short visit to Central America before baby #2 arrives. The couple decides to give Derick's mom their keepsakes for right now until they return. The couple announces their son's name which will be Samuel Scott. They say that Samuel was the first judge of Israel and it also means hears from God. Jill has a lot to do on her to-do list and has the girls come over to help her. Derick decides that it's time to cut his hair since it's viewed differently in Central America so he has his wife cut his hair. Derick thinks that it's going to be hard to adjust to short hair again. Jill reveals that she is sad about the haircut but also like changes.
Jinger decides to put together a care package to send to her family back home. She buys many things like clothing to food. When the package arrives to the Duggar family home, everyone is thrilled to get it. They are missing Jinger so much.
It's time to see the Dillard family off. Jeremiah says that it's hard to see one sibling missing. Derick and Jill film a small clip on the way down to Central America. When they arrive to Central America, they are greeted by many friends and it's a joyful reunion.
Austin is getting ready to propose to Joy since now his house just sold. He enlist the help of his father and Aaron, who is a close friend, to haul the items that he needs for the proposal. They managed to get everything ready.
To keep Joy distracted, Jessa has her come over to help with the kids. Jessa says that her sister is great with the little ones and loves helping. Joy reveals that they have both agree to allow God to control the size of their family. Right before the proposal, Joy returns home to pick up Jennifer and Johannah since she thinks that it's a horseback riding outing. Austin says that she makes him feel complete and calms him down. After they have been riding for a while, Austin has them stretch their legs and ask the girls to run ahead. Austin blindfolds Joy to head to the proposal site. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. The ring has a diamond in it that has been in the family for five generations.
Austin's father appears and gives the couple a big hug before allowing the couple to enjoy the dinner cooked by his friend, Aaron.
Later on, Joseph heads to ask Kendra's father permission to start courting and he agrees to it. The boys reveal that they have been praying and talking about entering a courtship for a while.

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